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Air Force Bases In The US

The Air Force has many bases across the US, including those it shares with other military branches.

Each base has its mission and composition with some focusing on training pilots, others for storing specialized weapons, and others focusing on other functions of the Air Force.

Here is a quick list of US Air Force bases:

A - IL - NO - W
New Jersey
New Mexico
North Carolina
North Dakota
South Carolina
South Dakota
Washington D.C.

Air Force Bases in Alabama

Maxwell AFB

Overall Mission:  Maxwell Air Force base operates both as a training ground for pilots and navigators, as well as a federal prison camp that houses minimum security federal inmates.

Air Force Bases in Alaska

Eielson AFB

Location: Fairbanks, Alaska

Overall Mission: It serves as a training center and acts as home to the 11th Air Force’s 354 Fighter Wing. This base supports Red Flag and provides a base for conducting different exercises including close-air-support, interdiction, and large force employment.


Location: Anchorage, Alaska

Overall Mission: This base protects and supports the U.S. territory in the Asia Pacific region and across the world. It is also home to ANR, 11 AF, 3rd Wing, ALCOM, and 176th Wing.

Joint Base Elmendorf- Richardson

Location: Anchorage, Alaska

Overall Mission: It is home to 3rd Wing, 11th AF, and several tenants divisions. Also, it provides units operating in the Asia Pacific area and around the world supports to enable them to defend the U.S. interests.

Air Force Bases in Arizona

Davis-monthan Air Force Base

Location: Tucson, Arizona

Overall Mission: It acts as a training center for OA-10 and A-10 pilots and also provides close air support to OA-10 and A-10 and forward air control to the US ground forces across the world.

Luke Air Force Base

Location: Maricopa County, Arizona

Overall Mission: It acts as a training ground for the finest F-16 fighter pilots and their engineers. It also serves as a training base of the AETC.

Air Force Bases in Arkansas

Little Rock

Location: Little Rock, Arkansas

Overall Mission:  It is the sole C-130 training center for the DoD, navigators, c-130 pilots, loadmasters, and flight engineers from all military branches responsible for aerial carriage and tactical airlift.

Air Force Bases in California

Beale Air Force Base

Location: 15301 Warren Shingle Road, California

Overall Mission: This base supports the 9th Reconnaissance Wing conduct its worldwide operation. 9th Reconnaissance Wing provides national command authorities with quality, reliable and high-altitude recce products.

Los Angeles Air Force Base

Location: El Segundo, California

Overall Mission: It serves as home to Space and Missile Systems Center, which is responsible for conducting research, on-orbit testing, development, and acquisition of missile systems and military space weapons.

Travis Air Force Base

Location: San Francisco Bay Area

Overall Mission: It is the largest aerial port for military in the United States providing aerial refueling and airlift delivery to aid global mobility. This base has provided humanitarian relief to every continent and also provided special airlift services for American’s top officials including the President.

Vandenberg Air Force Base

Location: Central coast of California

Overall Mission: This is where satellites are launched into polar orbit, and also its location makes it an ideal site for launching reconnaissance satellites. It is home to 381st Training Group and 30th Space Wing.

US Air Force Bases in Colorado

Buckley Air Force Base

Location: Aurora, Colorado

Overall Mission: It is home to Colorado Air National Guard’s 140th Wing. This base supports Combatant Orders around the world.

Peterson Air Force Base


Overall Mission: Together with 21st Space Wing, they are the sole Air Force organizations that provide space control and missile warnings to combat units and unified commanders around the world. It is home to Air Force Space Command, Army Space Command, 302d Airlift Wing, and NORAD.

United States Air Force Academy

Location: El Paso County, Colorado

Overall Mission: This serves as both an accredited college and military organization for Air Force’ undergraduates. It trains and educates commissioned officers looking to join the Air Force become leaders of character and be motivated to serve the United States through the Air Force.

Colorado Springs Military Bases

Location: El Paso County, Colorado

Overall Mission: This base serves as home to both Air Force and Army bases.

Schriever Air Force Base

Location: El Paso County, Colorado

Overall Mission: This serves as home to the Space Innovation and Development Center, 50th Space Wing, the 310th Space Group, and several other tenant organizations. This base provides command for more than 170 DoD navigational, warning, and communication satellites.

Air Force Bases in Delaware

Dover Air Force Base

Location: Dover City, Delaware

Overall Mission: It is responsible for providing safe maintain and fly aircraft as well as prepare Airmen before they are deployed. This base also flies back America’s fallen heroes with honor, respect, and dignity.

