Plank mattress military discount
Military Discounts

Plank Mattress Military Discount

If you are in the market for a new mattress and are a service member, the Plank mattress military discount might be the deal you need.

Plank is one of the few companies that manufacture its beds, making it the most prominent private-label mattress brand. Plus, these mattresses are manufactured right here in America.

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What is the Plank Company Military Discount?

The Plank Mattress military discount is 25% off of your purchase.

However, before you can use your discount, there are a few steps to take.

Step 1: Click Here to visit the official Plank Mattress website.

 Step 2: After adding your items to the shopping cart, verify your military status with

 Step 3: Once you receive your verification confirmation, you are ready to check out.

Step 4: The checkout process will automatically reflect the Plank mattress military discount.

 Step 5: Enjoy your new Plank mattress.

Military Discount Details

After browsing the website and chose the mattress you wish, add it to your shopping cart.

Once you open the cart, you will notice a green ‘Verify with’ button at the bottom.  

plank mattress military discount

After clicking the green button, you will see a screen where it asks you to identify which group describes you best.

plank mattress military discount

Then, your next step is to either sign in if you already have an account or create an account.

plank mattress military discount

When you create your account, you need to upload documentation to prove your identity and military affiliation.

However, your account is all set up, so future discounts that rely on will go a lot quicker since you already have an account.

Also, if you already have your account, log in. will ask you for permission to give some information to Plank mattress.

plank mattress military discount

Next, you wait for your verification confirmation. Then, you can complete your check out with your discount.

Who Can Claim This Deal?

The Plank mattress military discount is for those who have served or currently serve in the military.

Also, if you are active duty, Reserves, National Guard, a veteran, or retired, you qualify for this discount.

Furthermore, if you are a military spouse or a surviving spouse of a service member, you qualify, as well.

Moreover, if you are an immediate family member to a service member, you qualify for the discount, as well.

Lastly, the discount can also be redeemed by First Responders, Students / Teachers, as well as Medical Providers / Hospital Employees / Nurses.

What Are The Restrictions?

You cannot use your Plank mattress military discount with any other discount.

Also, you may not use your discount to purchase gift cards.

How Is My Discount Applied?

After receiving your confirmation from, your discount will automatically show on the checkout page of your shopping cart.

What Kind of Documents Should I Upload If Asked?

To qualify for the Plank mattress military discount, you will verify your identity with

Also, you will need to upload documentation to verifies your full name, current military status, as well as your branch of service.

However, be is sure not to copy and upload your military ID because photocopying a government identification card is illegal.

Another tip for verifying your status is through the bank USAA. If you already have an account with USAA, you will find you can verify your identity quickly.

How Long Does It Take to Verify My Military Status?

How long it takes to verify your status depends on which route you took to prove your identity. If you use USAA to confirm your service, it will be speedy.

Also, if you have not had a name change or other life events that make verification more complicated, you will find it only takes a few minutes to receive your verification and discount.

However, if your service needs a manual review, it could take longer.

In any event, you will receive an email confirmation of your verification.

At this point, you can proceed with using your discount.

My Spouse, Who Served in the Military, Is Deceased. Am I Still Eligible?

Yes, if you are a service member’s surviving spouse, you can still receive the Plank mattress military discount.

How Can I Use my Plank Mattress Military Discount?

You can use your discount of 25% off for both online purchases and purchases made in the stores.

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Is My Data Secure? is a trusted and secure source for identity verification.

Only a few companies are certified by the United States Government to keep data secure, and is one of those companies.

You can rest assured your information is very safe.  

3 Other Mattress Companies Offering Military Discounts

Several mattress companies offer a military discount. 

#1. Purple Mattress

Purple mattress has a military discount, as well.

However, it is a little different, as the discount is 10% off your purchase.

You can learn more about the Purple mattress discount by clicking here.

#2. Puffy Mattress

Puffy mattress is another company that offers a discount to service members. The Puffy military discount is $375 off the price of a mattress.

Also, you will receive two free pillows.

Click here to learn more about Puffy Mattress.

#3. Nectar Mattress

You might also consider a Nectar mattress.

The Nectar discount for service members is 15% off the total purchase.

To learn more, click here.  


If you are in the market for a made-in-America mattress and you are a service member, the Plank mattress military discount is for you.

It does not take long to find the mattress that will ensure a great night’s sleep, and the verification process is simple.

You will receive your 25% off at check out immediately after verification and be on your way to peaceful slumbers.  

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Plank Mattress Military Discount

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