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DreamCloud Mattress Military Discount for 2023

If you need a new mattress with a year-long trial and a lifetime warranty, you need to check out the DreamCloud Mattress military discount so you can get in on the deal.

Dreamcloud is well-known for its no-fuss financing and free shipping. Plus, this well-rated mattress delivers the comfort necessary for a good night’s sleep.

Also, the verification process makes it easy to claim your military discount.

What is the Dreamclous Mattress Military Discount?

The DreamCloud mattress military discount is 15% off of your purchase. However, you must follow the steps to become verified.

Step 1: Click Here to visit the DreamCloud website and do some shopping.

Step 2: Add the mattress and accessories of your choice to your cart.

Step 3: Visit DreamCloud’s ‘Get Verified’ page here.

Step 4: Either log into your SheerID account or verify your new account.

Step 5: Wait for your verification confirmation.

Step 6: Complete your purchase and enjoy our new mattress.

Military Discount Details

DreamCloud has several fantastic mattresses from which to choose. Once you have your eye on your new mattress and accessories, it is time to verify your service and receive your discount.

You need to visit the verification page and click the Get Verified button.

DreamCloud mattress military discount

Then, a pop-up will show so you can verify your military status. You have the option from the drop-down menu to indicate if you are a Reservist, Active Duty, or Veteran.

DreamCloud mattress military discount

Fill in your information and click the Verify My Military Status button.

DreamCloud mattress military discount

Next, you will submit the required documents so SheerID can verify your status as a service member.

You will automatically receive your 15 % discount on the DreamCloud website, and you will also receive an email.

If it comes by email, you can copy and paste the discount code from the mail into the box at checkout.

Remember, the email might end up in your Junk folder in your email.

Who Can Claim This Deal?

The DreamCloud mattress military discount is for active duty service members, veterans, reservists, or retired service members.

Also, if you are a military spouse or a registered dependent, you are eligible for the DreamCoul mattress military discount.

What Are The Restrictions?

You cannot combine this discount with previous purchases.

Also, this discount cannot go towards taxes or shipping.

Furthermore, this code is a one-time-to-use discount.

How Is My Discount Applied?

Your discount code is sent via email, and you can copy and paste it into the discount code spot during checkout.

Alternatively, once you become verified, the code automatically loads into your checkout.

What Kind of Documents Should I Upload If Asked?

You will need to submit official documentation to show your military status.

You must make sure the documents have the name you use when you check out with DreamCloud.

Essentially, SheerID needs easy-to-read documentation that shows your full name, date of birth, and evidence that shows your military affiliation.

Please do not make a copy of your military ID, though, because it is illegal to make a copy of a government ID.

How Long Does It Take to Verify My Military Status?

Typically, SheerID can verify your status within a few seconds.

However, it is vital to ensure you enter your information, such as your name, as it reflects on your military documentation.

Sometimes the verification can take up to 20 minutes, so do not be alarmed if it takes a few more minutes than you would expect.

Can I Combine the Military Discount with Other Offers or Discounts? 

No, the DreamCloud mattress military discount applies only to one order, and you cannot combine discounts.

Also, you can’t apply your discount to previous orders.

Is My Data Secure?

SheerID places a high value on protecting your private information.

Therefore, the second you enter your information, it is safely encrypted before transmitting for verification.

Because of all the steps taken to protect your data, you can use SheerID with confidence.

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3 Other Mattress Companies Offering Military Discounts

Other mattress companies offer military discounts, as well.

#1. Puffy Mattress

Puffy offers service members a $375 discount on a mattress. Also, you will receive two free pillows when you make your purchase.

Click here to learn more about the Puffy mattress discount.

#2. Nectar Mattress

Nectar claims it is the most comfortable mattress available. Also, Nectar offers a variable discount off its mattresses if you are a service member.

Click here to learn more about the Nectar discount.

#3. Saatva Mattress

Saatva is another mattress company with a military discount. If you want to try Saatva, the military discount is $225 off your purchase of $1,000 or more.

To learn more about Saatva, click here.


Claiming the DreamCloud mattress military discount is straightforward.

Once you do your shopping, navigate to the verify page to either log into your SheerID account or start the verification process.

Once your verification is complete, your discount is automatically adjusted at checkout.

However, you may have to get the one-time-use code from your email.

Then, all you need to do is complete your purchase and wait for your new mattress to arrive.

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The Dreamcloud Mattress military discount entitles active duty and retired military veterans a savings of 15% off your next mattress. Find out all the details here.
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