Air Force Bases in Florida

Eglin Air Force Base

Location: Okaloosa County, Florida

Overall Mission: It serves as the heart of all Air Force armories. This is where acquisition, testing, development, deployment, and sustenance of non-nuclear weapons is done. It is named in honor of Fredrick I. Eglin, a Lieutenant Colonel killed in a crash.

MacDill Air Force Base

Location: Marina DR Tampa, Florida

Overall Mission: It serves as an operation base for the Air Force. It is responsible for deploying and maintaining tactical emergency communication around the world in both peace and war times.

Tyndall Air Force Base

Location: Panama City

Overall Mission: This serves as the home base for 325th Fighter Wing, 1st Air Force, and 53rd Weapons Evaluation Group. It also trains F-22A Raptor pilots as well as air battle managers and maintenance personnel to support Air Force combat actions.

Hurlburt Field

Location: Gulf of Mexico, Florida

Overall Mission: It is the headquarters of 1st Special Operations Wings and Air Force Special Operations Commands. It serves as a training ground for Air Force Special Forces to prepare them for different missions.

Pensacola Florida Military Bases

Location; Gulf Coast of Florida

Overall Mission: It serves as a primary training base for all U.S. Marine Corps and Navy. It is termed as ‘The Cradle of Naval Aviation’ as it was the first Naval Air Station commissioned by the Navy in 1914.

United States Southern Command

Location: Doral, Florida

Overall Mission: To support US security objectives and promote stability and security in the south of the US continent, the Caribbean, and Central America. It promotes regional cooperation in its area of operations by encouraging nation collaboration.

Air Force Bases in Georgia

Robins Air Force Base

Location: Near Warner Robins City

Overall Mission It is home to 78th Air Base Wing as well as other units making up a vital Air Force battle team. It also serves as the headquarter of WR-ALC) which stores aircraft, missiles, software, engines, and avionics components.

Air Force Bases in Hawaii

Hickam Air Force Base

Location: Honolulu

Overall Mission: the main purpose of this Air Force base is to perform operation and strategic mission to support the war on terrorism at the global level.

Joint Base Pearl Harbor – Hickam

Location: Honolulu

Overall Mission: To provide quality facilities support and installation services as well as enabling great mission readiness of their respective tenant commands.

Oahu Hawaii Military Bases

Location: Oahu

Overall Mission: It acts as a storage base for Army, Marine Corps, Navy, and Air Force service components operating in Hawaii.

Air Force Bases in Idaho

Mountain Home Air Force Base

Location: Elmore County, Idaho

Overall Mission: they prepare for expeditionary warfare and also conduct research on how innovation and technology can be used in a combat situation to ensure successful attacks.

Air Force Bases in Illinois

Scott Air Force Base

Location: St Clair County

Overall Mission is to aid global mobility by controlling logistics of the US military in the air, across the sea, and on land. It is home to 375th Air Mobility Wing.

Air Forces Bases in Indiana

Grissom Air Reserve Base

Location: Miami County

Overall Mission: This is home to 434th Air Refueling Wings and its mission to refuel long-range fighters, cargo aircraft, and bombers while in mid-air.

Air Force Bases in Kansas

McConnell Air Force Base

Location: Wichita, Kansas

Overall Mission: It is home to KC-135 Stratotanker. This wing conducts airlift and air refueling when called upon to reach global reach.

Air Force Bases in Louisiana

Barksdale Air Force Base

Location: Northwestern Louisiana

Overall Mission: This is home to 2nd Bomb Wing Airmen. It also hosts mission partners who deal with nuclear deterrence and also offers combat support when called upon.

Andrews Air Force Base

Location: Maryland

Overall Mission:  This is the home base of operation for United States Presidential aircraft, Air Force One. It also hosts 316th Wing that operates in Air Force District of Washington. This base is named after a former Commanding General of US Armed Forces who served during WW2 named Frank Maxwell Andrews.

Joint Base Andrews

Location: Prince George’s County

Overall Mission: This unit provides support to special air mission airlifts and enlightens the President and Vice president through the 11th Wing on important security matters. Their air-to-air mission support ground forces. They are also involved in air mobility and weather forecasting.

Air Force Bases in Massachusetts

Hanscom Air Force Base

Location: Bedford, Massachusetts

Overall Mission: It serves as the headquarters of the ESC, which manages the acquisition and management of electronic control and command systems. It hosts the 66th Air Base Group.

