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DIRECTV Military Discount

Directv is one of the top satellite television providers in the country.

Unfortunately, they do not offer a military discount at this time.

They do, however, provide their customers with other ways to save on both start up costs and the price of their monthly bill.

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Directv was founded in 1985 and quickly became the world’s first portable satellite television service, as well as the first company to to use a satellite to broadcast local channels.

Directv used innovation to bring a new product to their customers, and they continue to work for the satisfaction of their customers today, over three decades later.

Today, Directv offers The Genie, which is the best HD DVR system.

They offer Sunday ticket, allowing their customers to watch every professional sports game from any location.

They offer On Demand shows, the ability to watch television up to 72 hours after it plays even if the customer forgot to record it, and applications that allow their customers to enjoy their entertainment from anywhere on mobile devices and tablets.

They continue to win awards for their customer service alongside their innovative services as well.

directv military discount no longer exists
Image: Directv QuickTune- a feature that allows you to access your favorite channels quickly. Image:

Does DIRECTV have a military discount?

Unfortunately, Directv does not offer a military discount at this time.

There used to be a deal that you could take advantage of if you were also an AT&T customer.

The two companies worked together to give you $15 off your monthly television bill and 25% off your cell phone bill to thank you for your service.

However, we confirmed with customer service that this promotion ended in July of 2019.

Now, to save money on your Directv bill, you will need to take advantage of their cost-reducing options that are offered to all kinds of customers.

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Directv Deals And Specials

Directv is constantly offering new deals and specials.

These deals are constantly changing, but in the past deals have included savings such as free Sunday Ticket access or a dollar amount off your bill each month.

Directv has also often offered gift cards in amounts between $100 and $250 to be given to new customers with no strings attached when they have their new service installed.

They may offer free installation as well.

The monthly bill discounts have ranged from $20-$50 off per month in the past depending on the promotion and the package that you choose to purchase.

There is a catch to these deals and specials, however.

They are almost always only available for the first year.

This means that you will have a larger bill for the second year of your contract terms, or longer if you plan to stay with Directv long term.

You can view the current Directv Deals and Specials here.

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Directv Remote. Image:

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AT&T Bundles

You can also save on your monthly Directv bill by bundling with AT&T services. You can choose to bundle with AT&T cell phone service, internet, or both. 

Bundling services saves you $20 per month and comes with the added convenience of your bundled services being billed to you in one combined statement. 

This deal is nice because it is significant and because it does not expire after your first year of service.

You get to keep your lowered prices for as long as you keep your services bundled.

As an added bonus, AT&T has a military discount of 25% off your monthly bill on cell phone related charges. This brings your bundle cost down even further.

To start a Directv and AT&T bundle, visit the bundle website here.

You can sign up for services in an AT&T store, on the AT&T or Directv website, or over the phone with Customer Service.

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Contact Customer Service

If you cannot find a special or promotion right for you do not want to bundle with AT&T cell phone or internet service right now, consider contacting Directv’s customer service.

Customer Service workers typically have a little bit of pull when it comes to monthly pricing.

They may be able to find you a better deal than you would have been able to find on your own.

You can contact Directv’s Customer Service workers by calling 1 (800) 531-5000, or chatting with an agent on the Directv website.


Even though Directv does not currently offer a military discount, they do offer various other ways to save.

If you are planning on signing up for their service, make sure to look into these deals and take advantage of the one that is best for you.

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