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NewEgg Military Discount

NewEgg is a great site if you’re a tech junkie.

Now if you’re a veteran or actively deployed, you’re probably wondering if NewEgg offers military discounts for those who have some military service under their belts.

A quick peek on NewEgg’s website will show that NewEgg used to offer a military discount, but no longer offers it.

newegg military discount has expired

This is very unfortunate that NewEgg has canceled this discount.

However, this doesn’t mean that there are no ways for military men and women to save some money when shopping with them.

There are still plenty of other ways that the site can help you save a few bucks.

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NewEgg Discount Option #1 – Free Premier for Military

One perk that NewEgg has now added is a free year of NewEgg Premier.

newegg premier for military

In some ways, this is a better offer than a military discount.

Though it only lasts for a year, a NewEgg Premier membership offers many more perks that outweigh the perk of having a few dollars knocked off your final price.

A NewEgg Premier membership comes with tons of benefits, including:

  • Expedited shipping
  • Exclusive deals and sales not available to anyone else
  • Rushed processing
  • No restocking fees
  • 50% off shipping price if being sent to an Army Post Office
  • The ability to add family and friends to your account so they can enjoy the perks as well
  • Special alerts and early bird notifications
  • Speedy and dedicated customer service representatives
  • Free returns on qualifying items

Click Here to learn more about the NewEgg Premier For Military program.

newegg premier benefits

As you can see, many benefits come with such a membership, and military men and women can get a free year of these perks simply by verifying their military status.

The best part is that if you forget to cancel your subscription before your trial period ends, you can be refunded the money for the following year’s subscription if you haven’t used your perks yet.

To verify your military status, simply select the one-year membership, and follow the steps provided to verify your status and claim your free year of NewEgg Premier.

newegg premier plans
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NewEgg Discount Option #2 – Student Premier

In addition to offering free NewEgg Premier subscriptions to military men and women, students can also reap the benefits of a Premier membership.

By simply verifying their status as a student, you can enjoy all the perks listed above for a discounted price.

The first year is offered at just $30, which is quite a steal given all the perks that come with it.

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If you already have a Premier membership and then verify your student status, you will be refunded the difference.

To verify your student status, all you have to do is use your student email. Simple as that!

newegg student discount

NewEgg Discount Option #3 – Paid Premier and Gift Cards

This one is a bit obvious, but of course a way to take advantage of the many deals that the NewEgg Premier membership offers is to pay for it out of pocket.

The site offers membership programs that you can pay for in three-month, six-month or twelve-month intervals.

Though there are no additional discounts for those who want a Premier membership and aren’t a student or military man or woman, the memberships are reasonably priced and automatically renew with the billing information that you provided when you first signed up.

In addition, another option that requires paying to get discounts included getting a gift card.

Gift cards are a great way to reward employees or give as a birthday present.

newegg gift card discount

Click Here to visit the official NewEgg gift cards page.

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NewEgg Discount Option #4 – Daily Deals and Other Discount

As the name implies, Daily Deals offered by NewEgg are deals offered every twenty-four hours to visitors of the website.

These deals go across brands and items, and can apply to fancy, pricey items such as a gaming desktop, to cheaper items such as computer monitors and power supplies.

newegg daily deals

However, those aren’t the only deals offered by the website.

NewEgg also has “Eggxtra” Hot Deals that are also offered for a period of time.

These sales, just like Daily Deals, can apply to multiple brands and item types at a time; it’s never applied to just one single brand or item type.

The sale percentage rates can be as low as 3% to as high as 64%, and trending deals as well as “Marketplace” deals are the first discounts that you’ll see.

A third type of discount that NewEgg allows everyone to use is their Shell Shockers, also called their 5 Super Deals a Day.

These deals are limited to only five products that are being spotlighted by the website, and will only be on sale for that day.

These items can be anything from computer CPUs to electronic toys and gadgets to electronic kitchen devices.

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The items are usually fairly discounted, with the deal knocking off anywhere from 25% to 37%. Similar to the Daily Deals, these items are usually on sale for just a single day, and the items also tend to be limited to just three per customer.

They are very nice, exclusive deals that could make your shopping easier if what you’re looking to buy happens to be on sale.

newegg shell shocker

It’s actually quite easy to filter these different deals as well, so that you only see the product type that you’re in the market to buy.

You can filter search results by item type, customer ratings or whether or not the items are refurbished or new.

There isn’t anything special about the checkout process, either.

Buying a product that’s on sale is just as easy as buying a product that’s full price; no need to type in any promo codes, apply any gift cards or type in any special key words.

All you have to do is put the items in your cart and proceed to checkout.

NewEgg Discount Options #5 – Periodic Sales

NewEgg hosts sales every so often on their site that anyone and everyone can take advantage of.

Deals such as the Fantastic Tech Sale and short-term sales on various products and brands are common and, similar to the aforementioned deals that the site offers, only last for a single day.

These deals are meant to be snapped up as soon as you see them, so take advantage of them as soon as you see them!

Seasonal deals such as Summer Clearance, Fourth of July and similar sales also happen periodically on the site.

Though these are a little less spontaneous than other periodic sales mentioned here, these deals are also really good and allow for those in the market for a new electronic product to plan when another sale will probably happen, and plan their spending budget accordingly.

These periodic sales can be found right on the front page of the website, click here to check them out.

Thanks to the colorful moving banner NewEgg puts toward the top of the front page, it’s very hard to miss the periodic sales.

You can toggle between different sales easily with the white arrow buttons, and as soon as you see a sale that you want to take advantage of, all you have to do is click the banner itself.

Once you click the banner, you’ll then be taken to every single electronic item on the website that’s eligible for that sale.

Though the items will first be organized by how well the item sells, you can further filter the items by different criteria such as best deals, highest ratings, lowest prices, biggest discount from the original price, highest prices and most reviews.

You can also search by keywords as well as filter out items that are sold by third-party vendors through NewEgg as opposed to items being sold directly by NewEgg.

In addition to all these sales, simply browsing the website will help you stumble across different items that are for sale.

Items that are currently on sale are marked with an orange flag that specifies how much of a percentage has been knocked off the original price.

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The original price is also listed, along with the sale price.

This format makes it easy even for those surfing the site to find a few deals that they can take advantage of.


Even though NewEgg doesn’t offer a military discount, it offers a really great deals for military men and women as well as students.

Even for those not in the military or not currently enrolled in a college or university, there are still plenty of discounts and sales to take advantage of.

NewEgg has new sales and discounts going on literally every day, and it’s very easy to filter and find exactly what it is that you’re looking for.

Good luck and happy shopping!

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