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Thrifty Car Rental Military Discount

Thrifty Car rental is a well known, low priced car rental company with locations all around the country.

They offer a variety of perks to military members, including a 5% off military discount for official and leisure travel, special coupons, and more.

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About Thrifty Car Rental

Thrifty Car Rental was founded in 1958, and their business model along with their affordable prices have helped the company grow significantly over the years.

Today, Thrifty is a part of the Herts car rental group, who has over 4000 locations across the country and around the globe. 

Thrifty Car Rental is convenient, with locations near airports and other large travel destinations.

They provide their customers with some of the lowest rates in the industry through low original costs, coupons, discounts, and a rewards program.

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What is the Official Thrifty Car Rental Military Discount?

The Thrifty Car Rental military discount has a few different pieces, and you can take advantage of one or multiple depending on your trip details and your car rental needs. 

Each aspect of the Thrifty Car Rental military discount is explained in detail below:

Thrifty Car Rental Military Discount- 5% off

The Thrifty Car Rental military discount gives you 5% off your rental cost.

The exact rates vary, but you can check rates (and schedule your rental if you’d like to move forward) by clicking here and entering the details of your upcoming trip.

No matter what the prices end up being, you’ll still get your 5% off as a thank you for your military service.

How to Use this Deal: 

Step 1: Click Here and enter the details of your trip (do not book your rental through the normal, non-military Thrifty booking service)

Step 2: Check out and pay for your rental with a credit card

Step 3: Bring a military ID card or other proof of service with you when you pick up your vehicle as they may need to verify your military status to finalize your discount

Thrifty Car Rental Bus. Image:

Free Vehicle Upgrade for Military Members

Along with your 5% off, you can upgrade your vehicle by one class for free through the Thrifty Car Rental military discount.

You do need a coupon to use this deal, which you can find by clicking here.

How to Use this Deal: 

Step 1: Fully book your car rental through Thrifty

Step 2: Print out or save the above coupon to your phone, and bring it with you on your travels

Step 3: When you go to pick up your vehicle, show the coupon to the cashier. They will then help you upgrade your vehicle for free

Free Blue Chip Rewards Program Membership for Military Members

Thrifty Car Rental does not stop with 5% off and a free vehicle upgrade for military members. They also want you to take advantage of the deals they offer to all of their customers.

Because of this, they offer free Blue Chip Rewards Program memberships to military members.

Many of the savings you earn through the Blue Chips program can be used in conjunction with the military discount (which is awesome, since it’s pretty rare for military discounts to work alongside other deals).

This benefit works to save you the most amount of money possible.

Some perks of this program include the ability to earn “free days,” a free additional authorized driver, a faster checkout and pickup process, and more.

You can see all of the benefits that come along with the Blue Chip membership and create an account for yourself by clicking here.

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Who Can Claim this Deal?

The Thrifty Car Rental military discount comes with generous eligibility.

All current military members are able to use this deal.

This includes members of the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard who serve in Active Duty, Reserve, and National Guard roles.

It extends to veterans, retired military members, and military family members such as spouses and dependents as well.

A Thrifty Car Rental Located Within an Airport. Image:

What are the Restrictions?

The biggest restriction that comes with the Thrifty Car Rental military discount is that you need to book your rental through the military link shared above.

If you book through the normal website, you will end up paying full price.

You may be able to book your rental at the military price in person, but you’ll want to call the location you will be using in advance to ensure this is a possibility.

The vehicle upgrade piece of the deal requires a coupon for use.

These deals are also only available within the U.S.

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Overall, the Thrifty Car Rental military discount is a great way to save some money on your travel vehicle needs.

If you’ve got a trip coming up and plan to use Thrifty’s service, check out these deals and use the ones that are right for you.

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The Thrifty rental car military discount entitles the men and women serving the US military a savings of 5% off their next car rental. On top of that, they offer discounts for official government travel.
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