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Macy’s Military Discount

We’re all familiar with Macy’s, the department store that has a little bit of everything.

If you want something for your kitchen or bedroom, Macy’s has it.

If you shop at Macy’s often and you have a military background, you’re probably wondering if they offer a military discount.

A quick search on Google shows that Macy’s does not have an official military discount policy.

Although there is no Macy’s military discount, there are certainly other ways to save at the department store. You can click here to learn of some ways to save with your online order.

Macy’s Discount Option #1 – Email Newsletter Signup

Signing up for the Macy’s email newsletter is a quick and very easy way to instantly save 25% on your next Macy’s purchase.

And the best part about it? You can redeem it online!

It literally takes 30-seconds, follow the instructions below to find out how:

Step 1: Click Here to visit the official email sign-up form

Step 2: Fill out the form

Be sure to fill out all of the required info, like email and zip code.

You can choose to skip over entering in your birth date, but just keep in mind that Macy’s often does email out a coupon directly to you right on your birthday.

Also, keep in mind that there are certain items that are restricted from receiving the discount.

The list is way too long to list here but click here if you want to know exactly what’s excluded up front.

Step 3: Click Submit and check your email

Once you’ve filled out the form, scroll down and check the box marked “I’m not a robot.

After that, check your email inbox (w/ the email you signed up with) and look for an email from Macy’s with the subject line ‘

It might take a few minutes to show up, so just be patient!  It might be a good idea to check your spam folder as well.

Click on that email, and you’ll immediately be presented with your 25% off coupon code.

macys coupon code in email

*Alternative – Signup For Text Savings

If you don’t feel like going the email route, another alternative is to sign up for text alerts.

You still have to go through the same route, but it may be more convenient for some.

Here’s how to sign up for text alerts:

Step 1: Click Here to visit the official signup page

Step 2: Enter the message alert info

Simply text whatever code they provide to whatever number they specify, and you’ll 

I would post it here, but Macy’s has a tendency to change both the signup code as well as the number you’re supposed to text it to frequently.

Just look for something that says ‘SIGN UP FOR TEXTS, TOO!’

macys text alerts

The info will be right below that.

Step 3: Reply ENTER to the text

Once you receive the text, it will ask you to reply with the code ‘ENTER’ to be enrolled in their alerts program and redeem the 25% discount.

It will look like this:

macys text alert discount

Once you do, you’ll immediately receive your 25% off discount.

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Macy’s Discount Option #2 – Periodic Sales

Macy’s offers tons of sales and discounts to all customers throughout the year.

These sales last for a limited time and are typically tied into one holiday or another.

These sales oftentimes happen around big shopping seasons such as Black Friday and summer sales.

Sometimes Macy’s will create shopping seasons such as Black Friday in July so that they can offer even more discounts and sales to their customers.

macy's black friday in july sale
From the Macy’s website,

Rarely will you be able to visit a Macy’s when there isn’t a single sale going on!

In addition, certain brands or brand products will often be on sale at Macy’s.

Popular brands such as Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and Tommy Hilfiger will offer certain products at discounted prices.

These sales can be vague and broad – such as offering one item of a brand at full price and offering any additional ones at half price – or they can be very specific – such as offering one specific item at a lowered price.

Occasionally, Macy’s also gives gifts to its customers.

This means that with the purchase of a specific item, customers will get a free gift as a thank-you for buying that item.

Although the gift is usually courtesy of the brand, these special offers are typically only available at Macy’s.

These gifts usually come with the purchase of pricey perfumes.

macy's free gift
Like this 3-day supply of Clinique hydrating jelly

These sales can be claimed both online and in-store.

While sales are applied automatically when you buy something in-store, you can claim the sale online through the use of codes.

Macy’s has very specific codes for each sale, and they can usually stack, meaning multiple codes can be used in a single transaction.

A full list of the sales and promotions along with their codes can always be found on Macy’s coupons and deals page.

This page on their website – – is constantly being updated and always reflects the current sales being offered by the store; no need to worry about seeing outdated information or getting the incorrect code.

Macy’s Discount Option #3 – Clearance

Macy’s always has tons of marked-down items and items on clearance.

These items by definition are cheaper than their original buying prices and are usually in fairly good condition.

It’s very easy to find nice jewelry or makeup at extremely low prices simply because a few were left in stock for too long.

On top of this, Macy’s oftentimes offers discounts and sales to things already on clearance.

This gives further discounts to things that are already being offered at lower prices, which can offer huge savings.

These sales, just like the periodic sales mentioned above, can be claimed both online and in-store.

The sales and discounts are all automatically applied by the cashier upon checkout when you’re in a store, but you have to manually add in the discount if you’re shopping online.

The codes can be found, however, on the coupons and deals webpage that’s mentioned above.

As said before, this page is constantly being updated, so you’ll always be seeing the latest, most up-to-date information on the sales and promotions that Macy’s is offering.

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Macy’s Discount Option #4 – Slickdeals and RetailMeNot

Another way to go if you want to get discounts is through third-party couponing sites.

Websites such as RetailMeNot and Slickdeals do a two-fold job.

They not only collect all the sales and discounts that Macy’s is already offering so that they’re easier to find and read, but they also sometimes offer unique coupons that can only be found on their websites.

The best way to find coupons and discounts for Macy’s on these sites is to simply Google the couponing site you want to use as well as the name of the store.

This means that if you wanted to use RetailMeNot, you’d simply search “retailmenot macy’s”.

One of the first results you see should be RetailMeNot’s page for Macy’s.

Another benefit to these sites is that they have filters.

Unlike Macy’s own coupons and deals webpage, Slickdeals and RetailMeNot both have options to filter out the coupons that you see.

So instead of scrolling infinitely until you see the coupons that you want to use, you can simply use the buttons on the side of the page to filter out coupons by type.

You can choose to see online-only coupons and sales, only in-store sales, discounts only for clothes or beauty products, etc.

These filters make it much easier to find what you’re looking for.

And the best part is that once you see a coupon that you want to use, there’s a button on both RetailMeNot and Slickdeals that takes you straight to the corresponding department on Macy’s website.

Lastly, these coupons are oftentimes verified, especially on Slickdeals.

That means that when a coupon or deal is verified, you have confirmation that the discount has been successfully used by other shoppers.

No need to worry that you’re getting a bogus coupon!

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Although Macy’s doesn’t offer a military discount, you can still save money at this world-renowned department store. 

Thankfully, there are plenty of alternatives to a Macy’s military discount, and the best part is that most of these sales and discounts stack, allowing you to claim multiple deals and sales in a single purchase.

Although Macy’s carries plenty of high-end brand names and pricey items, there are still ways to save while shopping with them.

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