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PlushBeds Mattress Military Discount

If you need a good night’s sleep and serve in the armed forces, you might need to know about the PlushBeds military discount.

PlushBeds has over a decade of experience putting together a mattress with organic and sustainable materials without all the harmful chemicals.

Plus, PlushBeds takes out the middleman who marks up the price of mattresses for profits by manufacturing and selling their own brand.

If you want an eco-friendly and high-quality mattress, read on to learn how you can take advantage of the PlushBeds’ military discount for your next order.

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What is the PlushBeds Military Discount?

The PlushBeds military discount is 5% off your order.

Step 1: Click Here to visit the website for PlushBeds and pick out the perfect mattress and add it to your shopping cart.

Step 2: Next, go to PlushBed’s Discount page by clicking here and click to receive your military discount code.

Step 3: Either sign in or set up a new account with VerifyPass.

Step 4: Once you receive your discount code, go to your shopping cart.

Step 5: Your shopping cart will have a spot for you to paste your PlushBeds military discount code.

Step 6: Follow through with the checkout process and wait for delivery of your new mattress. 

PlushBeds Military Discount Details

Once you decide it is time to upgrade your mattress for a great night’s sleep, it is time to shop.

After you find the perfect mattress, it is time to verify your status to receive your code. 

Then, navigate to the PlushBeds discount page, click the Get Code button.

PlushBeds Mattress Get Discount Code

Next, you have an opportunity to either set up an account or sign in to an existing one. 

PlushBeds Mattress Military Verification

Most of the time you will receive your discount right away.

However, it is possible you need to submit some additional information.

In that case, watch for an email indicating what documentation you need.

Then, navigate to your shopping cart.

PlushBeds Mattress Discount Shopping Cart

Once in your cart, you must select the checkout button.

plushbeds checkout

Finally, you will see the discount code box. This is where you enter your unique code to receive your PlushBeds military discount. 

PlushBeds Mattress Discount Code

Your last step is to finish the checkout process as you normally would and wait for your mattress to arrive.

Who Can Claim This Deal?

If you are active duty, a veteran, or a dependent of a service member, you may receive the PlushBeds military discount.

Also, if you have an honorable discharge, you are eligible.

Furthermore, PlushBeds offers this discount to other members of the community.

For instance, if you are a first responder or in the medical field, you may go through VerifyPass to receive your discount.

Also, teachers, senior citizens, union members, those who work with non-profits, and disadvantaged populations can all receive the 5% discount.

What Are the Restrictions?

The discount you receive is good for one order.

However, you can request another discount code through VerifyPass every 24 hours for additional purchases.

Also, you cannot use this discount with other offers.

Lastly, you cannot share your discount code with others.

How Is My Military Status Verified?

To receive the PlushBeds military discount, you need to verify your military status.

VerifyPass has secure access to the Defense Eligibility Enrollment Reporting System (DEERS).

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Is My Personal Information Safe?

Rest assured the information VerifyPass can access is not sensitive.

For instance, your information is cross-checked against DEERS for military branch, dates, and service era.

Therefore, your sensitive and personal information remains safe. 

3 Other Mattress Companies Offering Military Discounts

There are other mattress companies you might consider, as well.

#1. Avocado Mattress

Avocado Mattress is another mattress company with a military discount.

Also, Avocado extends 5% off to those with military service.

You can learn more about Avocado by clicking here. 

#2. Brooklyn Bedding

If you are in the market for a mattress but prefer Brooklynn Bedding, know they have a generous 25% off for those with a military background.

You can learn more about this discount by clicking here

#3. DreamCloud Mattress

DreamCloud Mattress is another popular choice with its lifetime warranty.

Also, if you are or were in the military, you receive 15% off your order.

Learn more about DreamCloud by clicking here


Getting a good night’s sleep is vital.

Therefore, having a great mattress to help make sleep a reality is necessary.

If you hope to have a PlushBeds mattress in your home, you are in luck with their military discount.

Simply shop like you ordinarily would.

before completing the checkout process, go to their discount page.

Next, click to verify your military service to receive your code.

However, if you are a teacher, medical professional, or some other profession, you can receive this discount as well.

Once you receive your code, you can enter it during your checkout process to receive 5% of your mattress.

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PlushBeds Military Discount

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