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10 Best Military Training For Civilians For 2023

Military training for civilians provides a rare opportunity to experience the life of a service member.

Accordingly, civilians are grateful to receive some of the highest quality military training on earth.

The United States Armed Forces are highly regarded both in combat and from an intelligence/tactical standpoint.

Therefore, learning the weapons and tactical skills of a soldier can go a long way.

Learn more about the 10 Best Military Training for Civilians for 2023.

10 Best Military Training for Civilians for 2023

The U.S. Armed Forces provide some of the finest military training on earth.

For years, the combat skills, marksmanship, and tactical skills of U.S. military personnel have been highly valued.

As a result, military training for civilians presents a unique opportunity to be challenged in the same way as a soldier.

Civilians may learn the same combat or tactical skills of special-ops, or participate in marksmanship courses just like real military personnel.

Military training and workouts are an integral part of the U.S. Armed Forces regardless of service branch.

However, not all training centers and military courses designed for civilians are equal.

Nonetheless, several training centers have a tremendous reputation for offering educational military training at affordable prices (more details, below).

In addition to the world-class tactical training and weapons handling, civilians also are challenged physically and mentally.

Therefore, you’ll generally find means to a better quality of life and respect for the military, not to mention the physical stamina of a soldier.

As a result, those that complete military training programs will experience personal satisfaction and feel much healthier.

The military is a terrific source for getting into shape and losing that weight you always wanted but never could shed.

Learn more about the 10 Best Military Training for Civilians for 2023, below.

Note: The images included aren’t necessarily representative of the exact training conducted at these civilian schools.

#1. SERE Training School

sere training school for civilians

The type of tactical training and military skills you learn varies remarkably depending on the training center.

Therefore, it’s helpful to know what you’ll learn while attending a course designed for civilians.

Additionally, it never hurts to check the reputation and reviews of participants since that goes a long way in giving you an indication of the training you’ll receive.

With all that in mind, SERE Training is among the best military training programs for civilians.

It has consistently been recognized as the best in terms of translating real, authentic military training to civilians.

Therefore, individuals that attend this world-class training program experience something like nothing else available in the nation.

SERE Training School is led by former U.S. Air Force SERE Training Instructor Jessie Krebs.

Participants receive top-notch survival training and tactical skills deep within the California and Colorado wilderness.

Currently, the official website explains that SERE Training is overhauling part of its program yet noteworthy features include:

  • 1-Day Survival Basics
  • Stealth & Evasion Basics
  • Critical Skills (Knot Tying, Hitches, Lashings, etc.)
  • Building Survival Shelters
  • Winter Survival Challenge

Despite the recent training overhaul, the program remains the best outdoor survival and tactical skills course in the nation.

SERE Training School conducts programs year-round, in all weather conditions (including winter survival skills).

#2. The GORUCK Challenge

the goruck challenge is another one of the best military training for civilians

The GORUCK Challenge is another top military training program for civilians.

According to the website, the purpose of the program is “building better Americans.”

Consequently, the GORUCK Challenge seeks to transcend ordinary, everyday Americans into individuals equipped with the skills of a soldier.

Therefore, GORUCK offers a few different challenges and survival tests, including:

  • Rucking Events
  • Tactical Events
  • Ascent (3-Day Outdoor Survival Challenge)

Rucking Events are tests of endurance and survival with current and former Special Forces combat veterans.

Meanwhile, GORUCK Tactical Events offer firearms training and skills related to urban survival.

Recently, GORUCK also introduces Anti-Virtual Events which is a really unique and fun concept.

And, with over 1,000 GORUCK Challenges available worldwide, chances are there is an event nearby.

The GORUCK Challenge is a fantastic concept and one of the longest-operating military training centers catered to civilians.

#3. Green Eye Tactical

green eye tactical offers special forces type training for civilians

Green Eye Tactical also ranks high among the best military training programs for civilians.

The training center provides one of the more extensive catalogs of military courses.

Consequently, participants can tailor the training program to their individual needs or desires.

Green Eye Tactical features a combination of tactical training, consulting, and development.

The program was established by Eric Dorenbush, a former 1st SFOD-D Operator, who offers a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Furthermore, the instructors (like all the other programs on this list) are renowned for actually knowing what they preach.

Accordingly, you can guarantee dedicated guidance from your course instructors, most of which are former or current military personnel.

Green Eye Tactical teaches the fundamentals of firearms training, including weapons handling and marksmanship skills.

Furthermore, attendees of the course learn how to shoot better on the move (close-quarters combat), not an easy skill to accomplish.

