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Macy’s Military Discount

We’re all familiar with Macy’s.

The department store that has a little bit of everything.

If you want something for your kitchen, Macy’s has it.

If you need something for your bedroom, Macy’s has it.

The store has something for everyone, regardless of your age or shopping needs.

If you shop at Macy’s often and you have a military background, you’re probably wondering if they offer a military discount.

They have so many nice products it would be nice if you could knock a few dollars off your total, right?

A quick search on Google shows that Macy’s does indeed offer a military discount.

You can get 10% off your total with the discount.

However, this discount comes with a few caveats.

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Claiming the Military Discount

The discount is only offered on the first Tuesday of every month.

This means that this discount can only be claimed one day a month, on a very specific day, as well.

This obviously makes claiming the discount much harder for military men and women, which is unfortunate.

To claim this discount, you simply have to show your military ID to the cashier upon checkout, and they will add the 10% discount.

what a valid active duty military id looks like
This will be enough…just present it at checkout

A plus to this discount is that it does go up in certain situations.

This means that if you have a card with Macy’s, the discount goes up from 10% to 15%.

However, what if you don’t have a military background, or you don’t have your ID on you? Are there other ways that Macy’s offers discounts to people?

The answer is yes!

There are plenty of other ways that people can save money while shopping at Macy’s.

Macy’s Discount Option #1 – Periodic Sales

Macy’s offers tons of sales and discounts to all customers throughout the year.

These sales last for a limited time, and are typically tied in to one holiday or another.

These sales oftentimes happen around big shopping seasons such as Black Friday and summer sales.

Sometimes Macy’s will create shopping seasons such as Black Friday in July so that they can offer even more discounts and sales to their customers.

macy's black friday in july sale
From the Macy’s website,

Rarely will you be able to visit a Macy’s when there isn’t a single sale going on!

In addition, certain brands or brand products will often be on sale at Macy’s.

Popular brands such as Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger will offer certain products at a discounted price.

These sales can be vague and broad – such as offering one item of a brand at full price and offering any additional ones at half price – or they can be very specific – such as offering one specific item at a lowered price.

Occasionally, Macy’s also gives gifts to its customers.

This means that with the purchase of a specific item, customers will get a free gift as a thank-you for buying that item.

Although the gift is usually courtesy of the brand, these special offers are typically only available at Macy’s.

These gifts usually come with the purchase of pricey perfumes.

macy's free gift
Like this 3 day supply of Clinique hydrating jelly

These sales can be claimed both online and in-store.

While sales are applied automatically when you buy something in-store, you can claim the sale online through the use of codes.

Macy’s has very specific codes for each sale, and they can usually stack, meaning multiple codes can be used in a single transaction.

A full list of the sales and promotions along with their codes can always be found on Macy’s coupons and deals page.

This page on their website – – is constantly being updated and always reflects the current sales being offered by the store; no need to worry about seeing outdated information or getting the incorrect code.

Macy’s Discount Option #2 – Clearance

Macy’s always has tons of marked-down items and items on clearance.

These items by definition are cheaper than their original buying prices, and are usually in fairly good condition.

It’s very easy to find nice jewelry or makeup at extremely low prices simply because a few were left in stock for too long.

On top of this, Macy’s oftentimes offers discounts and sales to things already on clearance.

This gives further discounts to things that are already being offered at lower prices, which can offer huge savings.

These sales, just like the periodic sales mentioned above, can be claimed both online and in-store.

The sales and discounts are all automatically applied by the cashier upon checkout when you’re in a store, but you have to manually add in the discount if you’re shopping online.

The codes can be found, however, on the coupons and deals webpage that’s mentioned above.

As said before, this page is constantly being updated, so you’ll always be seeing the latest, most up-to-date information on the sales and promotions that Macy’s is offering.

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Macy’s Discount Option #3 – Slickdeals and RetailMeNot

Another way to go if you want to get discounts is third-party couponing sites.

Websites such as RetailMeNot and Slickdeals do a two-fold job.

They not only collect all the sales and discounts that Macy’s is already offering so that they’re easier to find and read, but they also sometimes offer unique coupons that can only be found on their websites.

The best way to find coupons and discounts for Macy’s on these sites is to simply Google the couponing site you want to use as well as the name of the store.

This means that if you wanted to use RetailMeNot, you’d simply search “retailmenot macys”.

One of the first results you see should be RetailMeNot’s page for Macy’s.

Another benefit to these sites is that they have filters.

Unlike Macy’s own coupons and deals webpage, Slickdeals and RetailMeNot both have options to filter out the coupons that you see.

So instead of scrolling infinitely until you see the coupons that you want to use, you can simply use the buttons on the side of the page to filter out coupons by type.

You can choose to see online-only coupons and sales, only in-store sales, discounts only for clothes or beauty products, etc.

These filters make it much easier to find what you’re looking for.

And the best part is that once you see a coupon that you want to use, there’s a button on both RetailMeNot and Slickdeals that takes you straight to the corresponding department on Macy’s website.

Lastly, these coupons are oftentimes verified, especially on Slickdeals.

That means that when a coupon or deal is verified, you have confirmation that the discount has been successfully used by other shoppers.

No need to worry that you’re getting a bogus coupon!

Macy’s Discount Option #4 – Cashback Sites

If you really want to save as much money as possible, cashback sites are another thing to consider.

Cashback sites such as Ebates and Rakuten offer cashback simply for doing online shopping through them.

What does this mean to do online shopping “through” a cashback site?

That simply means that you’re using the website’s plugin to track your sales so that they can determine how much you should get back.

How do you install the plugin?

It’s simple, really!

Once you’re on their site, you should eventually be prompted to install their plugin sometime during the signup process.

Installing the plugin is the same thing as downloading a song, except it downloads straight to your web browser.

This plugin will keep track of how much you spend on sites, and determine how much cash you should get back.

Cashback sites essentially offer you rebates just for using them! Neat, right?

Although it looks like Rakuten doesn’t have any cashback incentives for Macy’s shoppers, Ebates does.

In addition to listing all of the deals and promotions that Macy’s is already offering, Ebates offers a sold 10% cashback incentive to all Macy’s shoppers.

This means that you can save even more money by stacking cashback incentives on top of coupons and sales already being offered by the store.

An extra helpful feature that these sites offer is that they keep track of other sales that Macy’s has done in the past.

They have a little blurb that mentions that Macy’s offers deals such as Black Friday sales, free shipping offers and their famous springtime Friends and Family sale.

This detailed blurb allows for shoppers to not only save a bunch that day, but also know when they should come back to take advantage of future sales.

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Although Macy’s does offer a military discount, it can be a bit of a challenge when it comes to actually claiming it.

It can only be claimed on a specific day, and even then it’s only bumped up by 5% if you’re a cardholder.

However, there are plenty of alternatives for those who can’t claim the discount, and the best part is that most of these sales and discounts stack, allowing you to claim multiple deals and sales in a single purchase.

Although Macy’s carries plenty of brand names and pricey items, there are still ways to save while shopping with them.

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