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Ruger Military Discount

Ruger is one of the oldest and most well known firearm manufacturers in the United States.

I personally own an LC9, which is what I conceal carry on a routine basis.

There are several Ruger military discounts available, including:

Brownells – Who offers a discount that varies between 5% – 10%, click here to learn more.

Palmetto State Armory – Which offers significant savings on all sorts of firearms, including Ruger. Click Here to learn more.

IOP Program – Members of the military can save with the Individual Officer Program, or IOP. While technically it’s a law enforcement program, active duty and retired military can utilize it as well. 

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About Ruger

Ruger was started in 1938 by a man named William B. Ruger.

He was in college at the time, but had the desire to create a new type of light machine gun for the military to use.

He partnered with Alexander McCormick Strum to make it happen.

The firearm performed well, and the company began to find success.

They lasted throughout both world wars, and not many other American countries did.

Today, Ruger is still just as successful. They live off the motto “Arms Makers For Responsible Citizens.”

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They have over 700 variations of their products for sale.

They call their firearms “rugged and reliable,” and they continue to win awards and impress customers day in and day out.

Ruger firearms are even commonly used by police officers on duty, which says a lot about their quality.

Ruger American 9mm Handgun. Image:

What Is The Official Ruger Military & LEO Discount?

Ruger offers military discounts for both individuals and entire departments.

We will look into each of these deals in detail below:

Individual Officer Purchase Program

Members of the military can save on Ruger purchases by making an Individual Officer Purchase, or an IOP.

This program is referred to as the Law Enforcement Program, but it is available to military members as well as law enforcement officers.

The deal does not come with a set percentage off, like some military discounts do.

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It is guaranteed to save you money on a variety of Ruger products, but the exact amounts are constantly changing and not made public.

What you can use the deal for is made public, unlike the specifics of the discount.

Any standard model besides Distributor Exclusives should be available at a discounted price.

To find out what kind of savings you can receive, you will need to talk to a Ruger Law Enforcement Distributor near you.

You can find the closest Law Enforcement Distributor by clicking here, scrolling down until you see the section labeled “Individual Officer Purchase,” and selecting your state under the “Where Is My Distributor” tab.

Once you select your state, you will see a list of distributors, and you can choose to either call or visit the one that is closest to you.

To use the Ruger military discount, you will also need to make your purchase through this distributor.

Department Sales

If you’re looking for a deal for your entire military or law enforcement department, Ruger may be able to help.

For these deals, you will once again want to contact a Ruger Law Enforcement Distributor.

The exact discounts are again not made public, and may vary by location.

Along with providing discounts to departments, Ruger will test your firearms for you through a Test and Evaluation program.

You can take advantage of this perk through the Distributor as well.

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Who Can Claim This Deal?

The Individual Officer Purchase deal is available to both law enforcement officers and military members.

As far as current military members go, anyone can claim this deal. Members of the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard are all eligible.

Those who serve in Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard roles are able to use the deal.

For past military members, retired and disabled service members are eligible.

Unfortunately, veterans who are not retired from the military or disabled from service will not be able to use claim the savings.

Other people of service who are eligible to use this deal include:

  • Law enforcement officers (active or retired)
  • Corrections officers
  • Parole officers
  • Probation officers
  • Federal flight deck officers
  • Licensed security officers
  • First responders (EMS and firefighters)
  • Judges
  • Deputy district attorneys
  • Assistant district attorneys
Ruger Mini Thirty Rifle. Image:

What Are The Restrictions?

The Ruger military discount doesn’t come with many restrictions, besides the fact that purchases must be made through a Distributor, and that proof of military or community service must be shown when you make your purchase.

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Even though not all of the details of the Ruger military discount are advertised, any way to save on these high quality firearms is worth checking out.

If you are planning on purchasing a Ruger product in the near future, be sure to find the nearest Law Enforcement Distributor to claim this deal.

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Ruger offers a military discount that is redeemable by both law enforcement and first responders. Find out how to redeem it, what the restrictions are, and more.
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