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NewEgg Military Discount for 2023

NewEgg is a great site if you’re a tech junkie. Now if you’re a veteran or active duty, you’re probably wondering if there’s a NewEgg military discount for those who have served.

A quick peek on NewEgg’s website will show that NewEgg used to offer a military discount, but no longer offers it.

newegg military discount has expired

This is very unfortunate that NewEgg has canceled this discount.

At one point, NewEgg offered a free year of their premier service. However, this deal has also expired. 



The company states that they’ve discontinued its premier program. NewEgg is working on a “new and improved” rewards program. Unfortunately, as of August 2023, there is no military discount or free premier membership. 

However, this doesn’t mean that there are no ways for military men and women to save some money when shopping with them.

There are still other ways that the site can help you save a few bucks.

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NewEgg Discount Option #1 – Shell Shocker Deals

One perk that NewEgg has is its “Shell Shocker” deals. 

These are short-term deep discounts on a wide array of tech necessities.

Even if NewEgg doesn’t offer a military discount, you can still save big bucks if you check the Shell Shocker deals page regularly.

Click Here to learn more about the NewEgg Premier For Military program.

NewEgg Discount Option #2 – Email Subscription

In addition to NewEgg Shell Shocker deals, you can sign up for the company newsletter.

By simply adding your email address to its mailing list, you’ll get a heads-up every time there’s a sale or discount. 

You can add your mailing details to the mailing list here.

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NewEgg Discount Option #3 – Clearance Discounts

As the name implies, the Clearance items offered by NewEgg include items with deep discounts — as much as 70%.

These deals go across brands and inventory and can apply to fancy, pricey items such as a $13,000 CAD workstation down to a $15 USB adapter.

You’ll find computer monitors, motherboards, power supplies, media speakers, gaming keyboards, and more. 

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The sale percentage rates can be as low as 10% to as high as 70%.

It’s actually quite easy to filter these different deals as well. You can filter through to only see the product type that you’re in the market to buy.

You can filter search results by item type, customer ratings, or whether or not the items are refurbished or new.

There isn’t anything special about the checkout process, either.

Buying a product that’s on clearance is just as easy as buying a product that’s full price; no need to type in any promo codes, apply any gift cards, or type in any special keywords.

All you have to do is put the items in your cart and proceed to checkout.

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NewEgg Discount Option #4 – TechRadar Coupon Codes

This one is a bit obvious, but of course, a way to take advantage of the many deals at NewEgg is to search for coupons online.

One of our favorites is TechRadar. Coupons featured on the site are carefully curated by experts.

Each page of coupons includes information about the company being promoted, the last date it was updated, and an average rating for products and services. 

You can find current NewEgg coupons on TechRadar here

NewEgg Discount Options #5 – CNET Coupons

CNET is another tech site we like for filtering through the hype.

You can also find coupons for NewEgg on CNET and click right through to claim the latest deal.

Although CNET and TechRadar are both tech publications, its worth trying both sites to find the best deal on what you need. 

You’ll find CNET’s NewEgg coupon codes here

NewEgg Discount Options #6 – Sales Tax Holidays

If you’re a student — or the parent of the student — you may look forward to the sales tax holidays in your state. 

These are the times of year determined by your state legislators when sales tax collection is suspended on certain goods in anticipation of specific events.

Seasonal preparations can mean stocking up on some high-cost items. For example, in the Gulf Coast states, sales tax is suspended to allow families to better afford expensive supplies for hurricane season.

In many states, the beginning of the school year also means a state sales tax holiday. This allows students and parents a chance to stock up on school and art supplies, including computers and laptops. 

NewEgg states on its website that the company abides by all state sales tax holidays. So, if you’re in the market for a new computer, laptop, or peripheral, you may want to find out if your state has a tax holiday on them before purchasing. 

You don’t have to prove you’re a student or the parent of a student, either. You just have to check out with less than the maximum dollar amount allowed for a tax-free transaction.

The maximum dollar amount is the amount you can purchase without paying any sales tax. This can save you 6% to 7% or more on any of these purchases. 

And in most cases, you can purchase additional products on separate transactions and receive the same tax-free allowance.

The Federation of Tax Administrators keeps tabs on all the states with declared tax holidays. You can visit their site here for more information and a link to your state’s policies.

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Even though NewEgg doesn’t offer a military discount, there are other ways to save big money at NewEgg.

Even for those not in the military or not currently enrolled in a college or university, there are still plenty of discounts and sales to take advantage of.

NewEgg has new sales and discounts going on literally every day, and it’s very easy to filter and find exactly what it is that you’re looking for.

Good luck and happy shopping!

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