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Military Discounts

Gamestop Military Discount

Gamestop is an industry leader in video game sales.

They offer many promotions and deals that allow you to shop their large selection of products at a discount.

At this time Gamestop does not offer a Military Discount at the majority of it’s locations, but there are select locations on Military bases that may offer a discount.

The discount is not available at all base locations but is generally around 10%. 

Use the store-locator feature on their website here and contact your local store to see if they offer the discount.

In addition to select locations having a Military Discount, Gamestop supports Military in other ways and has a few different options for saving with their company.

Continue reading for more information about Gamestop, how they support the Military and other ways you can save on their products.

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About Gamestop

According to their website they have over 5,800 locations in 14 different countries.

They sell new and pre-owned video games that are available in both physical and digital form.

gamestop store

Gamestop offers hardware and accessories to assist your gaming needs, as well as other inventory items such as pop-culture collectibles, clothing and electronics.

They offer a unique program that allows you to trade in your used game for credit.

The program allows individuals to purchase used games at a lower cost and allows for a great return to the business with over 70% of the credit being applied towards new products in store.

How Gamestop Supports Military

For several years Gamestop has helped contribute to large foundations that support Military families. 

Previous support has been given to the Snowball campaign (helping families of fallen soldiers connect), and they have donated to the Call of Duty Endowment since 2012.

Give Back to the Brave Campaign-Call of Duty Endowment

The Call of Duty Endowment is a non-profit foundation that helps veterans find high quality jobs through raising awareness of the value that veterans provide and supporting groups that help veterans find jobs.

Gamestop helps with this initiative by accepting donations (by rounding-up or donating), giving UpRewards members extra points on donations or allowing them to use points towards donation, offering trade ins for donations and by selling Call of Duty brand products.

You can find more information on the Give Back to the Brave campaign here.

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How to Save with Gamestop

Gamestop offers several ways to get cash for products and save on new products.

1. Gamestop Deals Savings

On the Gamestop website there is a section called Deals, click here to visit it directly.

In that section you can search for sale items or discounts, for all product or by the platform and product category you choose.

Items will be displayed showing the regular and sale price. 

They will also show you prices for new and pre-owned products.

Any promotions that are currently running for that product will show in red text underneath the price.

2. Sign up for the Email List to Save

Gamestop offers a direct email program that allows you to receive event information, promotions and coupons directly to your email.

All you have to do to sign up is enter your email address at the bottom of their page here and click “Join”.

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3. Save with PowerUp Rewards 

PowerUp Rewards is a way to earn points towards free items.

It has two levels, PowerUp Rewards Player and PowerUp Rewards Pro.

As PowerUp Rewards Player is free and you can receive 10 points for every dollar spent.

For $14.99 a year you can be a PowerUp Rewards Pro and receive 20 points for every dollar spent, receive 10% off of pre-owned games and accessories and 10% extra trade in credit.

Rewards can be used towards coupons, digital currency, and sweepstakes entries.

More information can be found here.

4. Get money with the Trade In Program

The Trade In program allows you to bring in your used games, systems, electronics and accessories and get cash or credit towards new product.

You can view the program and their online tool for seeing what you product is worth here. 

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While Gamestop does not have a discount at most locations, they do support the Military and have other ways to save on their products.

Through previous support of the Snowball campaign and continuous support of the Call of Duty Endowment, Gamestop has raised money for Military families and helped veterans get back to work.

Saving through Gamestop can be done by shopping the deals section, signing up for their email list, registering for PowerUp rewards and using the Trade In program.

We hope that Gamestop will offer a Military Discount at all locations in the future, but for now using the savings in this article will give you the best chance at saving on Gamestop products. 

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