Air Force bases in Mississippi

Columbus Air Force Base

Location: Columbus, Mississippi

Overall Mission: This is home base to the 14th Flying Training Wing. It served as a training base for Air Force pilots from WWII to date.

Keesler Air Force Base

Location: Biloxi, Mississippi

Overall Mission: This base serves as home to 81st Training Wing and Second Air Force. It serves as Air Force’s Electronic Training Center of Excellence whose aim is to train and develop the finest Air Force’s warfighters.

Air Force Bases in Missouri

Whiteman Air Force Base

Location: Sedalia, Missouri

Overall Mission: It hosts 509th Bomb Wing, operating the B-2 secrecy bomber aircraft. This base also executes nuclear operations and conduct lethal global strikers.

Air Force Bases in Montana

Malmstrom Air Force Base

Location: Cascade County, Montana

Overall Mission: it maintains and operates an intercontinental ballistic missile known as Minuteman III. This base was named after Einar A. Malmstrom, a colonel who was a prisoner of war in WWII.

Air Force Bases in Nebraska

Offutt Air Force Base

Location: Omaha, Nebraska

Overall Mission: This base hosts the  Fightin’ Fifty-Fifth and 55th Wing. It provides support for Offutt AFB by offering engineering and security services. It has also served as a training site for military police.

Air Force Bases in Nevada

Creech Air Force Base

Location: Indiana Springs, Nevada

Overall Mission: This base supports the ongoing war on terror. It also serves as a training site for aerial demonstrations conducted by Thunderbirds.

Nellis Air Force Base

Location: Mojave Wasteland, Nellis

Overall Mission: It serves as a home to Air Force Warfare Center and also a training center for the US and several foreign military aircrews.

Air Force Bases in New Jersey

Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst

Location: Burlington County, New Jersey

Overall Mission: This base hosts 5 wings including 305th Air Mobility Wing and 87th Air Base Wing, each having different missions. Its main purposes so to transport troops, military equipment, and cargo. It is also home to several military aircraft including the KC-10A Extender, the C-17 Globemaster III, and the KC-135 Stratotanker. The flying units in this base operate and maintain the aircraft to support global mobility and assigned military missions.

Air Force Bases in New Mexico

Cannon Air Force Base

Location: Clovis, New Mexico

Overall Mission: Named after General John Kenneth Cannon, this base is home to several special operations aircraft including AC-130W Stinger II and MQ-1 Predator. It also hosts several units including 27th Special Operations Group.

Holloman Air Force Base

Location: Alamogordo, New Mexico.

Overall Mission: It provides air transportable medical clinics, and F-22 raptors to support the national security missions

Kirtland Air Force Base

Location: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Overall Mission: This base acts as the Air Force Materiel Command’s Nuclear Weapons Center, which ensures that reliable and lethal nuclear weapons are available to Air Force and National Command Structure to support their mission. It also acts as a center for research and development of space and missile technology and also testing of non-conventional munitions as well as laser warfare.

Air Force Bases in North Carolina

Fayetteville North Carolina Military Bases

Location: Fayetteville, North Carolina

Overall Mission: This center is an Army’s-only base in NC and is home to over 30 military organizations. It serves as a training ground for the Military Information Support and Army’s civil affairs.

Pope Field

Location: Fayetteville, North Carolina

Overall Mission: It is home to different Air Force units and supports activities of the 82nd Airborne Division, Special Operations Forces, and 18th Airborne Corps.

Air Forces Bases in North Dakota

Grand Forks Air Force Base

Location: Grand Forks, Eastern North Dakota

Overall Mission: It was originally commissioned as an interceptor air base for Air Defense Command. Currently, it plays a major role in safeguarding the nation by hosting 319th Air Base Wing that is tasked with receiving remotely steered aircraft systems.

Minot Air Force Base

Location: Ward County, North Dakota

Overall Mission: This is home to the 91st Missile Wing and 5th Bomb Wing. These two are major Air Force units and deliver sophisticated munitions, intercontinental ballistic missiles, and different precision-guided bombs to defend the United States.

Air Force Bases in Ohio

Wright-Patterson Air Force Base

Location: Dayton, Ohio

Overall Mission: It hosts the 88th Air Base Wing and also 445TH Airlift Wing of the Reserve Command. It supports the development of military aviation tools and aircraft.

Air Force Bases in Oklahoma

Altus Air Force Base

Location: Altus, Oklahoma

Overall Mission: it offers specialized training for undergraduate pilots to the USAF aircrew. It also trains loadmasters for airlifting.

