Pep Boys Military Discount
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Pep Boys Military Discount

Pep Boys is an automotive shop and store with locations across the country.

They give back to those who serve by providing a military discount.

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About Pep Boys

Pep Boys was started in 1921 by four Navy men with $800 and a shared goal of opening up their own auto parts store in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The company has grown significantly over the years, and now operates from over 800 locations within the United States.

The Pep Boys shop performs services including tire work, oil changes, brake services, diagnostic tests, and more.

The store sells a variety of automotive equipment, from parts to accessories.

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What Is The Official Pep Boys Military Discount?

Pep Boys was started by military men, and the chain continue to give back to those why serve by providing a military discount.

This deal gives you 10% off your total when you make a purchase in store.

To use this deal, simply show a valid military or veteran ID card to your cashier when you check out.

This deal is simple, and it is a great way to save on car part and service expenses that tend to add up so quickly.

Click Here to see the official details.

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Who Can Claim This Deal?

The Pep Boys military discount is available for all current service members.

This includes members of the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard. It is available for those who serve in Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard roles.

The deal is also available to former military members. Specifically, the website states that military members with a retired status can receive the discount.

We reached out to Pep Boys’ customer support team to see if veterans who do not hold a retired status.

Pep Boys stated that as long as you have a valid military or veteran ID to show, you can take advantage of this deal.

This means that veterans are completely eligible, and some others, such as cadets in ROTC or military academy programs who have a military ID, can use the deal as well.

The deal not available to military family members, however.

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What Are The Restrictions?

The Pep Boys military discount is only valid on in-store purchases, so if you place an order on their website you will need to pay full price.

It is also not valid on the purchase of gift cards, service installations, or product installations.

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Overall, the Pep Boys military discount is generous, and it is a great way to save on automotive work and products. If you need to fix up your vehicle in the near future, you may want to look into using this deal.

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The Pep Boys military discount entitles active duty and retired military a 10% off discount in stores only. Find out how to redeem it and more.

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