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10 Safest Jobs In The Military

Just as risk levels vary within different occupations, jobs in the military span a wide range in terms of what is considered safe.

Many people associate jobs in the U.S. Armed Forces with combat, deployments, and other dangerous missions.

However, each military branch consists of a variety of job positions and occupations, some of which are considered very safe.

Of course, just because a military job is labeled as “safe” doesn’t mean that it is unchallenging, unimportant, or boring.

Here are 10 of the safest jobs in the military that also play crucial roles in overall unit and mission success.

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#10. Cyber Operations Specialist (Air Force)

air force cyber security officers at work

A Cyber Operations Specialist is essential to the safety of advanced computer and software systems in the Air Force.

These specialists design, install, and support such systems to ensure proper operation and maintain security from outside intrusion.

Training consists of a Cyber Systems Operations Initial Skills Course to develop knowledge and understanding of cyber system elements.

This is considered a safe occupation due to its non-combat nature.

#9. Construction Mechanic (Navy) 

Navy Construction Mechanic at work
Navy Construction Mechanic at work. Image:

A Navy Construction Mechanic uses their engine and mechanical systems expertise to maintain boats, vehicles, and other equipment.

Therefore, they are responsible for preparing equipment, troubleshooting system problems, maintaining and repairing everything from tactical to construction vehicles.

Therefore, training for construction mechanics includes a 16-week Class A Technical School in addition to on-the-job technical and operational training.

This is considered a safe role in that most construction mechanics serve at shore-based commands.

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#8. Fiscal/Budget Technician (Marine Corp) 

Marine Fiscal Technician is one of the safest jobs in the Marines. Image:

A fiscal technician in the Marine Corp serves as a military financial manager.

This includes budgeting, reviewing expenses, and ensuring financial responsibility for the organization associated with pay accounts, travel transactions, and other accounting processes.

In order to become a Fiscal/Budget Technician, a Marine must attend Financial Management School after basic training to complete the basic financial management resource analyst course.

This is followed by on-the-job training at unit assignment. Marines in this role are generally assigned to finance offices.

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#7. Human Resources Specialist (Army) 

Army Human Resources Specialist

A human resources (HR) specialist assists soldiers in navigating their careers in the Army.

They provide HR support, including monitoring soldiers’ health and welfare, strength of staff, and personnel data and records.

In addition, HR Specialists prepare orders, process recommendations for awards and special training, and assist with separation or retirement processes.

Eight weeks of Advanced Individual Training is required, including on-the-job instructions in human resource systems, classroom time, and field training.

This administrative/support occupation is considered challenging, but safe as a primarily non-combat role.

#6. Air Traffic Control (Air Force)

air force air traffic controller - 1c1x1

As an Air Force air traffic controller (ATC), your primary duty is tracking airplanes. This includes:

  • Giving departure instructions
  • Giving landing instructions
  • Monitoring aircraft in-flight to provide important information to cockpit crew

Therefore, air traffic controllers spend approximately ten weeks in an Air Force technical school in a demanding training course for this important occupation.

The position of ATC is considered a safe Air Force job due to their responsibility on the ground in ensuring the safe and efficient flow of air traffic.

#5. Musician (Navy) 

navy musician - MU rate
A musician is one of the safest jobs in the US Navy. Image:

As a Navy Musician, your duty is to perform for audiences in the U.S. as well as across the globe.

This may include international parades, ceremonies for foreign dignitaries, and even presidential inaugurations.

Moreover, musicians in the Navy may be members of marching, concert, stage, or dance bands in the genres of jazz, rock, soul, pop, country-western, or bluegrass.

In addition, concerts are often provided for military ceremonies, parades, social occasions, and religious services.

Training for this musician role takes place at Armed Forces School of Music in Virginia for 21 weeks to develop performance knowledge in concert, marching, and stage bands in addition to small specialty ensembles.

#4. Paralegal Specialist (Army)

Army Paralegal Specialist (MOS 27D)
Army Paralegal Specialist is a safe job in the Army. Image:

Army paralegal specialists are often in demand and hold an important position in providing legal advice and assistance to judges, lawyers, unit commanders, and others as part of the Army’s legal system.

This includes a wide scope of judicial work and administrative support in jurisprudence, including international, criminal, contract, and even family law.

Paralegal Specialists undergo ten weeks of Advanced Individual Training with on-the-job instruction in areas such as legal terminology, research techniques, and preparing legal documents.

As an administrative/support occupation, this is a demanding yet safe role.

#3. Culinary Specialist (Coast Guard) 

coast guard culinary specialist at work
A Coast Guard culinary specialist is considered a safe job in the Coast Guard. Image:

Culinary Specialists are trained in food preparation, culinary fundamentals, and advanced culinary methods.

In addition, these positions offer opportunities in the following areas:

  • Accounting
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory management
  • Nutrition
  • Equipment use and safety
  • Sanitation
  • Dining facility management
  • Military leadership

In the Coast Guard, Culinary Specialists support crew missions by preparing and serving nutritious meals.

They also operate dining facilities. Culinary specialist training includes 13 weeks of specialized instruction at the Coast Guard culinary school.

Moreover, there are advanced training opportunities available as well.

This Coast Guard position is considered safe as well as rewarding.

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#2. Network Administrator (Marine Corp)

Network Administrator is a safe job in the marine corps. Image:

Network Administrators are tasked with maintaining and operating Local Area Networks (LAN) and Wide Area Networks (WAN).

This includes installation of network components, monitoring network security, and maintaining services for command and control.

This is considered a safe occupation in terms of its supportive role in communication networks and data services for the Marine Corp.

Training is completed at the Network Administrator Course in which Marines learn basic communication knowledge in addition to functional and specific knowledge in Transmissions, Networking, and Cybernetic operations.

In addition, on-the-job training and experience is an important element for this job as well.

#1. Health Services Technician (Coast Guard)

coast guard health services technician
Health Services Tech is considered a safe job in the Coast Guard. Image:

A Health Services Technician provides routine and emergency medical care for members of the Coast Guard and their families.

Moreover, these technicians assist medical and dental officers and are typically assigned to large clinics, shore sick bays, or on board a cutter.

Some duties may include performing x-rays, lab tests, immunizations, and minor surgical procedures, among others.

Training for Health Services is intense and rigorous. It takes place at the HS “A” school in California for five months, consisting of lecture, laboratory, practical, and clinical experiences and practicums.

In addition, there is a seven-week course in Emergency Medical Technician training.

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