Thus, most participants of Green Eye Tactical acknowledge they feel more confident and prepared to defend themselves from intruders.

Moreover, the military training program features some of the most advanced night survival and training courses in the world.

Those that are interested can learn more about each individual training program on the official website, or by calling (214) 663-8628.

#4. Tactical Response

boot camp training for civilians

Tactical Response promises to be more than a civilian boot camp.

The training program is very respected with an outstanding reputation that is traced back all the way to 1996.

As a result, Tactical Response has delivered more than 25 years of quality military training for civilians.

Tactical Response presents a fully immersive learning experience and instructors include active-duty military, law enforcement, and PSD contractors.

The sole purpose of the military training center is to provide the highest quality weapons and tactical training available.

As such, more than 50,000 students have graduated from this esteemed weapons tactical training program.

Today, training locations are available throughout the United States and are offered year-round.

The extensive FAQ section offers much advice preparing for this grueling course.

#5. SOF Prep Academy

sof prep academy prepares civilians for special ops training programs

The other quality aspect of military training for civilians is that the programs are not just reserved for those interested in the lifestyle.

In fact, anyone that may be considering or plans to join the military in the future can also benefit from these training programs.

SOF Special Forces Academy is an excellent example as the program is dedicated to military preparation and awareness.

For this reason, anyone over the age of 16 and interested in joining the military can take a “test run” with this program.

The military training program is designed to test attendees physically and mentally as they prepare for service, similar to boot camp.

However, unlike military service, there is no obligation to join the U.S. Armed Forces which makes SOF Prep Academy a noteworthy consideration.

Furthermore, even those that have no intentions of joining the military may find numerous benefits from attending the program, including troubled youth.

Generally, students at SOF Prep Academy are instructed by active duty and retired military personnel, including former Navy SEALs.

Nevertheless, the academy does not just focus on military training as students also receive instruction from Team USA Olympic coaches.

Unfortunately, SOF Prep Academy is more on the expensive end yet many families may consider the tuition worth it.

The cost of admission also includes housing, food, and other amenities while participating in the program.

Those that are interested can learn more specifics about the course schedule and what students should bring on the official website.

#6. PADI Open Water Diver Training Course

padi open water diver training course for civilians

Those that are considering joining special ops or simply interested in advanced military training can learn a lot from this underwater course.

Navy SEALs and other special operations traditionally have to become expert swimmers and divers.

As such, PADI Open Water Diving Course presents participants with similar scuba and other underwater skills of military personnel.

The underwater diving and scuba course not only gets you certified, but also teaches you the proper techniques and fundamentals.

Furthermore, attendees get access to world-class scuba gear and training, generally reserved for elite military units.

Those that are interested in diving and getting better in the water have come to the right place.

PADI offers classes and certification programs all over the United States.

Thus, you do not need to be by the east or west coast in order to get the same training as underwater divers.

Those that are interested can learn more about the 28 million satisfied customers, worldwide, many of whom became certified while on vacation.

Regardless, if being unwater isn’t your thing – why not try HALO Loft?

The training center introduces attendees to what it would be like to dive from the sky at elevations between 28,000 and 43,000 ft.

#7. ShivWorks Extreme Close-Quarter Combat Training

close quarters battle cqb cqc training for civilians

There is a type of military training for every niche or specialty desired.

Thus, those that really want to hone in on a particular firearm or type of survival can find something that meets that description.

Moreover, those that are seeking a particular type of self-defense training or combat skills program need to look no further than ShivWorks.

The training center features a specialized course in extreme close-quarter combat (ECQC).

Accordingly, trainees develop the skills and techniques necessary to become an expert in extreme close-quarter combat.

ShivWorks ECQC Course is a 3-day training course that offers a multi-disciplinary approach to building functional, combative handgun skills from 0-5 feet of distance.

Consequently, these survival and self-defense skills are applicable to anyone willing to learn.

The primary purpose of ShivWorks is survival skills during a life-or-death struggle at arm’s length.

The 20-hour course doesn’t take forever to complete and is recognized all over the world as valuable self-defense training.

ShivWorks spends time during the course teaching striking and ground-fighting along with using blades and weapon retention.

However, you need not fret about lacking experience in defending yourself or handling weapons.

The entire purpose of the course is to make beginners and those uncomfortable, feel the opposite when confronted with a life-threatening situation.

Interested? Newcomers are encouraged to review the training calendar for upcoming events.

#8. Jerry Barnhart Military Training for Civilians

military weapons handling and combat training for civilians

Jerry Barnhart is the guru when it comes to rifle marksmanship and instruction.

