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WeatherTech Military Discount

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for a WeatherTech military discount, you won’t find one.

OMK reached out to them directly via their Facebook page and they had this to say:

“Thank you for contacting WeatherTech. At this time, we do not have a military discount available. With that said, we do offer a wide range of products at competitive prices.”

While this is unfortunate, it’s hardly surprising. Not every company offers a military discount, especially if they already have cheap prices to begin with.

That was in August 2019, and as of June 2023, WeatherTech still doesn’t offer a military discount.

With that said, there are some other ways you can save with WeatherTech. 

About WeatherTech

WeatherTech is an American-based company that mainly sells car accessories like custom-fit car mats, floor mats, trunk liners, and more.

WeatherTech very adamantly supports keeping American manufacturing jobs in America.

Their website indicates that they build, buy, and hire American.

What this means is that all of their materials are sourced in America and their products are built in America, by Americans.

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WeatherTech is headquartered out of Bolingbrook, Illinois, and has products that are distributed to over 84 countries.

While they are an online retailer, WeatherTech products are sold at a variety of retail locations.

weathertech veterans discount

If you prefer to view their products in a retail location, visit the wholesale page here.

Not only does WeatherTech supply accessories to consumers, but they also supply accessories to German luxury car manufacturers and other worldwide car manufacturers.

Their products include a lifetime-limited warranty and any unused raw materials are recycled.

WeatherTech Product Options

WeatherTech sells interior protection products for your car such as floor liners, sun shades, door protectors, mats, and more.

Exterior protection products include truck bed liners, covers, mud flaps, hood protectors, scratch protectors, bumper protection, and many other great products.

WeatherTech also sells a variety of detailing products, license plates, car accessories, pet accessories, and WeatherTech Apparel.

For a complete list of products visit the website here.

Saving with WeatherTech

Unfortunately, we were unable to find any information indicating that WeatherTech offers a military discount.

Hopefully, this is something that will change in the future.

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Any updates on their current promotions can be found on their website here.

We were able to find some other great ways that you can save on WeatherTech products.

Their Special Offers page can be found by visiting this link. Read on for savings options. 

Shipping Discount Options

WeatherTech offers a few different ways to save on shipping and handling.

The first deal includes a discount on shipping for additional products when you add an item to your cart and then add multiple more items of the same product into your cart.

You pay for shipping and handling on the initial product and then the corresponding product shipping would be half off.

The discount does not apply to Stone & Bug Deflectors but does not list any other product exclusions.

See the Special Offers page for more details on the promotion.

Other ways to get discounted shipping on similar products include free shipping on cargo liners or All-Weather Floor mats when you purchase and pay full shipping on a Laser Measured FloorLiner.

This promotion must be completed with all products in the same order with standard shipping.

Discounted shipping is also available on the second product when you purchase either the Cargo Liner or All-Weather Floor Mat first and add either the Cargo-Liner or All-Weather Mat second.

Other free shipping promotions include:

  • Christmas tree mats
  • Drink coasters
  • Indoor/outdoor mats
  • Boot trays
  • Sink mats
  • Indoor/Outdoor Car Covers

Promotions are constantly changing so remember to check the website for a current list of promotions.

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Other ways to save with WeatherTech

WeatherTech does not offer a lot of coupon or sale options on its website, but you can visit external websites to find codes for discounts.

A few great options to find discounts include,, and

All of these sites will list sale options as well as discount codes.

Many sites will display the number of times the code was successfully used or retail sites where the code works, if it is not on the WeatherTech direct site.


WeatherTech is a top provider in providing customer accessories.

With an emphasis on American manufacturing, all materials are sourced in the US.

All WeatherTech products are manufactured in the United States by Americans.

Their product line includes a variety of accessories from car mats to detailing products and cell phone holders.

You can purchase products directly from their website and from other online retailers, as well as physical retail store locations.

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WeatherTech offers a few different ways to save, but a military discount is not one of those ways.

WeatherTech’s main savings option includes discounted shipping on bundle purchases.

Their website will list all current promotions.

You can use coupons on products by finding the codes with outside websites or through other WeatherTech retailers.

We will continue to check for a military discount with WeatherTech and update our page when one becomes available.

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While WeatherTech doesn't have a military discount, they do offer plenty of other ways to save. Find out more here.
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