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Glock Military Discount

Glock pistols are among the most popular handguns in the United States.

The semi-automatic pistols have been used by the military and police since the early 1980s.

Is there a Glock military discount available to service members? Yes.  In fact, there are many ways to save on your next Glock handgun.

They include:

  • Purchasing from Palmetto State Armory – These guys offer a 5% off military discount on several Glock pistols. Click Here to learn more.
  • Brownells – Offers as much as 10% off Glock handguns via their military discount program. Click Here to learn more. 
  • Blue Label Program – GT Distributors offers several discounts on Glock handguns via their Blue Label Program. Learn more about this program by scrolling down.

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Glock Military Discount – Save on Handguns

glock blue label program discount
The Glock Blue Label Program can save you $75-$100 on a new pistol. Image: Wikimedia Commons

Glock offers a discount to the military along with law enforcement, first responders, corrections officers, and other personnel.

The amount of the discount depends on the type of Glock pistol you are looking to purchase.

Glock offers a specialized store for the Blue Label Program where you can find exclusive offers.

The firearm manufacturer defines the special discount as its “Blue Label Program”, but that term is a bit misleading.

You technically do not need to be a part of any membership program to receive the discount.

All you need to do is submit proof that you are a service member of the U.S. Armed Forces or another qualified line of work for the discount (IE law enforcement, for example).

Glock Blue Label Program – Who is Eligible?

The Glock Blue Label Program is an exciting opportunity for military personnel and first responders to receive exclusive discounts on firearms.

The following personnel is eligible for the Blue Label Program:

  • Service members (including Reservists and National Guard) with a military ID. Retirees and veterans are also approved for the discount.
  • Law enforcement at the federal, state, county, and city levels as well as retirees.
  • First responders like firefighters, EMTs, paramedics, and volunteer firefighters.
  • Corrections officers including parole and probation officers.
  • State licensed security companies (i.e. Loomis).

Law enforcement academy cadets and court judges may also take advantage of the unique offer from Glock.

The Glock military discount is available for approved purchasers only and no dependants.

Military personnel will need to submit the approved identification in order to receive the Glock military discount.

How to Submit Proof

glock discount for military
Glock handguns have been used and relied on by the military for decades. Image: Department of Defense

The Glock military discount is available to active-duty members of the Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy.

It is also available to members of the National Guard and Reservists, but not dependents (unlike other military discounts).

Glock requires service members to present a military picture ID (front and back) to receive the exclusive savings.

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You can submit proof to the gun manufacturer by making a copy and submitting it to [email protected].

Glock mentions that DD-214 and other discharge papers do not qualify as legitimate forms of military identification through the Blue Label Program.

If you are unable to make a copy of an ID or submit proof online, you may contact a local dealer with opportunities to save.

Glock Military Discount Rules

Glock stipulates the military discount is available for the purchase of a maximum of two pistols per the calendar year.

You also must order directly from Glock, or a participating Glock Law Enforcement Distributor or Sub-Distributor to enjoy the savings.

Purchases made in-person at Glock stores or participating distributors allow you to present your military ID at the time of purchase and avoid submitting online.

Please note that purchasing a weapon online can take 180 days for all the proper credentials, paperwork, and payment to get received and approved.

Therefore, you may find it quicker to visit a Glock distributor and make the purchase in-person.

Glock Military Discount FAQ

glock pistol discount
Though it takes a little time gathering and submitting proof, it is worth taking advantage of the Glock military discount. Image: Wikimedia Commons

Here are some frequently asked questions about the Glock military discount:

What military personnel is eligible for the discount?

The Glock military discount is available to all active-duty personnel as well as retirees and veterans.

The discount is offered to members of the Army, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, and Navy.

Members of the National Guard and Reservists are also eligible.

Is the Glock military discount available to dependents?

No, unfortunately, the discount is only available to military personnel.

Therefore, family members including spouses and children (over the age of 18) are not eligible to receive blue label rates.

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How much can I save by using the Glock military discount?

The prices vary and are not established by Glock.

However, Glock mentions that most handguns will earn you $75-$100 off the purchase by using the military discount.

Please note that Blue label pricing is only available on black frame pistols.

Delivery times of firearms purchased directly through Glock can also take approximately 180 days to receive because of the time needed to process the order.

There are also state laws that may affect the timeframe of delivery, whether purchasing at a retailer or online.

What types of proof will Glock accept for eligibility?

Glock requires a valid military assigned ID for approval.

Unfortunately, DD-214 and other discharge papers are not valid forms of proof through Glock.

You can submit a copy of your ID to [email protected].

Make sure you have copies of the front AND back of the identification.

Or bring the valid military ID to a participating distributor to confirm eligibility in-person.

Do standard gun laws apply to the Glock military discount?

Yes, you must abide by all U.S. gun laws whether purchasing a Glock firearm online or in-person.

Additionally, the process for purchasing a new firearm does vary depending on the state and its enforced gun laws.

Glock estimates that online purchases made directly through the manufacturer can take at least 180 days to process and deliver.

The turnaround time is faster if you go through the gun purchasing process in-person at a store.

Just make sure it is a participating Glock distributor to receive special blue label military rates.

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The Glock military discount can earn you savings on approved black frame pistols.

The amount of the discount varies based on the firearm and time of purchase, however, blue label rates generally save you between $75-$100.

You will need to submit proof of a military ID online, or at a participating location, in order to receive the military discount.

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Glock has a military discount that can help you save anywhere from $75 - $100 on new pistols. Find out how to redeem the discount, the restrictions, and more.

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