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Home Depot Military Discount

Home Depot is one of the largest home improvement centers in the United States.

With just over 2,200 stores nationwide and 400,000 employees (including 35,000 veterans), it is undoubtedly a fixture of American society.

Like the 1,000’s of other brands in the US, Home Depot also offers a military discount to both active duty and retired military.

Unfortunately, they don’t do a very good job of explaining the exact terms and conditions of the military discount anywhere on their website.

I spoke with a representative from Home Depot, and the following is a summary of our conversation.

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Home Depot Military Discount Official Policy

How To Claim The Discount

Exclusions and Restrictions

Can I Use The Discount For Online Orders?

What is the official Home Depot Policy for Military Discounts?

According to several sources, the official Home Depot Military discount offers all active duty military personnel, as well as veterans, a 10% discount on select national holidays.

Those days include the following:

  • May 27, 2019 – Memorial Day
  • July 4, 2019 – Independence Day
  • November 11, 2019 – Veterans Day

Additionally, the 10% discount is also available to active and reserve duty military personnel on an every-day basis.

Retired or disabled veterans are also eligible, as well as their spouses and dependent children.

Keep in mind that the 10% discount is only applied up to purchases $500 or more, which means you’ll only get a maximum of a $50 discount.

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How do I claim my military discount?

Home Depot offers a military discount to those that can provide proof in the form of an official government ID.

Official ID’s include:

  • VA Medical Center Veteran ID card.  Keep in mind that the card must say “Service connected” under your photo.  (What does this mean?)

va id card service connected - sample

  • Common Access Card (CAC)
  • Valid Military ID
  • DD214

Simply present your military ID at checkout to the cashier, and they will apply the 10% discount.

Keep in mind that you’ll also need to present a photo ID, such as a drivers license or passport, in addition to your military verification.

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Are there any products or services excluded?

From the official Home Depot policy, the following products and/or services are excluded from the program:

Installation Services

These include the installation fees associated with Plumbing, Bathroom. Flooring, Kitchen Remodeling, Door installation, and Window Replacement installation.

The military discount may not be applied to Major appliance, as major appliances are only placed online.

Additionally, the following products and services are excluded from obtaining a military discount:

  • Tub and shower liner installation
  • Blinds installation
  • Custom Closet and Shelving
  • Storm window replacement
  • Tile installation
  • Heating and Cooling: Including HVAC installation, repair, and replacement.
  • Fence, generator, or shed installation
  • Ceiling fan installation
  • Special buy appliances

Products that ARE included in the Home Depot military discount program, include:

  • Riding lawn mowers
  • Pressure washers
  • Trimmers
  • Electrical wiring and cable
  • Light switches and dimmers
  • Security cameras
  • Ceiling fans
  • Lumber and hardware
  • Plumbing
  • Doors and windows

* note: The above list is not exhaustive, and does not represent a full list of items available for military / veteran discount.

Other Restrictions

  • Discount cannot be combined with other discounts.
  • Coupons may also not be applied at the time of purchase.
  • Discount can only be applied to a maximum of $500 purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I claim my discount online?

Unfortunately, there is no way to claim your Home Depot military discount online.

It can only be claimed either in the store, or by calling their customer service phone number at 800-466-3337.

Can I use my DD214 as proof of military service?

According to them, you can bring your DD214 as proof of military service.

I served in more than 1 branch of the military. Which branches DD214 should I bring?

Either DD214 will work, just make sure that it’s valid and free from errors.

Can I verify my military service online, or do I have to do it in the store?

According to my source, there is no way to setup a military account online.  You have to do it in the store.

Do I have to bring my military ID every time I go to make a purchase?

Yes.  Home Depot does not have a system that allows you to verify your military service once, and you’ll need to bring your military ID every time you make a purchase.

Can I receive a military discount if I’ve been anything other than honorably discharged?

This part is unclear, and my source didn’t have any info on that.  If I had to take an educated guess, I would say that the following types of discharges would make you ineligible for a military discount:

  • Dishonorable discharge
  • Bad conduct discharge
  • Other than honorable conditions discharge

I’m a veteran, but the person at Home Depot just told me that they don’t give away military discounts anymore.  What gives?!

You’re not the first one, unfortunately.

We’ve read a wide array of complaints from several veterans who said they tried claiming their 10% discount, but were denied for one reason or another.

Here’s just a snapshot of a few of those complaints:

home depot military discount complaint

home depot military discount complaint 2

It seems like it really depends on the person you’re dealing with, and whether or not they’re going to be strict about any particular rules.

Additionally, I have read from several other sources that you actually need to register with the customer service desk AND get approved to receive your military discount.

Many vets have sworn off Home Depot, and have decided to use Lowes for the purchases instead.

They certainly don’t make it easy!  With that said….

How else does Home Depot help military veterans?

Despite the issues with their military discount program, Home Depot does A LOT for veterans.

Their Home Depot foundation has been helping veterans since 2011, both in the form of donations, and employment.

As I mentioned earlier, they currently employ over 35,000 veterans across the US, and have granted millions of dollars to non profit organizations that directly help veterans.

Specifically, they put an emphasis on ending veteran homelessness, donating money and resources to building homes for military veterans.

You can learn more about their program here.

What does Service Connected mean?

From the official VA website:

Disability compensation is a monetary benefit paid to Veterans who are determined by VA to be disabled by an injury or illness that was incurred or aggravated during active military service. These disabilities are considered to be service connected.

Have you had issues trying to get a military discount at Home Depot? Leave a comment below!

Home Depot Military Discount
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  1. We tried to use our military discount for a regular priced pressure washer and were told by the cashier that it didn’t qualify. She said to take it up with corporate.

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