He’s offered shooting classes to the public since the late-1980s and continues to feature select offerings across the country.

Barnhart is the master of weapons handling and combat training.

He’s delivered highly praised tactical training to civilians for decades, including the respect and admiration of veterans.

Barnhart can assist individuals with everything from situating a gun kit to reaching the next level of accuracy.

Unfortunately, the website doesn’t provide many details regarding an upcoming training schedule.

As a result, you’ll need to contact Jerry directly for more questions or shop his instructional DVD series.

#9. Rogers Shooting School

civilian military training shooting range

Bill Rogers is another legend in the world of firearm instruction.

Rogers has provided guidance and expertise to countless military personnel and law enforcement for more than 4 decades.

Impressively, Rogers continues to teach the fundamentals of his course across the nation and at reasonable prices.

It’s clear that Rogers isn’t in it for the money and the level of expertise students receive from the course is invaluable.

Rogers Shooting School is widely recognized as one of the most difficult and challenging programs in the world.

Therefore, it’s designed to transform top-rated shooters into elite marksmen worthy of a U.S. Marine.

Despite the extraordinary honor of attending the program, it has also humbled more than a few that thought they could shoot with the best.

If getting lost in the Georgia woods for a week with Rogers sounds like paradise, those interested can learn more by visiting the official website.

Rogers also features a variety of informative videos and instructional products, in the event you cannot attend the shooting school in person.

#10. 360 Tactical Training

360 tactical training is a great military training school for civilians

360 Tactical Training is a relative newcomer for a training center yet has gained in popularity in recent years.


360 Tactical Training is advertised to redefine tactical arms training, including an AK Operator I class.

Despite it, the program is not just limited to semi-automatic weapons as it also features training for pistols, shotguns, and rifles.

These assault and rifle courses are designed to improve proficiency for more experienced shooters, much like Rogers Shooting School.

However, 360 Tactical Training does feature a beginner course designed to incorporate the fundamentals of firearm safety.

Participants receive instruction on gun safety, proper grip and stance, loading and unloading, muzzle sight relationship, and other basics.

Nonetheless, it’s not all boring procedure in the classroom as students also get the opportunity to fire off 600 rounds of ammo during field exercises.

360 Tactical Training is located in Texas and is tailored toward military personnel and law enforcement.

Benefits of Military Training for Civilians

There is no doubt that civilians of all ages can benefit from some type of tactical training.

Military training for civilians ranges in style and intensity, among other factors (more information, below).

Despite the wide range of training centers and military programs for civilians, most offer the following benefits:

  • Authentic, realistic military training for civilians
  • Protecting yourself from intruders and strangers
  • Defending yourself from armed attackers and sexual assaults
  • Master land navigation and survival skills
  • Beginner to expert weapons and tactical courses
  • Beginner to advance marksmanship training and courses

Furthermore, it’s crucial to mention that civilians also receive the health benefits of military training.

Accordingly, you’ll feel better and be in much better physical condition as a result of military training for civilians.

FAQs: Military Training for Civilians

Here are a few frequently asked questions regarding military training for civilians in 2023:

What is tactical military training for civilians?

Military training for civilians generally prepares individuals for the realities of being a service member in the Armed Forces.

Consequently, participants of these programs are introduced to the daily challenges and tasks of military personnel.

These include introducing students to survival skills or self-defense.

And, it may also include specialized combat training or shooting practice.

The length, intensity, and tactical skills offer really depend on personal taste and interest.

How much does military tactical training cost?

Military training for civilians, like the types of training available, varies.

As a result, the price of admission can range anywhere between $200 – $3,000.

The cost of military training for civilians really depends on the length of the program and the features provided.

Meanwhile, it’s also possible to save money by purchasing an instructor’s DVD, available from some providers.

What does military training teach civilians?

Civilians learn so much from military training programs.

First, the weapons and tactical skills of a soldier.

Secondly, the physical and mental endurance, toughness, and capabilities of military personnel.

Third, other vital life skills such as surviving the outdoors or fighting off a stranger at arm’s distance.

It really varies depending on the purpose of the program and the preference of the instructor

Is military training for civilians like boot camp?

Yes and no. Some training programs are designed to offer an experience comparable to basic training.

However, it’s an exaggeration to suggest every military training program is like boot camp.

Nonetheless, with the mentality of military culture and lifestyle, there are many elements of the Armed Forces incorporated into training.


There are many military training courses for civilians to consider.

The range of services and length of the training program vary, so make sure to select one that meets your interests.

Nonetheless, all of the training programs selected for 2023 pass the test in terms of credibility, experience, and knowledge.

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