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John Deere Military Discount

John Deere is the leading name when it comes to tractor and farm equipment sales in the United States.

They offer a military incentive program to give back to those who serve.

While some sources claim that John Deere offers a 10% off military discount, OMK reached out directly to the company to confirm this.

It turns out that this is not true.  Instead of offering a discount, they allow members of the military access to their rewards upgrade program.

Read more details on this below.

About John Deere

John Deere was a man who worked as a blacksmith in the mid 1800’s.

In 1837, he heard that farmers needed help with their plows, and came up with a solution.

By the next year, he was working as a manufacturer instead of a blacksmith.

He started by building plows that farmers could actually use in the sandy soil that surrounded his local community.

His company stuck with creating plows for many years, and found fame when their product won a field trial against 50 other competitors from around the world.

Eventually, the company began working with others around them, and in 1912 they were making and selling a wide variety of products.

The John Deere company even supported the country during World War II, with the creation of military tractors, military laundry units, ammunition, and more.

Today, the company sells a wide variety of products, from gator utility vehicles and personal ride-on lawn mowers to large, commercial farm tractors.

They’ve created many patents, including a protective cage for tractor cabs and other design ideas.

John Deere is a household name, and the go-to brand for farm equipment across the country.

Even with the success the company has found over the last 180+ years, the stick with their values of integrity, quality, commitment, and innovation.

They put the customer’s needs first, and provide the best of the best to those who purchase from them.

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What Is The Official John Deere Military Discount?

John Deere’s military discount is a little different than the typical percentage-off deals that you are likely used to seeing.

Their deal for service members is lined with their rewards program.

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The John Deere rewards program is normally available to customers who buy at least two products per year from the company.

Military members, however, can enter the program without making a single purchase.

This allows those who serve to save from the start, instead of just being rewarded for buying a large amount of John Deere merchandise.

The program puts military members at a platinum 1 level, with the ability to move to a higher level with additional purchases made.

You can see a full list of the products available at a discounted rate, as well as the exact discounts giver for each level, here.

It’s important to remember that these discounts can be stacked with the John Deere national offers, which you can view here.

How To Use This Deal:

Step 1: Click here to create your account.

The sign up process will also give you your own MyJohnDeere account, which you can use to check the status of your military rewards application.

While you are filling out this form, you will need to upload proof of your current military status.

The required documents are a little different than what most military discounts expect.

For example, a military ID card or a common access card (CAC) will not work.

The forms of ID that John Deere prefers are a Veteran’s ID Card, a Driver’s License with a Veteran’s designation, a Veteran Health Identification Card, or an SCRA certificate. 

They will also accept a DD-214 with your social security number blackened out, or your official orders from the National Guard or Reserves.

Step 2: Simply wait for John Deere to contact you, stating they have approved your application. They will give you a rewards number, which will give you the ability to use the platinum 1 discount on any eligible purchases you make.

Step 3: When you make a John Deere purchase online, enter your rewards number at checkout. If you buy a product in person, give your rewards number to your cashier when you make your purchase. This will allow you to claim your military savings.

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Who Can Claim This Deal?

The John Deere military discount is available to all military members, both past and present.

This includes members of the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard, as well as those who serve in Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard roles.

The deal also extends to veterans and retired service members.

It cannot be used by military family members at this time.

All members who claim the deal need to have one of the specific identification forms listed above as well.

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What Are The Restrictions?

The John Deere military discount is restricted to the exact deals shown in the Platinum 1 column of their rewards program.

No discount will be provided to products that are not listed within the rewards program.

When you go to use the deal, you must have already submitted your application and been approved.

Showing your proof of service to the cashier when you make an in-person purchase will not be enough.

You will also need to reapply for the program each year.

Other than that, the deal does not come with many restrictions. It even has the added bonus of being able to be combined with other promotions, as we mentioned earlier.

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Overall, the John Deere military discount program is a great way to save on high quality farming equipment without having to purchase multiple items per year.

If you’re in need of a John Deere product in the near future, be sure to check out this deal and apply for savings.

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Unfortunately, John Deere doesn't offer a military discount. With that said, they do provide other perks, including a free rewards program upgrade.
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