Army 2 Mile Run standards

Acing the Army 2 Mile Run in 3 Easy Steps

The Army 2 mile run is part of the Physical Fitness Test (APFT).

You need to meet the minimum physical fitness standards of the APFT to qualify for the military.

Consequently, preparing now for the Army 2 mile run is the best way to physically train for demanding military standards.

Following our guide below, you can ace the Army 2 mile run in these 3 easy steps:

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What is the Army 2 Mile Run?

army 2 mile run
The Army 2 mile run tests your endurance and mental fortitude. You can ace the Army APFT by training in advance for the long-distance trek. Image: Flickr

The United States Army implements physical fitness standards that are expected of every new recruit.

The Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) is mandatory not only for admission to the U.S. Army, but also a yearly obligation.

Therefore, you need to prepare for the Army by getting into shape as soon as possible.

The Army 2 mile run is challenging and intense, especially for soldiers that are not accustomed to running long distances.

For this reason, it is nearly impossible to arrive at boot camp without any preparation and expect to succeed.

The recruits with the highest likelihood of surviving basic training have developed a workout program to prepare for the long-distance run.

Every soldier of the United States Army must pass the APFT twice a year.

APFT Male StandardsAPFT Female Standards
Ages 17-21

Ages 22-26

Ages 27-31

Ages 32-36

Ages 37-41
Ages 17-21

Ages 22-26

Ages 27-31

Ages 32-36

Ages 37-41

The U.S. Army determines the minimum time you need to complete the 2 mile run in based on your gender and age.

In general, the faster you run the better the score.

Recruits must earn a score of at least 60 points while 100 points are the maximum score.

The purpose of the 2-mile trek is to examine your level of cardiovascular activity.

Soldiers often walk/jog/run countless miles on any given day, especially while on assignment.

Consequently, building stamina and endurance are crucial to surviving life in the military.

Running long-distance also improves leg muscle and mental fortitude.

Now is the time to prepare for the Army APFT by establishing a new workout plan that focuses on cardiovascular activities.

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How to Prepare for the Army 2 Mile Run

apft standards
Your experience at basic training is far more fulfilling if you arrive at boot camp in shape. Therefore, training for the 2-mile run now is the best way to prepare for life in the Army and meet APFT standards. Image:

The Army 2 mile run ultimately tests your mental toughness as well as physical stamina.

Long-distance running is one of the more challenging activities you can put your body through.

As a result, it rewards you to begin training for long-distance runs before you reach boot camp.

Keep in mind that you are not allowed to walk any portion of the 2-mile endurance test.

Consequently, you should first make sure that you can run consistently for 2 miles without stopping.

While you may not be able to run 2 miles immediately, the objective is to eventually reach that goal through training.

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Ace the Army 2-Mile Run

Like most types of workouts, recruits should start slow and gradually build up pace and distance.

The training program you pursue depends on your athletic level and experience running.

The beginner plan gets out of shape bodies with little running experience prepared for the 2-mile run.

Meanwhile, the advanced workout plan focuses on improving your already established endurance and stamina:

Beginner Runner Plan

The beginner runner plan is for individuals that need to begin by getting back into shape.

If you never jog or run, or it has been more than 6 months, you should start with the beginner routine.

The beginner workout plan starts out very slow, introducing your body to walking and jogging before you start to progress to running.

The goal is to avoid injuring your body as it adjusts to running over hard surfaces once again.*

1Walking1/4 MileStart out slow by walking.
2Walking1/2 Mile
3Walking/Jogging1/2 Mile (Walking)
1/2 Mile (Jogging)
Adjust distance if your body feels equipped to handle more.
4Walking/Jogging1/2 Mile (Walking)
1 Mile (Jogging)
5Walking/Jogging1/4 Mile (Walking)
1.5 Mile (Jogging)
6Jogging/Running1.5 MilesStart preparing for the full run, or close to the full run by week 6.
7Jogging/Running2 MilesCheck finish time to see if within minimum requires for gender/age.
8Running2 MilesFinal week to meet time goals before boot camp.

*NOTE: Always warm-up at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the daily exercise routine. It will prevent injury and help your body recover quicker between workouts. You should ideally train and jog/run 2-3 days per week. You may walk on rest days for 30 minutes as an alternative cardio workout for the day. By week 6 you may want to adjust the cardio workout to 3-4 days per week.

Intermediate Runner Plan

The intermediate runner plan is designed for recruits that exercise infrequently yet are concerned about passing the Army 2-mile run.

Long-distance running is not for everyone which is why many people are in decent shape yet couldn’t run a mile to save their life.

The intermediate runner plan builds your endurance as you run longer distances over the duration of the routine.

1Walking/Jogging1/2 Mile (Walking)
1/2 Mile (Jogging)
2Walking/Jogging1/2 Mile (Walking)
1 Mile (Jogging)
3Jogging/Running1 Mile (Jogging)
1 Mile (Running)
You may adjust exercise type or distance by week 3 if you need more of a challenge.
4Jogging/Running1 Mile (Jogging)
1 Mile (Running)
5Jogging/Running1/2 Mile (Jogging)
1 1/2 Mile (Running)
6Running2 Miles (Running)Practice running without stopping, if possible.
7Running2 Miles (Running)Start checking finish times to see if meeting minimum requirements.
8Running2 Miles (Running)Adjust cardio if not leaving for boot camp next week.

Advanced Runner Plan

The advanced runner plan is designed for recruits that are already established joggers or runners.

The goal of the Army APFT advanced workout plan is to improve your numbers and reach basic training in peak physical condition.

You likely are not worried about completing the 2-mile run by the minimum time, but rather getting the maximum score possible.

For this reason, sticking to the advanced runner plan can help you get maximum results during the APFT.

1Walking/Jogging1/4 Mile (Walking)
1 1/2 Mile (Jogging)
Start slow but extend to 2 miles if comfortable.
2Jogging/Running1/2 Mile (Jogging)
1 1/2 Mile (Running)
Can transform into full 2 mile run if used to long-distance running.
3Jogging/Running1/2 Mile (Jogging)
2 Miles (Running)
4Moderate Running1/2 Mile (Walking)
2 Miles
5Moderate Running2 Miles
6Intense Running2.5 Miles
7Competitive Running2 MilesStart checking finish times to adjust workout routine if necessary.
8Competitive Running2 MilesAdjust workout plan if not arriving at boot camp.

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army pt test score chart
You can complete the Army 2 mile run and the rest of the physical fitness standards (APFT) required to serve in the military. Start training today using the beginner, intermediate, or advanced runner plan. Image: United States Army Reserve

The Army 2 mile run is part of the physical fitness test you must complete before you can serve in the U.S. Armed Forces.

Furthermore, the United States Army tests for the 2-mile run, twice a year.

As a result, maintaining long-term workout goals is important to enjoying a rewarding military career.

You should begin training for the long-distance run as soon as possible to make sure you are in peak physical shape for boot camp.

The beginner, intermediate, or advanced running training programs can get you to the time you need to pass the Army APFT.

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