Victoria's Secret Military Discount
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Victoria’s Secret Military Discount

Victoria’s Secret is a popular women’s clothing, lingerie, and beauty store with locations around the world.

They do not offer a military discount at this time, but they do provide all of their customers with many other ways to save.

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About Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret was founded by husband and wife, Roy and Gaye Raymond, in San Fransisco in 1977.

They began the business as a single store, and that store has grown into a chain with more than 1,300 locations worldwide.

The company has a focus on lingerie and undergarments, but they also sell a wide variety of high-quality clothing and beauty products, such as makeup and perfume.

The Pink brand is a part of Victoria’s Secret as well and is meant to appeal to younger shoppers.

A Victoria’s Secret Store within a Shopping Mall. Image:

Ways to Save at Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is known for having tons of sales and offers at the same time.

The sales change often, but there is almost never a reason to pay full price at this store.

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The different ways to save are explained in detail below:

1. Sign Up for Mail or Emails from Victoria’s Secret

One of the easiest ways to find out about the deals that are happening at Victoria’s Secret is by signing up to have the offers sent directly to you.

You can sign up for general emails from the company by clicking here.

If you want something more personalized, you can sign up for those same general emails, as well as mail and emails that pertain to your local store, here.

Simply choose the subscription you prefer, click the link above, and type your information into the designated spaces.

All kinds of deals and promotions from Victoria’s Secret will be on their way to you in no time.

2. Check Out “Today’s Offers” on the Victoria’s Secret Website

If you do not want to receive mail or emails from Victoria’s Secret, you can simply check the website to find out about current deals.

Go to the store’s homepage by clicking here, and look at the very top of the page.

You should see a narrow pink banner at the very top of the page with a small box at the far top right that says “View Offers.”

When you click on this box, a window will pop up with a wide variety of deals that can be used today.

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3. Shop the Sale Section

Aside from promotions, Victoria’s Secret puts various items on sale all the time.

You can see all of the store’s sale items on this “Sale” section of their website.

You do not need to do anything special to claim these deals.

Simply add the sale items to your cart, and they will show up with their low, advertised price.

The Beauty Section in a Victoria’s Secret Store. Image:

4. Sign Up for an Angel Card

If you shop at Victoria’s Secret often and want to save money on purchases even when they may not include sale items, the Victoria’s Secret credit card is worth looking into.

By signing up for this card, you will get an immediate, dollar-off deal to use on your next purchase.

You’ll also be eligible for tons of perks for every purchase you make throughout the year.

The amount of perks you receive depends on how much you shop at the store.

There are Insider cardholders (who spend less than $300 at the store per year), All-Access cardholders (who spend more than $300 at the store per year), and VIP cardholders (who spend over $750 at the store per year.

The more you spend, the more you are eligible to save.

Here are some perks of the Victoria’s Secret card:

  • Reward points that convert into cash that can be spent a Victoria’s Secret
  • Free Shipping on orders of $50+
  • Perk of the Month eligibility
  • Birthday and cardmember anniversary treats (special offers)

You can learn more about the Victoria’s Secret card and fill out an application here if it sounds like something that’s right for you.

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Overall, though it is unfortunate that Victoria’s Secret does not offer a military discount, the rest of their deals are worth taking advantage of.

If you’re in need of new women’s clothing or beauty products, look through the deals above and save some money by using the one that’s right for you.

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If you're looking for a Victoria's Secret military discount, you unfortunately won't find one. However, there are other ways to save at the retailer.
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