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Dating a Marine: 10 Pros and Cons

If you are considering starting a relationship with a Marine, there are some pros and cons to consider before that first date.

There are unique obstacles to dating a Marine that require you to be flexible and understanding, even if you feel lonely or out of place.

Also, there are many benefits to being in a relationship with a Marine.

However, you will find all relationships have pros and cons depending on your partner.

With the Marines, it is just a different set of circumstances.

Pros to Dating a Marine

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There are several pros to dating a Marine you should consider before embarking on the relationship:

Pro #1 – You will Be Dating a Strong Man / Woman

Being fit is essential in the Marines.

Therefore, you can expect your partner to commit to their health and fitness.

If you are in your own fitness routine or want some help committing to one, your Marine is definitely going to be there to encourage you.

However, a Marine does not just possess a strong body. You can expect your partner to be strong in mind, as well.

Pro #2 – They will Be Disciplined

Marines are always ready. They must be because Marines are often on rotation, and they do not necessarily know when plans will change.

Because of this, Marines are always disciplined to have their responsibilities handled.

Also, your Marine will likely prefer a life with as much structure and tidiness as possible.

However, this can easily be a challenge if you are one the messy side of the spectrum compared to your partner.

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Pro #3 – They will protect you

Marines learn to put others and their team before themselves, and this desire to protect is a cornerstone to their Marine character.

This need to protect works out great because you can count on your Marine to always look after you.

Pro #4 – They Will Never Be Late

You can count on a Marine to be on time.

Timeliness is a fantastic attribute because you can depend on your Marine to be where they say they will be and be timely with their arrival.

On the other hand, be prepared to meet that same expectation of timeliness yourself.

Pro #5 – The Military Discount

While discounts are not a great reason to want to date a Marine, it is a nice perk.

From free trips to the museum, discounts on hotels and meals, there is a lot to appreciate.

Also, if your relationship progresses further into long-term commitments such as buying a home, prepare for special Veteran home loans making the ordeal less complicated.

Cons to Dating a Marine

Marines on deployment

While you ponder whether you should date a Marine, you might consider possible cons before getting serious about your relationship.

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Con #1 – Marines Can Be Intense

Marines often cope with intense situations with dark humor, which others can find awkward.

Also, a Marine is not going to beat around the bush.

Therefore, you can expect your Marine to be direct, which can be alarming if you are not prepared for this level of intensity.

Con #2 – They May Be Gone / Deployed Often

If you decide to date a Marine, be prepared for extended absences.

Marines not only face deployments during times of war or conflict, but there are other reasons your Marine might be gone.

Some deployments are for additional schooling or training.

Also, Marines have options to switch into different jobs. These jobs come with a whole new set of skills, and the training takes a while.

If the training or schooling sites are not local, your Marine is temporarily stationed on base to complete training.

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Con #3 – They May Get Injured / Possibly Even Die

Death and injury are a real threat, especially during times of conflict.

If you Marine is deployed, you must remain aware that the Marines are sent on dangerous missions.

When your Marine comes home, they might be physically and emotionally fine.

However, your Marine might face minor or even life-changing injuries.

It is essential to have open conversations with your partner about the risks of upcoming deployments.

Con #4 – Code of Conduct

As a Marine, your partner is a member of the Corps.

Therefore, there is a rich history of brotherhood and traditions.

Also, because of this, your Marine must follow a Code of Conduct for behavior in Public.

You might notice this code getting in the way of public displays of affection and other carefree public behaviors.

Con #5 – Mental Health

It is worth mentioning those who serve in the armed forces face challenges ordinary citizens never dream of.

Therefore, maintaining mental health might be an ongoing battle.

Post-traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD) is prevalent for those with prior military service.

While mental illness is not a negative attribute, if you enter a relationship with someone in the Marines, prepare your mindset to approach this with kindness and understanding.


Dating a Marine is not for everyone. 

There are unique challenges you will face if you decide to commit to a relationship with a  Marine.

However, Marines have many positive contributions to relationships such as their commitment to detail and their ability to preserver even when life gets difficult.

Also, the list of cons may not seem all that bad depending on your personality.

When it comes down to it, good communication and being flexible in changing circumstances will allow you to work through those problems together. 

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Dating A Marine

Dating A Marine

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