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10 Best Marine Corps Jobs For Civilian Life In 2023

When pursuing a job in the Marine Corps, many new recruits make the mistake of choosing an MOS based on the job description, rather than future job opportunities.

Others mistakenly choose from the most common Marine careers, without even considering the possibility of civilian life after leaving the Marines.

With that said, it’s a good idea to try and choose an MOS based both on your own personal interests, as well as future civilian career opportunities. It may not always be your choice as the Marine Corps will fill roles as they see fit and where the need is, but you’ll have an opportunity to list your preferences.

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Throughout this article, we’ll talk about some of the most in-demand officer and enlisted jobs the Marine Corps has to offer in 2021.

All of these MOS’ present a wide array of career opportunities that pay very well once your time in the service is up.

So let’s jump right in!

10 Best Marine Jobs That Transfer To Civilian Careers

10. Marine Logistics / Mobility Chief (MOS 0491)

logistics - mobility chief

The logistics/mobility chief (MOS 0491) plans, coordinates, supervises and conducts logistic operations.

He/she is also responsible for embarkation, supporting operations in the Marine Corps, training and unit level logistics.

A logistics/mobility chief also coordinates all combat logistics functions by deploying and sustaining all Marine combat forces and their attached units.

Tracking inventory, managing supply chain and transporting supplies competently is a very significant skill in the military.

But it doesn’t end there; this military career skill is also essential in the civilian world as well.

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In the civilian world, working as a logistics manager in an era where commerce is expanding rapidly can be very fruitful with your military background.

In the age of E-commerce, online stores are trying their best to deliver their products to customers faster than ever.

In this era of online shopping, efficiency is vital – and by handling logistics in the military, you definitely know how to get things done in time.

In fact, Logistics / Mobility Chiefs were among the most in demand positions for veterans in 2018.

They may work in different fields in civilian life, and there are a wide variety of Fortune 500 companies that hire, including:

  • FedEX
  • OfficeMax
  • Coca-Cola
  • Amazon
  • Walmart

Some of the job opportunities include: facilities manager, business manager, operations director, general manager, plant supervisor, or production manager, to name a few.

In order to qualify for these positions, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree and leadership experience.

Avg. salary for a logistics manager: 66,405


9. Marine Counter Intelligence / Human Intelligence (MOS 0211)

marine counterintelligence officer - best marine corps jobs

Counter Intelligence / Human Intelligence (MOS 0211) are a unique group of servicemen who work closely with all Intelligence assets in the forces.

A counter Intelligence Specialist is tasked to engage in counterintelligence that can be used to identify and de-escalate threats from hostile combatants and other intelligence organizations.

If you love sifting through information to conclude how significant and reliable the information is, then this is definitely for you!

Luckily, this is something you can do even after you’ve put your uniform to rest!

Even after retirement from the Marine Corps, you will still find that top government agencies and private business agencies are still demanding for your skills.

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For example, you can use your skill to gather and analyze data on the tactics of competitors.

Your security clearance will also make you a hot commodity in most government agencies like the CIA and FBI.

Avg. salary for CIA Intelligence Analyst: $99,264


8. Marine Cybersecurity Technician (MOS 0688)

cybersecurity marine job

Just like any other government or private institution, many military communications and operations rely on computer systems and software.

Due to the high level of sensitivity of the transmitted material, it’s a must to ensure that these systems are always secure.

Cybersecurity Technicians ensure that computer systems remain secure, are well maintained, and are safe from potential threats and data theft.

An individual could use the skills learned while serving as a Cybersecurity Technician (MOS 0688) to become an Information Security Analyst after service for an organization or a company.

An Information Security Analyst job role entails the same duties and tasks as the Cybersecurity Technician (MOS 0688), and since most private companies also want to secure their information, this is an excellent career path for any Marine.

To become an Information Security Analyst, you typically need a bachelor’s degree, which may require you to return to school, with experience in related occupations or career fields. There are programs within the Marine Corps where you can complete your degree while simultaneously serving in the military.

Another option would be to take advantage of the GI Bill to cover the expense of college as long as you have successfully completed an enlistment of 4 years.

