Razer Military Discount
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Razer Military Discount

Razer is an online company that sells gaming hardware and other electronic devices and accessories.

They offer a military discount through ID.me, giving service members 15% off gaming gear and 5% off Razer brand laptops.

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About Razer

Razer was founded in 2005 by two men named Min-Liang Tan and Robert Krakoff. It currently has two headquarters, in Singapore and California. 

Today, Razer is the top gaming supply company in the US, China, and Europe. They have customers from all other parts of the world as well.

Some products they are known for include laptops, their software platform, and their programs Razer Synapse, Razer Chroma, and Razer Cortex.

They also sell a variety of accessories made specifically for gaming, including keyboards with various features, mouses, and more.

No matter what game(s) you play, this company will have the gear and supplies you need to perform your best.

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What is the Official Razer Military Discount?

Razer offers a percentage-off style military discount. They have two different deals: 15% off Razer gaming gear and 5% off Razer laptops.

You’ll notice right away that this deal is only for Razer-brand items.

The Razer military discount won’t work for products from other brands, but Razer offers plenty of high-quality items, so you can still get excellent gear and devices at an affordable price when you use the Razer military discount.

The deal is offered through ID.me, an online verification tool that helps companies provide military deals for online sales.

If you don’t have an ID.me account yet, you can create one here.

It will help you save at Razer, and on your purchases from other companies as well.

You will need to submit proof of your current military status when you create your account, but this is a pretty quick and easy process.

Customers Lined up at a Razer Event for Gamers. Image: Wikimedia.org

How to Use this Deal:

Step 1: Click here to view Razer’s ID.me page (for their military discount)

Step 2: Under the red banner labeled “Military,” click “Unlock to Save”

Step 3: Create an account if you have not yet, or log into your account

Step 4: Once you’re signed in, follow the prompts to use the Razer military discount

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Who Can Claim this Deal?

The Razer military discount can be used by anyone who is eligible to create an ID.me military account.

This includes all military members, including those who serve in the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard in Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard roles. 

It also includes former military members, such as retired service members and veterans.

Military dependents and spouses can claim this deal as well.

A Razer-Brand Gaming Keyboard. Image: Pxfuel.com

What are the Restrictions?

The ID.me website only states that “some restrictions may apply,” however, we do know what some of these restrictions are.

First, you cannot use the Razer military discount on products from other brands, as we mentioned above.

Second, it needs to be used through ID.me. If you make a purchase on the regular Razer site without logging into ID.me, you will not receive your military savings.

You can also expect to see that the deal does not work with other coupons, promotions, or special pricing.

Since the broad statement of “some exclusions may apply” is listed under this deal, you may run into other restrictions when you go to use this deal.

Luckily, Razer has a great customer support chat system on their website if you need to ask them about using the military discount with a specific item you want to purchase.

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Overall, the Razer military discount is a great way to save some money on Razer-brand gaming essentials.

If you’re in the market for new gaming equipment or gear, be sure to check out this deal.

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Razer Military Discount

Razer Military Discount

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The Razer military discount entitles active duty and former military to a savings of 15% off gaming gear, and 5% off laptops. Learn more about the discount, including the restrictions and how to redeem it, here.
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