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Tire Rack Military Discount for 2023

Despite the name, Tire Rack is an actual store that sells much more than Tire Racks!

They are one of the country’s leading suppliers of everything from new tires to wheels to parts and accessories, and much more.

Like the 100s of other companies we’ve talked about in the past, you may be wondering if Tire Rack has a military discount.

Well, OMK did the research, and it turns out that they, unfortunately, do NOT offer a military discount.

They do have a page that has offerings of several variations of military tires, specifically the Goodyear Military Wrangler.

With that said, there’s no info about a military discount on that page.

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There are a few unique ways you can save a few bucks on your next Tire Rack order, see below:

Rebates / Special Offers

Tire Rack offers several rebates and special offers directly on their site.

To access the full list, simply click here to visit their official website.

Once there, click on one of the categories on the navigation menu, and then click on the link that says ‘ Rebates & More”.

tire rack rebates and special offers

Once you land on that page, you’ll see a list of various deals for nearly all major tire brands, including:

  • Michelin
  • Goodyear
  • General Tire
  • Kumho Tire
  • Hankook

The rebates vary considerably, but you can save as much as $70 – $100.

Typically, you won’t be given an exact discount on the tires themselves.

Rather, you’ll usually receive a gift card in the amount of the discount.

Of course, this is essentially as good as getting cash in the bank!

The interesting thing about Tire Rack is, they don’t actually do the installation of the tires.

Rather, they work with over 7,500 independent installers nationwide.

Using their simple form here, you can input your zip code and find a tire center near you that will do the installation.

They’ll even ship the tires to that center free of charge!


It’s unfortunate that Tire Rack doesn’t offer a military discount.

With that said, we’ve identified several other companies that actually DO offer a discount.

Check them out below:

4 Wheel Parts

Advance Auto Parts



Discount Tire

We hope this information helps you in your next tire purchase!

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While Tire Rack doesn't offer a military discount, there are plenty of other ways to save on new tires.
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