Avg. salary for Information Security Analyst: $80,865


7. Avionics Maintenance Chief (MOS 6391)

avionics maintenance - best marine corps jobs

Avionics Maintenance Chiefs are non-commissioned officers who are in charge of the avionics division.

They supervise repair and maintenance of aircraft avionics systems, components, and equipment at the IMA/OMA levels.

Due to the increase in the number of problems faced by major U.S. airlines, industry experts suggest that aviation jobs are in high demand because flight equipment is becoming more prominent, faster, with more complicated tech.

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In-demand positions include airframe mechanics, power plant mechanics, and avionics technicians.

To qualify for any of these positions, you’ll need to have attended classes for at least 1,900 hours together with hands-on training.

But you’ll be good to go in case you have this in your military experience. You may also be eligible by taking and passing the necessary certification tests.

Avg. Salary for avionics technician: $47,784


6. Cryptologic Digital Network Tech (MOS 2611)

cryptologist - best marine corps jobs

Cryptologic Cyberspace Analysts take part in all phases of planning, performing traditional signals intelligence and conducting cyberspace operations as deemed necessary by their unit commander.

Cryptologic Digital Network Tech must be well versed with computer software, operating systems, hardware, and networking systems.

A career as a Cryptologic Digital Network Technician falls under Military Officer Special Operations.

In the civilian world, Crypto Practitioners are involved in building additional mechanisms and products that are more secure using cryptology methods.

A Marine crypto practitioner role is not just focused on safeguarding information and securing it.

It focuses more on keeping up with the technological advancements and creatively using these advancements to safeguard an institution’s asset.

Crypto Analysts have a role of researching and inventing new mathematical models, concepts, and methodologies, these practitioners then use their findings to come up with secured mechanisms and products.

Although its somehow challenging to predict a specific career path for crypto practitioners, developing a career in digital forensics after retiring from the marine is advisable.

This is because this field requires a strong need and usage of crypto professionals.

Avg. Salary for Cryptologist: $40,067


5. Basic Engineer, Construction, Facilities, And Equipment (MOS 1300)

engineering - best marine corps jobs

These individuals will be responsible for making sure all the systems, equipment, structures and buildings facilities used by the Marine are in mint condition and ready for possible combat.

These engineers may also draft modifications and design new structures.

Marine Corps veterans can also get hired as engineers in the civilian world and handle almost similar tasks as they did in the Marines.

They may design buildings, vehicles, bridges, etc. while still applying the skills and techniques acquired in the Marines in their new career path.

Military experience fits well in the engineering industry.

Most companies are always looking for specialized engineers to handle different managerial and specialized labor positions.

In case you’re well qualified with the required experience, getting hired won’t be a problem.

But if you’re only experienced without the required certificate, you may still qualify since some jobs don’t require degrees.

Avg. Salary for a facilities engineer: $85,340


4. Cyberspace Operations Chief (MOS 1799)

cyberspace operations - best marine corps jobs

A Cyberspace Operations Chief (MOS 1799) is a senior Non-Commissioned Officer that assists the Cyberspace Officer.

This position requires an individual with an overall knowledge of the effects, capabilities, systems, assets, and platforms needed to run cyberspace operations.

They do this by providing in-depth knowledge during the Joint Operational Planning Process.

A Cyberspace Operations Chief (MOS 1799) is responsible for developing or assisting in the development of detailed orders and plans that support strategic and operational requirements in the military environments.

He/she also supervises and manages defensive and offensive cyberspace operations.

With the high demand for technology-related jobs, there’s a shortage of skilled talent in this field.

As a former Cyberspace Operations Chief, you can use your skills to land any cybersecurity and related jobs.

Since the roles in this job description are very sensitive; employers look for candidates with specific attributes.

These include attention to detail, discretion, and the ability to follow procedures to the latter – qualities that each serviceman possesses.

The rapid technological growth also means that you can advance faster in any cybersecurity-related industry.

Avg. Salary for Cyber Security Analyst: $79,738


3. Supply Chain and Materiel Management Specialist (MOS 3043)

supply chain manager - best marine corps jobs

A Supply Chain and Materiel Management Specialist (MOS 3043) performs and monitors procedural and management application of automated and manual inventory control actions.

