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11A MOS: Army Infantry Officer Career Details for 2023

The Army 11A MOS is a representation of many things, including becoming a leader.

Infantry Officers serve a vital function in the military branch as well as have the opportunity to develop a tremendous reputation.

As such, Army Infantry Officers are among the most respected in the service branch.

Learn more about Army 11A MOS including requirements, training, and job skills.

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What is the Army 11A MOS?

army infantry officer career details
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Army 11A MOS is the official designation of the military specialty, or job occupation, of an Infantry Officer.

Army Infantry Officers provide many different functions to a unit.

For this reason, they command the respect and attention of soldiers of all ranks and specialties.

Someone in Army 11A MOS is actively involved in all levels of command and combined armed forces during missions on the ground.

As a result, Infantry Officers develop skills to lead situations of attack, defense, or other specialty operations.

The Army Infantry is a significant component of the service branch and has a long and impressive history.

In this regard, the Army Infantry represents the main land combat force and core fighting strength of the military branch.

While the tendency is to only regard infantry soldiers during times of combat, they also provide many functions during peacetime.

Job Duties

The United States Army Infantry Division is one of its most integral components.

Accordingly, the range of job duties for Army 11A MOS is diverse, including:

  • Leading and controlling the Infantry and combined armed forces during land operations.
  • Coordinating employment of Infantry Soldiers at all levels of command, including multinational operations.
  • Developing infantry doctrine, organizations, and equipment unique to these operations.
  • Instructing Army infantry skills at service schools or combat training centers.
  • Serving as Army 11A MOS advisor to other units, including the Army National Guard and U.S. Army Reserve.

It’s important to mention that these job duties vary depending on the amount of leadership and responsibility Army 11A MOS has acquired.

Thus, those who just earned the military specialty generally do not have as many responsibilities as a longer-tenured or more accomplished soldier.

Nonetheless, earning the distinction of Army 11A MOS is an important accomplishment in the career of a soldier.

In certain situations, it’s not uncommon for Infantry Officers to command infantry and combined armed companies consisting of 200-300 soldiers.

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Army 11A MOS Infantry Officer Requirements

us army infantry officer
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The United States Army imposes certain requirements for every MOS (military occupation specialty).

Therefore, Army 11A MOS is no different in regard to education, skills, qualifications, and training requirements:


In general, the U.S. Army is open to any U.S. citizen 18 or older.

However, the requirements are usually more demanding for Army Officers compared to enlisted personnel.

Accordingly, most Army Officers are college graduates with at least a 4-year degree.

Some Army Officers pursue this college degree after they enlist while others join the military with this distinction thanks to college experience.

Additionally, the U.S. Army requires that Officers are between the ages of 18-34 years old.

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) which is generally an entrance exam that every enlisted member takes is not mandatory for 11A MOS.

Nevertheless, there are numerous other requirements necessary to be eligible for the military specialty.


Army 11A MOS has a few stipulations. 

Eligible candidates must complete the Basic Officer Leadership Course (more details, below).

In addition to certification, prospective Army 11A MOS must be eligible for a Secret security clearance.

Next, like any potential military occupation, it never hurts to already possess some helpful skills.

For starters, leadership skills can be improved (like anything), but there are some qualities and characteristics that some possess more than others.

For example, being a leader requires discipline, confidence, intelligence, course, and taking initiative.

Soldiers lead by example not only with their words but also with their actions and conduct.

Generally, Army officers maintain a strong physical performance while also coping with intense mental pressures.

For this reason, leaders are quick on their feet and can live with the consequences of their decisions.

In the end, the respect and integrity of an Army officer are measured best by those who fall under his or her command.


The above requirements are not enough to transform a candidate into an Army 11A MOS.

Additionally, those entering the Army officer program must complete the Basic Officer Leadership Course (BOLC).

BOLC consists of two different stages with the first part of the course (BOLC I or BOLC A) traditionally done before being commissioned.

Then, once the Army officer has been commissioned, the soldier usually completes BOLC B.

The second Army leadership course is designed to emphasize leadership skills along with military tactics and technical competence with weapons and equipment.

As such, recruits are challenged both in the classroom and in the field during training exercises.

