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Patagonia Military Discount for 2023: Why So Secretive?

So, if you’ve been following OMK for any length of time, you know we’ve been writing heavily about the various types of military discounts available. Readers often ask us if there is a Patagonia military discount on products. 

In my preliminary research, I noticed that there was a decent amount of interest in ways to save on Patagonia outdoor gear.

When I first visited the Patagonia military discount page, I saw the following:

patagonia military discount

The page doesn’t seem to be there anymore, but at one point, the Patagonia military discount was only for specific military and law enforcement units.

My previous research had me chatting with one of their online representatives.

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What Is the Patagonia Pro Discount?

After speaking with the rep back in 2020, it sounded like they only offered a military discount or law enforcement discount to specific military professionals.

They offered a “Pro Account.”

In 2023, the “Pro Account” is now specifically for outdoor professionals.

The website now states:

“The Patagonia Pro Program is a membership program for qualified outdoor professionals, environmental grant recipients, and outdoor industry partners. “

Further examination shows that this discount applies to: 

  • Adventure/Outdoor Travel Guides (fishing, skiing, etc.)
  • Safety Professionals (ski patrol, lifeguards, etc.)
  • Outdoor sports coaches and instructors
  • Forestry, Fish, and Wildlife professionals

The Patagonia Pro Discount program is not all-inclusive and requires you to fill out an application. Which they can deny.

What is the Patagonia Military Discount Policy for 2023?

Now that Patagonia doesn’t offer a military discount through their Pro program, is there any way to get a good deal on their gear?

There is. And it seems OMK is just in time with the new Patagonia discount policy.

Patagonia now offers a 10% military discount on Veteran’s Day. So, if you want to upgrade your outdoor gear, you’ll need to wait till November 11th. 

Their website now says:

Patagonia Military Discount

So, while it’s only one day a year, at least it’s a real military discount for any current or former military service member.

So, long story short, you can “apply” for a pro account if you also happen to be qualified, but there’s no guarantee you’ll get in.

The rest of the year, service members and veterans will just have to wait until the one day of the year that Patagonia offers a military discount. 

Apart from that, there are several other outdoor gear companies that sell similar products that actually DO offer a military discount.

Check them out below:

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While Patagonia offers a military discount, they are very hesitant to give out the details to anyone. Find out what we learned about their discount program.
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