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American Airlines Military Discount

American Airlines (AA) is the largest airline in the world. American Airlines is based out of Dallas-Forth Worth yet has locations throughout the globe.

The airline is responsible for overseeing nearly 6,700 flights per day to 350 destinations in more than 50 countries.

All in all, American Airlines handles more than 200 million passengers each year.

Is there an American Airlines military discount?

Yes, the biggest airline in the world is a supporter of the U.S. Armed Forces.

As a result, we have put together this article to show how easy it is to save money with AA on your next flight.

American Airlines Military Discount

It is possible to save up to 5% off airfare through American Airlines. Image: Wikimedia Commons

American Airlines has a military discount though the exact amount you will save on airfare is not specific.

AA reports that the military discount depends on the flight.

However, most discounted airfare for military active duty and veterans is usually 5% or less off the ticket.

While not much it can at least save you a little money when you book your next trip.

The American Airlines military discount is currently available for active duty, retirees, veterans, reservists, National Guard, and eligible family members.

There are restrictions that apply, especially for family members, so you will want to pay close attention when speaking with a rep from AA.

In addition to cheaper airfare, American Airlines also has a pretty good deal on baggage for service members.

U.S. military personnel is allowed to check up to five bags for free when traveling on orders. If not on orders, the free limit is reduced to three bags.

Unfortunately, the discount on bags does not apply to dependents of military personnel unless they are traveling with the service member on orders.

Otherwise family members will need to pay the regular rates for baggage.

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How to Receive the American Airlines Military Discount

Since American Airlines does not have a standard military discount rate like some corporations you have to reach out to the company directly when booking your next flight.

The best way to redeem your American Airlines military discount is to contact the airline directly at 800-433-7300.

Once you get connected to a customer service rep with American Airlines explain what flight you are looking to book.

It helps to have as much information as possible such as the place of departure, place of arrival, and dates of travel.

You can also request a direct flight vs. a flight with layover.

Now that the AA customer service rep has the necessary details they can look into airfare and quote you with the best rate available.

Then, they can also explain what percentage you will save on the flight because you are U.S. Military.

Expect the discount to be 5% or less.

Also, mention to the rep that you plan to take advantage of the free baggage for U.S. Military.

The rep will likely follow up and determine whether the flight is related to orders from the military, or rather a flight for leisure.

He or she can then explain what you need to do at the time of check-in in order to receive the free baggage.

Traveling on Orders vs. Leisure Travel

Soldiers on orders may check-in up to 5 bags at no additional cost with AA. Image: Flickr

American Airlines provides a more generous military discount for service members that are traveling based on orders from the U.S. government.

So, for example, if you are getting stationed overseas the airline will allow you and dependents to travel with up to five bags each at no additional cost.

You may also receive a higher percentage discount off airfare.

It is still possible to earn a decent discount if you are traveling on leisure though the exact amount of savings will depend on where you are traveling and when.

It would be nice if the airline provided more specifics about the military discount yet that is just how they currently operate.

If you are traveling on orders make sure to bring the documentation with you to the airport.

The agent responsible for checking your baggage into the airport will want to see verification.

If not, you may only receive three free bags instead of five. So it is important you remember to bring the correct documentation.

American Airlines may also request that you confirm military status.

If that is the case the customer service rep should let you know over the phone and explain the steps you need to take to prove your dates of service.

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Discounted Airfare on Other Websites

Though it is kind of American Airlines to offer some type of military discount for active duty personnel, veterans, and eligible family members it would be nice to see a little more off airfare.

The reality is you may save more money, even minus the military discount, by shopping for airfare through a third-party travel website.

Here are some sites that you should browse while also consulting AA for a quote on what a ticket will cost going directly through them:

If you are eligible for AARP it doesn’t hurt to check with them as well.

The organization has always been well regarded for offering really good deals on travel.

Other Ways American Airlines Supports U.S. Military

American Airlines has partnerships with several different organizations tied to the U.S. Military.

The airline is proud partners with the Medal of Honor foundation. When U.S. Medal of Honor recipients travel with American Airlines they are given access to elite amenities not offered to the general public.

Additionally, American Airlines supports the George W. Bush Institute.

The program was created to help post-September 11 veterans and their families make successful transitions back to civilian life.

AA is also connected with the Gary Sinise Foundation.

The organization honors military service men and women, first responders, veterans, and their families by educating and entertaining communities across the U.S.

Lastly, passengers of American Airline flights are encouraged to donate to Miles for Our Heroes.

The organization supports veterans, military personnel, and their families in numerous ways.

Click on the link to donate to Miles for Our Heroes.


Here are the most frequently asked questions regarding the American Airlines military discount…

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American Airlines supports the U.S. Armed Forces in many other ways. Image: Flickr

Is the American Airlines military discount the best deal for my next vacation?

It depends. Though American Airlines likes to toot their own horn and brag about how much they serve the U.S. Armed Forces, the reality is you may be able to find a better deal elsewhere.

The problem is you have to deal with American Airlines directly and they are likely going to only offer you the standard rate for airfare.

So while up to 5% off the final price of the ticket will produce some savings, you could actually find a better deal when you bypass the military discount and shop for cheaper airfare on third-party websites.

Still, it doesn’t hurt to call American Airlines and inquiry about what you can expect to pay for the flight.

It is always an option to tell them you’ll call back, get the name of the representative you spoke to over the phone, and reference the quoted amount for later on if you decide to buy tickets directly through AA.

Is it possible to receive the American Airlines military discount online?

You would think that a major airline like AA would be able to adjust to the times a little better, but unfortunately they are slightly behind the curve.

Unlike a lot of companies that offer a military discount directly online, you have to contact American Airlines by phone.

The best contact number to reach AA is 800-433-7300.

Do I need to confirm military status in order to receive the military discount?

The vast majority of companies require verification before offering the military discount.

However, American Airlines does not tell you either way.

We do know that you must bring your official orders to baggage in order to receive the 5 free bags.

If you are not traveling on orders you can still receive up to 3 free bags, however, the check-in rep will likely want some form of identification so make sure you have a military ID or DD Form 214 available.

The customer rep over the phone can explain if you need to confirm your military status to receive the discount on airfare.


American Airlines (AA) provides a military discount for military personnel and family members. The amount of savings depends on the flight.

Expect something less than 5% off the ticket price.

Additionally, those on duty and responding to official orders may check-in up to five bags for free.

Dependents also on travel for the same purpose receive the same deal.

However, if you are only traveling for leisure the amount of bags is limited to three – and dependents are not eligible for the same discount.

They must pay standard baggage rates.

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  1. I am both puzzled and upset! I am a retired navy veteran with 24+ years of active duty. I was charged $60.00 for baggage fees ($30.00 per bag) for my wife and myself on my flight from LAX to XNA. However, I wasn’t charged anything on my flight from XNA to LAX. Why the difference! How can you say your support the military when you issue no benefits to those who have served! On your kiosks you need to include retired veterans with ID cards and allow at least one free bag per each ticket issued if not two.

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