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US Military Bases In Puerto Rico

There are a total of 5 military bases in Puerto Rico, including Army and Air Force Bases and a U.S. Coast Guard Station.

Neither the Marine Corps nor the Navy have bases there.

All bases here serve as important rallying and staging points for the United States and its allies.

Puerto Rico has been a strategic military and commerce point since the U.S. was founded.

It continues to be vital in operations all around the world.

Army Bases In Puerto Rico

Camp Santiago

Location: Salinas, PR

Camp Santiago

In Use: 1940-present

Overall Mission: This is a joint training base for America’s Armed Forces and allies.

The U.S. Army, Air National Guard, and U.S. Army Reserves all use this base for training and as a staging point during wartime.

The base is also used for the youth of the military, as a summer encampment to enjoy time with friends while learning about the military.

Units Stationed: N/A

Official Site: N/A

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Fort Buchanan

Location: San Juan, PR


In Use: 1923-present

Overall Mission: All branches of the Armed Forces use this base for training and as a staging point for operations.

The base also serves as a support system for locals during natural disasters, such as hurricanes.

The base is mostly used to house U.S. Army reserve units but it does have several units stationed here.

Units Stationed:

  • 1/350th Logistics Support Battalion
  • 174th Ctr Legal Operations Detachment
  • 1st Battalion, 389th Regiment
  • 2-348th Battalion
  • 265 Headquarters, 5th Brigade, 94th TR
  • U.S. Marine Corps Detachment 1, Landing Support Company, Combat Logistics Regiment 45

Official Site:

Fort Allen

Location: Juana Diaz, PR

Fort Allen

In Use: 1941-present

Overall Mission: The base originated as a staging point for the Army Air Corps during W.W.2.

Since 1980, there have been no active duty units from any branch of the Armed Forces stationed here.

This is where the Puerto Rico National Guard and Army Reserve has several units.

Units Stationed:

  • 191st Regional Support Group
  • 240th Military Police Company
  • 192nd Support Battalion, C Company (Med)
  • 105th Quartermaster Company
  • 482nd Chemical Company
  • 714th Quartermaster Company

Official Site: N/A 

Air Force Bases In Puerto Rico

Muñiz ANG Base

Location: San Juan, PR

Muñiz ANG Base,San Juan, PR

In Use: 1956-present

Overall Mission: This is where the Puerto Rican Air National Guard is headquartered.

The base also serves as a humanitarian aid station for local natural disasters.

The base serves as a rally and distribution point for the U.S. Armed Forces during wartime.

Units Stationed:

  • 156th Wing (ANG)

Official Site:

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Coast Guard Bases In Puerto Rico

USCG Air Station Boriquen

Location: Aguadilla, PR

USCG Air Station Boriquen

In Use: 1971-present

Overall Mission: The main goal of the base is search and rescue in the surrounding areas.

The base also provides logistic, aerial, and law enforcement services and support for any operations in the area.

It was an important staging point in wartime for the U.S. Armed Forces and its allies.

Official Site:

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Puerto Rico Military Bases

Puerto Rico Military Bases

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Puerto Rico is home to 7 major US military bases. They include bases for the Army, Air Force, and Coast Guard, learn more about each one here.

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