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Military Discounts

Outback Steakhouse Military Discount

Outback Steakhouse is a restaurant chain that serves lunch and dinner items.

They are known for a clean, casual atmosphere with friendly service.

Outback Steakhouse has been added to the growing list of restaurants that have a Military Discount.

Continue reading for information about Outback Steakhouse, Military Discounts and more ways to save!

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About Outback Steakhouse

Even though Outback has an Australian theme, they are not actually based out of Australia.

Outback Steakhouse was started in the 1980’s by four friends in Tampa, FL and has expanded to a large chain all across the United States.

They chose the Australian theme because they thought it would make them stand out and create the mood they were looking for.

Food, ribs and all the sides that pair, all cooked fresh to order.

Continue reading for ways that you can save.

Heroes Discount

Outback Steakhouse also has provided free steaks to military members in the past
Outback Steakhouse also has provided free steaks to military members in the past. Image: Af.mil

Outback Steakhouse has partnered with Operation Homefront to provide a Heroes Discount.

The discount is for 10% off of your entire check.

Who can get the discount?

The discount is available to active and retired military personnel, police officers, firefighters and responders.

What Form of ID do I need to get the discount?

For Military personnel to receive the discount, you will need one form of the following identification types:

  • U.S Uniformed Services ID
  • U.S. Uniform Services Retired ID
  • Current Leave and Earnings Statement
  • Veterans Organization Card
  • DD214 Certificate
  • Veteran Identification Card
  • Photograph in U.S. Uniform or wearing U.S. Uniform

Are there any restrictions?

The discount cannot be used on any alcohol or taxes.

It also cannot be combined with the AARP Membership discount, Bloomin’ Monday or Dine Rewards redemption.

How do I get the Discount?

If you are visiting the restaurant location you may just ask for the discount from your server.

They will verify your ID and add the discount to your ticket.

If you are placing an order online, you can select your menu options and choose pay at store.

When you arrive you can show your ID and the discount will be applied.

Details on the Heroes discount can be found here.

Other Ways Military Personnel Can Save

Every year Outback Steakhouse offers an additional discount to Military Personnel on the 4th of July.

In previous years the discount has been 20% and has covered a span of dates from July 4th-July 7th.

The details of the discount changes every year, but offers more savings than the every day 10% Heroes Discount.

Information for the discount can be found at your local restaurant as the 4th of July approaches.

More Savings Options

Outside of the Heroes Discount and savings for Military Personnel on 4th of July, you can save at Outback with an AARP membership, with the Dine-Rewards Program and with Monday and Wednesday specials.

A complete list of promotions can be found on their website here.

Save at Outback as an AARP Member

If you are an AARP member, you can save 10% off of your entire check.

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To use the discount just bring your AARP membership card to the restaurant and let your server know.

The discount is available for in-store purchases only and excludes alcohol, gift cards, taxes and gratuity.

Dine-Rewards Program

The Dine-Rewards Program from Outback allows you to receive discounts and free meals when eating at participating locations.

Your rewards go towards 50% off every 4th visit.

Not only can you gain rewards when eating at an Outback, you can also get rewards when dining at a Carrabba’s Italian Grill, Bonefish Grill or Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar.

You must spend at least $20 on food or non-alcoholic beverages and visit at least 3 times within 6 months to receive a discount of 50% off (max $40 discount at Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar and $20 max at other locations).

Users can gain $5 bonuses for referring a friend with a special code.

To sign up for the Dine-Rewards program, you can visit this site and type your email into the box.

Specific details on rewards and limitations can be found here.

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Save with Bloomin’ Monday and Walkabout Wednesday

Outback Steakhouse also offers promotions on specific days. 

Bloomin’ Monday:

Bloomin’ Monday is a promotion that currently runs with NASCAR races.

Any time their driver, Kevin Harvick, finishes in the top 10 during a Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series, you can get a free Bloomin’ Onion with any purchase on the Monday after the race.

All you have to do is say, “Bloomin’ Monday” to your server and they will give you the Bloomin Onion for free.

Walkabout Wednesday:

Walkabout Wednesday is a special menu that has various options that are $10.99 specifically on Wednesdays.

The main meal option will come with a side and a drink for only $10.99.

The most up-to-date options for Walkabout Wednesday can be found here.


Outback Steakhouse offers a variety of entree options along with a casual, comfortable atmosphere.

The restaurant chain is available all across the United States and offers different discounts and promotions.

We are proud to say Outback Steakhouse offers a discount to Military personnel, called the Heroes Discount, every day of the week.

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As a service member, you can receive 10% off of your entire check with valid Military ID or a receive a larger discount if it is during the 4th of July.

You can also save at Outback Steakhouse by using your AARP membership, joining the Dine-Rewards program, or by visiting the restaurant on Bloomin’ Mondays or Walkabout Wednesdays.

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