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Military Discounts

9 Cell Phone Companies with Military Discounts

It’s hard to imagine a world where handheld forms of communication do not exist.

Cell phones have evolved from oversized devices with unreliable technology to sophisticated miniature computers in such a short time frame.

The U.S. Armed Forces relies on wireless communication, perhaps even more so, to remain in contact with friends and family while serving overseas.

What cell phone companies offer military discounts for wireless service?

Thankfully, there are several different wireless carriers that feature a military discount.

Continue reading to learn more about the 9 cell phone companies with military discounts for saving money on an individual or family plan.

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#1. Verizon Wireless

verizon military plans
The Verizon military discount is one of the best offers available to active-duty troops and veterans. Image: Flickr

Verizon Wireless is one of the most recognizable names in wireless carriers.

It is the second largest wireless carrier in the United States with over 120 million subscribers.

Verizon is proud of the fact that its national 4G LTE network covers 98% of the United States.

The wireless providers consistently ranks high among RootMetrics and RootScore Reports.

Military personnel appreciate the LTE Rural America Program which not only covers service in remote parts of the United States, but many other foreign countries as well.

You’ll get reliable service with Verizon Wireless which is necessary for soldiers phoning back home.

Verizon Wireless Military Discount

The Verizon Wireless military discount is available on the Unlimited plan.

Active-duty military, spouses, dependents, and veterans may receive the special offer.

Military families have the option of the Start Unlimited Plan which provides 4 individual lines at $30 p/ line.

The amount of savings depends on the number of lines added.

There is a requirement to enlist in Auto Pay to receive the Verizon Wireless military discount.

Additionally, the promotions change yet it’s not uncommon to receive a free phone (like the iPhone SE) when you sign up for the military discount.

How to Redeem the Verizon Wireless Military Discount:

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Pick the type of wireless plan that fits your needs and add lines (optional).

Step 3: Pick a free new smartphone.

Step 4: Finalize shopping cart with complete order.

Step 5: Verify military service with Veterans Advantage.

#2. T Mobile

t mobile military discount
T-Mobile has military discounts for active duty personnel. Image: Flickr

T Mobile is the third largest wireless carrier in the United States, behind Verizon Wireless and AT&T.

The wireless carrier currently serves over 100 million subscribers including a substantial volume of military personnel and families.

Consumer Reports named T Mobile the top American wireless carrier in 2015 for reliability and service.

In 2020, T Mobile merged with the Sprint Corporation providing the carrier with even wireless infrastructure and reach.

The expansion has contributed to T Mobile offering the largest 5G network to date along with 4G LTE which connects with 99% of Americans.

T Mobile Military Discount

The Magenta Military wireless plan is exclusively available to active-duty military and veterans.

Furthermore, the T Mobile military discount supports military spouses and dependents.

The exclusive savings can earn you up to 50% off the regular Magenta plan rates for family lines.

Even better, 5G access is guaranteed with every new plan.

The signature Magenta wireless plan provides 4 lines at just $100 per month for the entire family.

Moreover, families may upgrade to Magenta PlusMilitary for an additional $10 per month, per line.

The premium plan features unlimited talk, text, and data along with 5G access at no additional cost.

T Mobile wireless scam protection, HD streaming, and long-distance text/talk make the carrier highly valued by military personnel.

How to Redeem the T Mobile Military Discount:

Step 1: Visit the official T Mobile military discount webpage.

Step 2: Select between Magenta Military or Magenta PlusMilitary

Step 3: Shop phones and active the plan at checkout.

Step 4: Verify military status through You need to confirm military status before the first bill cycle to lock into the military rate.

Step 5: Auto Pay is required to enlist in the T Mobile military discount so make sure you are also enrolled.

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#3. Motorola

motorola military discount

Motorola is one of the most legendary wireless carriers having roots in the 20th century.

While the company has went through some fiscal issues in recent memory, the recent acquisition by Google is helping make the company prominent once again.

Motorola has always been a pioneer in wireless technology, including cellphones.

The flip phone and many other concepts are inventions of Motorola which recently inked a new agreement with Lenovo.

Motorola Military Discount

The Motorola military discount provides 10% off wireless plans.

And, unlike most of the other cellphone military discounts, you are not required to enroll in a certain plan or enlist in Auto Pay.

The Motorola military discount features 10% off on all plans available along with smartphones.

The military discount is available to active-duty military, retired personnel, reservists and veterans.

You do need to confirm military service to receive a promo code from Motorola.

