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Marine Corps Cryptologic Digital Network Technician (MOS 2611)

Crytpologic Digital Network Technicians is a fancy way of saying that you are in the 2611 MOS designation.

What do all those words mean?

Imagine the old police shows where some unlucky officer is stuck in a van trying to listen into wire taps to hear any sort of information that may be relevant to the case being worked on.

Cryptologic Techs don’t sit in vans, but their job is somewhat similar.

They will receive mass amounts of data comprised of sensitive information that needs to be examined.

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Then, they will pour through these for hours and focus on every little detail of information with the anticipation that they will uncover some extremely important content that will move the intelligence community forward with whatever case is being worked on.

Crypto techs must be focused and always mindful of what they are working on, so that they don’t miss anything relevant.

Requirements and Qualifications

  • Be a U.S. Marine
  • Lateral move MOS
  • Have a GT score of at least 100 on the ASVAB
  • Be eligible for a top-secret security clearance
  • Pass a polygraph examination
  • Successfully complete the Basic Digital Network Analysis course
  • Successfully complete the Marine Corps Cryptologic Computer Administration Program, or the Marine Corps Digital Network Operations Program

Training and Career Path

Cryptologic Digital Network Technicians are lateral move Marines who will go through the top-secret investigation process while serving in their current MOS.

The process can take several months to over a year, so it is advised to start the process of qualifying for a top-secret clearance as soon as possible.

Once approved, the lateral move will take place and the Marine in question will leave for the Basic Digital Network Analysis course.

Generally, Goodfellow Air Force Base will be the location where this training is started, and it is tasked to last for 110 days.

Upon completion, Marines will begin training on either the Marine Corps Cryptologic Computer Administrator Program or the Marine Corps Digital Network Operations Program to further their skills on the technology and systems utilized by the Marines.

These programs will better assist with understanding what it is that the Marines are looking for in the data to ultimately find secrets to pass to the intelligence community.

Overall, the training is just a gateway for the lateral move Marine to start working as a basic Cryptologic Technician.

They will not be expected to start the job and be masters.

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Rather, the training will provide a basic overview so that a senior Marine can guide them and get them trained on being an elite technician who is able to work diligently and focus on finding the most important thread of information possible.

How Much Are MOS 2611 Paid?

Marines in this MOS are lateral move Marines.

Lateral moves only occur once a Marine has passed two years of time in their service.

This means that any Marine who is desiring to go into MOS 2611, will have pay that is equivalent to the military pay scale for the current year being served.

They will have pay that is over the 2 years of time in service mark which will resemble the following:

Military Rank (2+ years of service)

  • E3: $2105.70
  • E4: $2307.00
  • E5: $2554.80

Marines in the 2611 MOS are not eligible for any special pay incentives apart from standard base pay.

Day in the Life of a Cryptologic Digital Network Technician

Marines in the 2611 MOS can expect to spend large portions of time looking through endless amounts of data.

Data will be presented to them and they will be expected to spend several hours going through the content, searching for any scrap that can lead them to a relevant piece of information that may be significant.

While in garrison, not deployed, Marines may not have the same level of data to sort through compared to when they are deployed.

Or, they will not be on as intense of a schedule to get the data sorted.

While deployed, Marines will have a stricter schedule and be required to work far longer hours in order to search for any relevant data that may be urgently needed.

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Sorting through data requires extreme focus, attention, and the discipline to be able to sit down and sort through endless amounts of data.

However, Marines in this MOS will be the ones who find information and conversations that can change the course of history.

Small scraps of data could be the small thread that unravels information that is so important that it goes straight to the President.

A former Marine Cryptologic Technician found the teamwork aspect an enjoyable part of the job. His review can be found below.

mos 2611 review
Review source:

Another Marine who is also involved with data security said that the teamwork aspect was enjoyable as well.

2611 mos review
Review source:

Civilian Job Opportunities

Cryptologic Digital Network Technicians have no shortage of opportunities for employment once they enter the civilian world.

There are a number of careers that are looking to utilize personnel with solid computer training and an understanding of data.

Data analysts are in high demand with a projected job growth of 16% and an annual salary around $118,370.

Additionally, many 2611 Marines have gone on to further their studies by receiving associates and bachelor’s degrees.

Some areas that they have studied, and found success similar to their Marine MOS, are in telecommunications.

Network engineers are in moderate demand with a good outlook in the future. For those who do not want to go to school, then careers as cell tower repairmen, technicians, and installers are also in demand.

This is a career that can be started almost immediately so that no time is lost by attending college.

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Various engineering technician positions are also available.

These will require a minor amount of school but are lucrative careers with stable job prospects in the future.

Sound engineering technicians and electronics engineering technicians are all career paths where 2611 Marines have found success.

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