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Golden Corral Military Discount

Golden Corral is a restaurant that offers a wide variety of foods through both plated dinners and a buffet.

Unfortunately, they do not offer a daily military discount.

However, they do have another way of giving back to those who serve.

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About Golden Corral

Golden Corral started as a small, single restaurant in 1973 in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

Their mission was to provide affordable, family friendly meals that were also high quality.

They quickly grew, and have almost 500 locations across the United States today.

Even though Golden Corral has grown as a company, their mission remains the same.

Along with their affordability, family friendliness, and quality, they aim to offer a wide variety of foods as well.

Their guests can choose from over 150 menu items. They have steak, seafood, meatloaf, mac n’ cheese, and more. 

With each of these characteristics, Golden Corral has been voted America’s #1 buffet and grill.

What Is The Official Golden Corral Military Discount?

Unfortunately, Golden Corral does not offer a discount off of their regular prices for everyday meals.

They do, however, have another way to give back to military members.

Every year, Golden Corral hosts a Military Appreciation Dinner.

During this dinner, military members eat for free. 

The event only takes place once per year, and it often happens on our near Veteran’s day.

If you want to attend the free dinner, be sure to watch for advertisements to figure out when the event will take place.

golden corral military discount
Meat varieties at Golden Corral. Image:

Who Can Claim This Deal?

This deal is available to all active military members, including members of the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard. Active Duty, Reserves, and National Guard members can all enjoy the dinner for free.

The deal is also available for retired military members and veterans.

The website does not mention if the dinner is available to dishonorably discharged soldiers.

If you fall into this category, you may want to call your local restaurant beforehand to ensure you can attend the event and eat for free.

The deal is not available for military family members.

Service members are allowed to bring their family members and friends along for companionship, but their guests will have to pay full price.

Only those who currently serve and those who have served in the past can eat for free at the Golden Corral Military Appreciation Dinner.

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What Are The Restrictions?

The Golden Corral Military Appreciation Dinner only happens once per year.

The free meal is not available any other day.

The deal cannot be used in advance or after if you cannot attend.

Golden Corral states that they hope you can attend the event, but they are unable to transfer the savings to a different date for you.

The free meal needs to be eaten in the restaurant.

Military members will have to pay full price if they choose to have a take out meal, even if it is the day of the Military Appreciation Dinner.

The meal will be free to military members who can show proof of military service.

This can include military, veteran, or retired ID cards, as well as any papers that show proof of your military service.

golden corral dessert
Dessert options at Golden Corral. Image:

Other Ways To Save

Since the military discount at Golden Corral is only available one day per year, you may be looking for other ways to save.

Luckily, there are a few other ways to get discounted meals at Golden Corral.

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Golden Corral Coupons

Golden Corral has a variety of money saving coupons, though you may need to do some work to find these deals.

The coupons are often given as you leave the restaurant so that you can save some money on your nest visit.

If you are not given coupons when you leave, be sure to ask if they have any.

The cashier may have forgotten to give them to you.

These coupons also may be in your local newspapers or magazines as well.

If you have a Golden Corral in your area, be sure to check your mail.

If you find print coupons, simply cut them out and bring them to the restaurant to use during the valid time frame.

You will, however, need to follow any restrictions that may be listed on these coupons.

Good As Good Club

The Good As Good Club is Golden Corral’s savings group.

When you join the club, you will receive a special welcome offer, a birthday surprise, Golden Corral news, and occasional random coupons.

This club is only available at the location you choose as your home location. 

You can sign up for the Good As Good Club by giving your waiter or waitress your email address when you dine in.

You can also sign up online by clicking here.

Simply fill out the form and wait for deals to come to your email inbox.

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Even though Golden Corral doesn’t offer a daily military discount, their Military Appreciation Dinner and other savings combined make for a variety of good deals.

If you’re looking for a family-friendly, high quality restaurant with a variety of food options, be sure to take advantage of these deals and check out Golden Corral.

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Unfortunately, Golden Corral doesn't offer a military discount. However, they do offer a free meal on Veterans Day, called the military appreciation dinner.
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