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Air Force Bases In Texas

Texas is the second largest state in the US in terms of sheer size and population, second only to California (in population) and Alaska.

Being on the southern border, it also happens to be strategically important to our southern defense.

With that said, there are a number of Air Force bases located in Texas.

Some of them are quite small, and others are absolutely enormous.

Below is a list of all 6 Air Force bases in the state of Texas, ranked in no particular order.

Air Force Bases in Texas

1. Dyess Air Force Base

Location: Abilene, Texas

Dyess Air Force Base

In Use: 1942 – present (Formerly known as Tye Army Air Field, the AFB was built in 1952)

Overall Mission: Dyess is the primary home of the 7th Bomb Wing of Global Strike Command. It’s the Air Force’s base for the B-1B unit. It also houses the 317th Airlift Wing, flying the C-130J. Dyess AFB is the USAF’s top bomber training center.

Units Stationed at Dyess Air Force Base:

  • 7th Bomb Wing
  • 307th Bomb Wing
  • 317th Airlift Wing
  • 53rd Wing
  • 57th Wing

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2. Joint Base San Antonio – Lackland Air Force Base

Location: San Antonio, Texas

Lackland Air Force Base
Image: Flickr

In Use: 1941 – present (Built in 1941, originally part of Kelly field)

Overall Mission: This is the largest training wing for different Air Force units in the US. It gives basic military training to those enlisted to join the Air Force.

Units Stationed at Lackland Air Force Base:

  • 502d Installation Support Group
  • 37th Training Wing
  • Inter-American Air Forces Academy
  • Defense Language Institute
  • Sixteenth Air Force
  • 624th Operations Center

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3. Goodfellow Air Force Base

Location: San Angelo, Texas

Goodfellow Air Force Base

In Use: 1940 – Present 

Overall Mission: It is home to the 17th Training Wing. This base trains members of different branches of the U.S. military including the Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps in intelligence and cryptology.

Units Stationed At Goodfellow Air Force Base:

  • 17th Training Wing
  • 111th Military Intelligence Brigade (US Army)
  • US Army Engineer School
  • Center for Information Warfare Training Detachment (US Navy)

Official Site:

4. Laughlin Air Force Base

Location; Del Rio, Texas

Laughlin Air Force Base

In Use: 1943 – Present (Built in 1943, originally known as Laughlin Army Air Field)

Overall Mission: It hosts 47th Flying Training Wing and serves as a training center for Air Force’s undergraduate pilots thereby producing mission-ready Airmen.

Units Stationed At Laughlin Air Force Base:

  • 47th Flying Training Wing
  • 96th Flying Training Squadron

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5. Sheppard Air Force Base

Location: Wichita Falls, Texas

Sheppard Air Force Base

In Use: 1941 – Present

Overall Mission: This is home to the 82nd Training Wing, whose purpose is to recruit and train Airmen and also equip them with an education that enables them to deliver Air Force objectives. It is the largest training base within AETC.

Units Stationed At Sheppard Air Force Base:

  • 82nd Training Wing
  • 80th Flying Training Wing

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6. Joint Base San Antonio – Randolph Air Force Base

Location: Universal City, Texas

Randolph Air Force Base
Image: Wikipedia

In Use: 1930 – Present (Built in 1928)

Overall Mission: It is the headquarters of the AETC and AFPC. It serves as a training base for Air Force pilots on how to fly T 6A Texan II, T 1A Jayhawk, and the T 38C Talon. This is also home to the 12th Flying Training Wing, the 902-nd Mission Support Group, and the 359-th Medical Group.

Units Stationed At Sheppard Air Force Base:

  • 12th Flying Training Wing
  • Nineteenth Air Force
  • 340th Flying Training Group
  • 902nd Mission Support Group

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many military bases are in Texas?

There are currently 15 active military bases in Texas. By branch, there are 6 Air Force bases, 6 Army bases, and 3 Navy / Marine Corps bases.

Does Dallas have a military base?

No. The closest military base to Dallas, TX would be Naval Air Station Fort Worth Joint Reserve Base. It’s located in Fort Worth, TX, and is just under 45 miles from Dallas.

What’s the largest military base in Texas?

Located in Killeen, TX, Fort Hood is the largest military base in Texas. In fact, at over 214,000 acres in size, it’s actually one of the largest military bases in the world.


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Learn more about each Air Force base in Texas, including Lackland AFB, Goodfellow AFB, Laughlin AFB, Joint Base San Antonio, and Sheppard AFB.

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