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Microsoft Office Military Discount

Microsoft Office is a family of programs and apps that are necessary for any office to function.

With document-creation programs such as Word, presentation programs like PowerPoint and Sway, and information-logging programs such as Excel and OneNote, it’s clear that any office setting – whether a home office or a professional business setting – needs Office to function.

If you are a person who has a military background, you may be wondering if Microsoft offers any kind of military discount.

A quick search on Google shows that Microsoft offers a number of military discounts for those looking to buy Microsoft Office products.

This is great news, and the best part is that the discount can be claimed on a number of different Office products in a number of different ways.

How To Claim The Microsoft Office Discount Online

This discount can be claimed both online and in a physical Microsoft store.

In the past, you were actually able to order Office 365 and related products through this link on the Microsoft website.

However, that link hasn’t been active for over a year now.

The easiest way to claim it online is to visit the Shop My Exchange website.

ShopMyExchange is a military and veterans only website that offers huge discounts on a wide variety of items.

You have to register for an account and verify your military service, but once you do you’ll have complete access to all of their special offers.

Specifically, the Office 365 discount can be found at the following link:

According to that page, you can pick up the Microsoft Office 365 Home Military Edition 2019 for $69.99.

office 365 military discount

This is a savings of approximately $30, and a heck of a good deal!

In addition, membership to ShopMyExhange will also entitle you to benefits like:

  • Pay no sales tax
  • Free shipping
  • Price-match guarantee

Unfortunately, ShopMyExhange doesn’t offer a discount for Microsoft Office Home And Business, or Office Home and Student.

How To Claim The Microsoft Office Discount In Stores

To claim the discount in a Microsoft store, all that is needed is to show a military ID to a store associate to claim the discount.

Click Here to find a Microsoft store near you.

If you’re ordering online, the discount can be claimed by calling Microsoft Office’s customer service number at 1-877-696-7786

Those who want to claim a discount on Microsoft’s Office 365 program will need to do it while they’re still an active service member, and can only claim the discount through their branch’s Microsoft Exchange.

microsoft office 365 military discount

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What is the discount?

The discount varies, depending on what specific product you’re planning on buying.

However, the main discount seems to be 10% off select software; this discount also applied to some products as well, such as devices and device accessories.

The discount does seem to change when the situation changes; different military discounts are covered below.

As the type of discount changes, the method in which the discount is claimed changes as well.

Who can claim the discount?

Depends on what kind of buyer you are!

Those with a military background who now own a store or run a business can also get an unspecified discount.

Those who are looking to buy a subscription to Office 365 can also claim a discount if they are a current service member.

More information on the discounts

Microsoft has a webpage dedicated specifically to providing information on their military discounts.

This page has buttons that allow shoppers to learn more information depending on what kind of discount they’re looking for, and also has the customer service for anyone with questions to call.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can family claim the discount?

Although Microsoft doesn’t give a concrete answer one way or another, it doesn’t look like family or spouses can claim the discount.

Only military men and women of varying statuses are mentioned on the military discount webpage; no mention of spouses or immediate family.

It does, however, look like those with a military background who now own a business can buy multiple copies of Office for their office or business for their subordinates to use.

And, of course, if a military person gets a copy of Office to use on their private computer, their family and friends are free to use it.

Can the discount be claimed online?


As mentioned before, the discount can easily be claimed online by simply calling their customer service number or by going through their branch’s Microsoft Exchange.

The method in which the discount is claimed online changes depending on which discount it is and what you need the discount for – veterans that want a discount on copies of Office for their business will have a different method of claiming their discount than those who are still an active service member that want 365 for their computer at a discount.

This makes this military discount much easier to use than most other discounts, as many stores and businesses rigidly require military people to verify their status in person.

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Can the discount be combined with other discounts?

There’s no word on Microsoft’s website as to whether or not the discount can be stacked with others, however, it’s always worth asking.

Claiming the discount online automatically requires you to speak to a representative on the phone, so you could easily ask if the discount could be used in conjunction with any coupons or codes you may have, or any promotions that Microsoft may be offering in its store.

It’s also worth noting that lots of stores and businesses that normally don’t allow sales to stack tend to make an exception for those claiming the military discount.

Can a person who was dishonorably discharged claim the discount?

Again, there is no information on Microsoft’s webpage about whether or not the discount can be applied to those who haven’t been honorably discharged.

However, it’s worth noticing how strict they are about who can claim the discount; veterans who want to claim the discount in a bulk purchase of Office copies need to be entrepreneurs or business owners, and those who want a discount on their Office 365 will need to do it while they’re still a current service member.

If it’s anything like most other military discounts, there’s a decent chance that you will not be able to redeem the discount if you’ve been dishonorably discharged.

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It’s good to know that those with a military background will be able to claim a discount from Microsoft’s store.

Not only do they offer discounts to their various programs and to military people of varying statuses, but also offer discounts to several of their products and accessories.

Although the discount depends on what product you plan on getting and what you’re going to use it for, it’s great that veterans and those with a background in the military have that option.

It’s important to look through Microsoft’s webpage spelling out the details of their discounts before going shopping.

Not only will familiarizing yourself with the different discounts that Microsoft offers will help you figure out what discounts apply to you, but you’ll also be able to prepare any questions you might want to ask customer service once you’re in a store or on the phone with them.

Regardless of what you plan on using Office for, Microsoft offers lots of options for you.

Good luck and happy shopping!

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Microsoft Office Military Discount

Microsoft Office Military Discount

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The Microsoft Office military discount entitles the men and women serving in the US military a savings of up to 10% on Microsoft Office Professional and Personal. Find out how to redeem it and more.
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