TJ Maxx Military Discount
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TJ Maxx Military Discount

TJ Maxx is a department store chain that sells a variety of trendy items at discounted prices.

Some of their stores offer military discounts and others do not.

However, every store offers various ways for their customers to save.

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About TJ Maxx

TJ Maxx was founded in Massachusetts in 1976 by a man named Bernard Cammarata.

The idea for the store came from the downfall of another chain of discount retail stores called Zayre.

Today, TJ Maxx sells a wide line of products, from in-fashion clothing for men, women, and children, to all sorts of home goods. 

Their products change often, so shoppers can always find something new on their shelves.

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Everything is sold at a lower-than-retail price, saving customers money.

They have over 1000 locations spread across the country.

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What is the Official TJ Maxx Military Discount?

OMK reached out to the corporate-level customer support team at TJ Maxx to learn the exact details of their military deal.

Unfortunately, the company does not offer a military discount that is available at all stores nationwide.

They also do not have a military discount on their website.

However, they do give their stores the option to offer a military discount.

This basically means that some stores do have military deals, and others do not.

OMK reached out to TJ Maxx stores across the country, but none of the stores we called offered a deal.

This does not mean your local store can’t have a deal, so you will want to ask them personally.

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Other Ways to Save at TJ Maxx

If your local TJ Maxx store does not have a military discount, there are still other deals offered at every location that can save you some money.

Three main ways to save at TJ Maxx are outlined below:

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1. Shop the Clearance Section

TJ Maxx is not only known for their low prices, but also their generous clearance section.

If you’re shopping in store, you will likely see clearance items in every section.

If you’re shopping online, you can click here to view the current clearance deals.

2. Sign Up for the TJ Maxx Email Newsletter

Another great way to save comes through the TJ Maxx email newsletter.

Signing up to receive these messages mean alerts on future deals and events will be sent straight to your inbox. 

You can sign up to receive these emails by clicking here, scrolling to the bottom of the page, and typing your email into the box that is labeled “Sign up to join our email list.”

3. Open a TJX Rewards Credit Card

Credit cards from retailers may not be for everyone, but a TJX rewards card is definitely one of the easiest ways to save money at TJ Maxx.

The card gives you an immediate 10% off coupon, so it’s a great thing to sign up for on a day that you’re making a larger than normal purchase.

For all of your future purchases, you will get a generous 5% back in the form of rewards points.

These points can then be turned in for gift certificates.

The card can also be used at any TJX company, including TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, and Home Goods for wide spread savings.

You can learn more and apply for a TJX Rewards credit card by clicking here and following the prompts on your screen.

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It’s unfortunate that not every TJ Maxx location as a military deal.

However, if you’re unable to claim a TJ Maxx military discount, the ways to save listed above are still worth taking advantage of.

The next time you shop with this discount retailer, be sure to save some extra money with the deal that is right for you.

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Some TJ Maxx stores offer a military discount, and some do not. Learn more about the discount details, as well as 3 other ways to save money.
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