According to the U.S. Army, Officer recruits develop:

  • Defensive Operations
  • Situational Analysis
  • Strategy & Development

Meanwhile, Infantry Officers may also volunteer for Airborne and Ranger School or for specific developmental assignments.

These volunteer assignments are intended to further develop leadership skills and other training necessary to the military occupation.

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What does an Army Infantry Officer (11A MOS) do?

army infantry officer mos 11a
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There are multiple job duties delegated to an Army Infantry Officer.

First, Army 11A MOS must accept the responsibility of commanding or assisting in the command of an Infantry unit.

Secondly, that leadership role may encompass a wide range of job duties or tasks, including:

  • Training and tactical employment of Infantry units, Infantry soldiers, and combined arms units.
  • Evaluating Army intelligence and estimating combat situations or formation decisions.
  • Coordinating employment of unit with other units.
  • Commanding attached Army elements during combat operations.
  • Directing communications, locations, and construction of Infantry positions and ground obstacles.
  • Directing operation and employment of Infantry weapons and equipment.
  • Directing Army training exercises along with administration, supply, maintenance, security, or transportation of Infantry activities.

Furthermore, Army 11A MOS may encounter numerous other advanced responsibilities:

Advanced Responsibilities

The primary duties of Army Infantry Officers are to command and assist the main land combat force and core fighting strength of the service branch.

Moreover, Army 11A MOS may receive several other advanced responsibilities, including:

  • Coordinating employment of Infantry Soldiers in multinational operations.
  • Developing doctrine for Army organizations along with combat procedures.
  • Instructing Infantry skills and tactics at service schools or combat training centers.

It’s not uncommon for 11A MOS to serve as an advisor in some other capacity, such as with the Army National Guard or Army Reserve.

Those who command the highest authority and respect may command an Army Infantry unit as large as 200-300 soldiers.

Finally, some Army Infantry Officers progress to other military career fields, including Information Operations.

These units manage and communicate the many forms of information that flow through Army procedures and operations.

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Job Reviews

There are both good and bad things to be said about the U.S. Army, but isn’t that true of any organization?

Accordingly, you’ll discover a wealth of opinions regarding what the actual experience is like serving in the Army.

Here are a few examples posted on Indeed.com:

In general, being away from family and home for extended periods of time is one of the disadvantages of military service.

Nonetheless, most agree that the positives outweigh the negatives so long as you approach military service with the right attitude.

Thus, you’ll always find some disgruntled members within any service branch or work organization.

Lastly, the time a service member serves in a leadership role like an Infantry Officer (11A MOS) presents the soldier with more opportunities after leaving the military.

Army Infantry Officers display many characteristics and qualities that are highly desirable by many employers.

Therefore, the military specialty will also look good on any resume.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Army 11A MOS

11 alpha mos
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Are you considering becoming an Army Officer?

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding 11A MOS:

What is Army 11A MOS?

Army 11A MOS is the official designation the military branch uses to denote an Infantry Officer.

The service branch refers to its occupations and jobs as “military specialties.”

Therefore, 11A MOS is the title for that military specialty.

What do Army Infantry Officers make?

The pay for 11A MOS is determined by military rank and years of service.

Therefore, Army Infantry Officers earn the same amount as other officers would within the same rank and years of service.

Nonetheless, Army Officer pay is a substantial upgrade over the rates paid to enlisted personnel.

Additionally, military compensation includes housing and food allowances as well as healthcare, paid vacation, and full retirement at 20 years of service.

Furthermore, the soldier may qualify for special pay and other military benefits.

Do you have to graduate college to become an Army officer?

Yes, Army Infantry Officers have generally earned a 4-year college degree in addition to other requirements.

Army 11A MOS must also complete the Basic Officer Leadership Course (BOLC).

There are other qualifications and requirements necessary to be eligible for the Army Officer program.

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Army Infantry Officers (11A MOS) serve an important function in the military branch.

These are natural-born leaders who improve upon those characteristics while serving in a military capacity.

As such, Army 11A MOS represents one of the most critical components of the service branch.

Army Infantry Officers deliver critical command and assistance, both during combat operations as well as in times of peace.

For this reason, they are among the more decorated service members of the U.S. Army.

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Army 11A MOS is an important military distinction for Infantry Officers. The military specialty demands knowledge, skill, and leadership.

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