How to Redeem the Motorola Military Discount:

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Shop for wireless plans and/or devices.

Step 3: Complete order and progress to checkout, but don’t submit order.

Step 4: Verify military status with or Identite-e.

Step 5: Once military status is confirmed, Motorola will send you an email with the military discount promo code. Apply the code at checkout.

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#4. Boost Mobile

boost mobile military discount

Boost Mobile is an affordable means to wireless communication.

It competes with many other budget-friendly wireless carriers, including military personnel.

Boost Mobile only operates out of the United States and Australia which enables the carrier to focus more on these two specific markets.

The wireless provider previously connected with Sprint towers yet shifted to T Mobile following its acquisition of Sprint.

For this reason, Boost Mobile service has improved since it now functions under the reliable T Mobile towers.

Boost Mobile Military Discount

Unfortunately, Boost Mobile does not feature a traditional military discount like Verizon Wireless or T Mobile.

However, since the wireless plans are designed to be affordable, most military families can afford service.

What is more is that Boost Mobile features a Deployed Military Program for service members that are already subscribers.

It allows military personnel to maintain their accounts and phone numbers while deployed overseas without incurring any service charges.

The Boost Mobile Deployed Military Program essentially keeps the wireless plan in your name yet doesn’t charge a dime if you don’t need it while stationed in a foreign country.

As a result, Boost Mobile is one of the more popular wireless carriers for the U.S. Armed Forces.

How to Redeem the Boost Mobile Military Discount:

Step 1: Shop for a new plan or phone.

Step 2: Existing customers may enroll in the Boost Mobile Deployed Military Program. Visit the FAQ for more details.

Step 3: Contact Boost Mobile Customer Care at 866-402-7366. Inform the agent that you would like to enroll in the Deployed Military Program.

Step 4: Verify military eligibility and complete enrollment.

#5. Sprint

sprint store military discount
Sprint features one of the top discounts for military personnel. Image:

Sprint Corporation has undergone some recent changes after being acquired by T Mobile in 2020.

The merger was an enormous announcement as it combined the third and fourth largest mobile network operators in the United States.

Today, Sprint serves approximately 54 million customers as many are getting dissolved into T Mobile wireless plans.

The cellphone company is military-friendly thanks to its wireless voice, messaging, and broadband services which are reliable overseas.

Existing Sprint customers are getting grandfathered into T Mobile where they have access to one of the premier networks in the country.

Sprint Military Discount

The Sprint military discount is the same as the one available through T Mobile.

Therefore, you go about the same process redeeming the offer (more information, below).

The Spring military discount from T Mobile offers Magenta Military lines starting at $25 per month and Magenta PlusMilitary at $35 per month.

Additionally, the Sprint military discount is available to military spouses and dependents.

Furthermore, military veterans may receive a discount on monthly cell phone rates.

Sprint customers receive the same dependable and noteworthy service from T Mobile.

How to Redeem the Sprint Military Discount:

Step 1: Learn about the Sprint military discount through T Mobile.

Step 2: Select between Magenta Military or Magenta PlusMilitary.

Step 3: Shop new phones and checkout.

Step 4: Verify military status using your profile on You must confirm military eligibility prior to the first bill. Auto Pay is also required to enroll.

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#6. AT&T

at&t veterans discount
AT&T Wireless is the leading wireless carrier in the United States with nearly 180 million customers. Image:

AT&T Wireless is far and away the most recognizable name in the cellphone industry.

It is the largest wireless carrier in the United States with nearly 180 million subscribers.

AT&T delivers reliable wireless connections not only in the United States but Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Therefore, active-duty troops that are stationed in these places or elsewhere in the world can rely on AT&T.

The service area for AT&T is spectacular with the opportunity to add other services to your account.

AT&T Military Discount

The AT&T military discount is flexible and depends on what type of plan you need.

For example, young and single active duty service members will only need an individual plan while others may want multiple lines for the entire family.

Thankfully, AT&T works with both situations as military personnel may customize the plan to their individual preference.

The AT&T military discount is advertised as providing savings up to 25% on retail prices for civilians, depending on the type of service and phone.

Additionally, military families get the best price on unlimited plans at $27 or less per month when you create 4 new lines.

AT&T Wireless does require military customers to enroll in paperless billing and Auto Pay to receive the exclusive offer.

The AT&T military plans include access to 5G yet requires a compatible device and service to be effective.

How to Redeem the AT&T Military Discount:

Step 1: Visit the official AT&T military discount webpage.

Step 2: Click ‘Get Started’ and select between Active Military or Military Veterans.