This personnel must be able to plan, design, execute, monitor and control supply chain activities to synchronize supply with demand and leverage worldwide logistics.

They also measure performance and facilitate accountability in everyday inventory activities.

Additionally, these specialists prepare, maintain and handle any necessary supporting documentation.

They also advise and make recommendations to the Supply Chain Officer on all supply matters.

This military career skill is also very significant in the civilian world as well.

In the civilian world, you can work as a manager in a field where commerce is expanding rapidly; this can prove to be very fruitful, especially with your background.

You can get supply chain jobs by networking with your fellow ex-military supply chain professionals, who will help you, grasp and understand the civilian sector supply chain language and connect you with potential hiring managers.

Avg. Salary for a Supply Chain Manager: $89,067


2. Fiscal / Budget Technician (MOS 3451)

fiscal technician

Just like any other big organization, money management is needed in the military.

Fiscal / Budget Technicians are responsible for making sure the military is in good financial health, with enough money to fund its expenses, and is using its money efficiently.

After serving as a Fiscal / Budget Technician (MOS 3451), an individual could use their military budgeting skills in working as a financial manager for any private or public company or organization.

They would still be responsible for the same roles and tasks.

These include reviewing expenses, ensuring the organization has enough money and ensuring the organization is financially responsible.

To secure a job as a financial manager in the civilian world, you need at least five years of work experience in a similar position.

Avg. Salary for a Financial Advisor: $50,284


1. Combat Mass Communicator (MOS 4531)

combat mass communicator

A Combat Mass Communicator acquires, conceptualizes, and produces still, written, and video communication products.

In short, they are basically combat photographers.

These communication products are used to pass information to internal, domestic and even international audiences as well.

They also produce information related to training, garrison, operations, and recruiting of new members of the marines.

In the civilian world, just about every organization needs good communication and customer service representatives.

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Apart from being the face of any organization, these people ensure that there’s a smooth flow of information in the company.

Former servicemen are often valued in these roles because they have the required skills: strong interpretation of messages, excellent communication abilities, and the ability to effectively implement procedures that provide solutions.

To qualify, you will need a high school diploma with some basic computing skills.

You’ll also need experience in a similar role.

Avg. Salary for a Photographer: $35,726



The attributes and skills gained from military service are valued by many high-demand jobs today.

From security to logistics, various careers are well suited for service members who are transitioning from duty to the private sector.

Switching from military to civilian life comes with lots of challenges, but if you can get out there and showcase your skills or resumes and interviews and brand yourself properly, it will make the transition process easier.

The good thing is that more companies are looking for former servicemen and women. When joining the military you should try and choose the best Marine Corps MOS to ensure that you’re among the most sought-after candidates for some of the industry’s most in-demand jobs.

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Landing a job using military skills and experience isn’t that hard in the civilian world, as long as you know how to find the best way to demonstrate to your employers how your military knowledge, skills, and experience translates to their daily activities.

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  1. Son in Marine intelligence, he is thinking of extending enlistment 5 years to train in cyber security. In your description of these areas you mention a 4-year degree at same starting salary for veteran getting job after service in cyber security but do not mention 4-year degree for first MOS (Intelligence). Was this an omission? For cyber security you say nothing about a security clearance. I suspect that cyber security requires a security clearance in the Marines. Please advise regarding these two item.

    1. Hey Richard,
      I think you’re misunderstanding the purpose of the article. The college degrees are required for when you enter the civilian fields (IE an Information Security Analyst at a civilian firm), not the Marines itself. Getting into Cyber Security or Intelligence would definitely require a security clearance, but that’s for the Marines.

      Let me know if that doesn’t clear things up.

  2. I retired in 1998, did two lat moves, started out as an 0341/0321 (wpns plt (sniper instr…..1977-1982)), Met my wife……lat moved to 6072 (1982-1989), lat moved again to 6469 ((advanced automatic test equipment tech) 1989-1998))….retired as a GySgt. Made the best of all situations, until the fun meter was pegged. Received my BS degree in 2001 (3 yrs after retiring). Because of my experience in surveillance and knowledge of tactics and other systems, I retired making an additional $15K per year at retirement. It has only continued to get better over the last twenty-years. Never give up and give God the glory and pray without ceasing.

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