Step 3: Review eligibility details to claim the AT&T military discount.

Step 4: Sign-up online following the directions.

Step 5: Confirm military status with Veterans Advantage.

#7. US Cellular

us cellular military discount

US Cellular is an underrated wireless carrier in the United States.

It surprisingly sneaks up to rank as the fifth largest wireless carrier in the United States with a broad international reach.

Military personnel appreciate the fact that US Cellular serves multiple markets in nearly half of the United States along with international connections.

The wireless provider recently announced plans to launch its first phone that offers 5G support, the Samsung Galaxy S20.

US Cellular also supports phones made by Google, Motorola, LG, Alcatel, and Apple.

US Cellular Military Discount

US Cellular would like to thank service members by offering a 15% military discount to any wireless plan.

The US Cellular military discount is straightforward with no major strings attached.

All you need to do is select the cell phone plan that works best for your needs and then apply for the military discount.

The 15% military discount is available on individual single line or family plans.

It is available to members of all the major military branches along with the National Guard and Reserves.

Furthermore, US Cellular will suspend military accounts during deployment at no extra charge, comparable to the program available through Boost Mobile.

How to Redeem the US Cellular Military Discount:

Step 1: Visit

Step 2: Shop smartphones and plans.

Step 3: Confirm that US Cellular has service in the area that you are stationed.

Step 4: Confirm military status over the phone by calling 888-944-9400.

Step 5: You may suspend your account at any time with no penalties during deployment. Contact the same number for information on the program.

#8. Straight Talk Wireless

straight talk wireless military discount

Straight Talk is an extension of TracFone Wireless, a budget-friendly wireless service provider.

You likely have noticed Straight Talk products advertised at Wal-Mart where the carrier is exclusively sold.

Straight Talk is similar to TracFone in that its a prepaid, no-contract mobile phone provider.

However, unlike TracFone, Straight Talk members enroll in a monthly unlimited plan that is automatically charged.

Nonetheless, Straight Talk subscribers can potentially save more than half on a monthly bill compared to members of the Big Four carriers.

Straight Talk represents a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) which means that phones do not connect to its own towers, but rather have holding agreements with the other major providers.

Therefore, your phone has the ability to connect with Verizon, AT&T, T Mobile, and US Cellular towers for outstanding reliability.

The only major knock on Straight Talk is that you have to buy the phone in advance and they’re usually aftermarket / older smartphones models.

Consequently, you’ll pay more money upfront yet save significantly each month on the wireless bill.

Straight Talk Military Discount

Unfortunately, Straight Talk does not have a military discount.

However, this is not all that surprising as Straight Talk monthly rates are extremely affordable and almost half the cost of a similar plan through AT&T.

The prepaid service is designed to fit within the tightest budgets which is much appreciated by the U.S. Armed Forces.

You may not have your hands on the hottest or latest phone, yet subscribing to a Straight Talk plan makes a ton of sense.

There is absolutely no contract necessary with Straight Talk which is vastly different from the major carriers.

Shop plans and phones to compare how much you could potentially save through Straight Talk.

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#9. Cricket Wireless

cricket wireless discounts
Cricket Wireless and Straight Talk both provide affordable means to having a cell phone plan even if they don’t have official military discounts. Image: Wikimedia

Cricket Wireless is another affordable wireless service provider.

It may not have the sexy reputation of AT&T yet is owned by the leading carrier.

Therefore, customers get access to the same amazing coverage and dependability of AT&T yet at a fraction of the cost.

Cricket Wireless is comparable to Straight Talk in that its plans are designed to remain low cost.

Fittingly, the wireless provider gets the job done for military personnel on a tight budget if you don’t care about having the latest phone.

The company currently promotes around 10 million subscribers, exclusively in the United States.

It recently deployed its 5G network nationwide in 2020, like many other wireless platforms.

Prior to the AT&T merger, Cricket Wireless operated through the Sprint network.

Today, Cricket Wireless supports devices on AT&T 3G, 4G, and 4G LTE networks.

Cricket Military Discount

Cricket Wireless does not have an official military discount.

However, there are other ways to save on a monthly plan.

Cricket Wireless values active-duty military and veterans with low rates that are much cheaper than the Big Four carriers.

Moreover, troops that are deployed overseas may temporarily suspend an account or extend a plan to accommodate international travel.

If you can’t take the service with you, Cricket will suspend military accounts for up to 36 months during deployment without additional charges.

You can learn more about the special offer by contacting Cricket Wireless customer service at 1-800-CRICKET.

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