Tinker Air Force Base

Location: Oklahoma City

Overall Mission: This is home to the 552nd Air Control Wing, the 72nd Air Base Wing, the 507th Air Refueling Wing, and the 38th Cyberspace Engineering Installation Group. It provides support and services for the Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center.

Vance Air Force Base

Location: Southern Enid, Oklahoma

Overall Mission: It hosts the 71st Flying Training Wing whose mission is to train military pilots and Air Force fighters capable of executing national defense objectives.

Air Force Bases in South Carolina

Charleston Air Force Base

Location: North Charleston, South Carolina

Overall Mission: It hosts 437th Airlift Wing, which is responsible for installing and operating the Air Force airlift aircraft known as C-17 Globemaster III.

Joint Base Charleston

Location: North Charleston, South Carolina
Overall Mission:  It provides installation support to federal agencies and 53 DoD. This base services Airmen, Marines, Sailors, Soldiers, dependents, civilians, and retirees in its jurisdiction.

Shaw Air Force Base

Location: Sumter, South Carolina
Overall Mission It provides and sustains Air Force units in combat missions and is the largest Combat F-16 wing of the Air Force.

Air Force Bases in South Dakota

Ellsworth Air Force Base

Location: Rapid City, South Dakota

Overall Mission: This base operates the B-1B Lancer as it hosts Air Combat Command. It is among the two Air Force bases to operate this jet.

Air Force Bases in Texas

Dyess Air Force Base

Location: Abilene, Texas

Overall Mission: It serves as an emergency landing stage for NASA Space Shuttle orbiter and also provides airlift support and deliver bombs to combatant commanders. This base also serves as a training center for Air Force B-1 crews.

Lackland Air Force Base

Location: Bexar County, Texas

Overall Mission: This is the largest training wing for different Air Force units in US. It gives basic military training to those enlisted to join the Air Force.

Red River Army Depot

Location: Bowie County, Texas

Overall Mission: This base repairs, overhauls, and rebuilds wheeled vehicles and light-tracked combat vehicle fleet of the army.

Goodfellow Air Force Base

Location: San Angelo, Texas

Overall Mission: It is home to 17th Training Wing. This base trains members of different branches of the U.S. military including Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marine Corps in intelligence and cryptology.

Laughlin Air Force Base

Location; Del Rio, Texas

Overall Mission: It hosts 47th Flying Training Wing and serves a training center for Air Force’s undergraduate pilots thereby producing mission-ready Airmen.

Sheppard Air Force Base

Location: Wichita Falls, Texas

Overall Mission: This is home to 82d Training Wing, whose purpose is to recruit and train Airmen and also equip them with education that enables them to deliver Air Force objectives. It is the largest training base within AETC.

Joint Base San Antonio

Location: San Antonio, Texas

Overall Mission: It provides housing options to support the transition of Air Force recruits and also offer a platform for easy integration with the military community.

Randolph Air Force Base

Location: Universal City, Texas

Overall Mission: It is the headquarters of the AETC and AFPC. It serves as a training base for Air Force pilots on how to fly T 6A Texan II, T 1A Jayhawk, and the T 38C Talon. This is also home to the 12th Flying Training Wing, the 902-nd Mission Support Group, and the 359-th Medical Group.

Air Force Bases in Utah

Hill Air Force Base

Location: Northern Utah

Overall Mission: It maintains weapon systems and combat aircraft as well as other military weapons. This base serves as home to the 419th Fighter Wings and the 75th Air Base Wing.

Air Force Bases in Virginia

Hampton Roads Military Bases

Location: Hampton Roads, Virginia

Overall Mission: This base hosts major Army, Coast Guard, Air Force, and Marine Corps facilities. It is the epicenter of military activities hosting many different units of the military.

Joint Base Langley-Eustis

Location: Hampton and Newport News, Virginia

Overall Mission: This base offer installation support to military personnel and civilians in their area of jurisdiction. It also trains Airmen to support combatant operations worldwide.

Langley Air Force Base

Location: Hampton, Virginia

Overall Mission: Named after Samuel Pierpont Langley, an aviation pioneer, this base is among the oldest Air Force’s facilities. It is home to 1st Fighter Wing (1 FW) and 633d Air Base Wing (633 ABW) of the Air Force. It supports a united mission to retain its air superiority title and also support United States forces tasked with providing air defense duties.

Air Force Bases in Washington

Fairchild Air Force Base

Location: Spokane, Washington

Overall Mission: This is home to several units. Its primary mission is to refuel aircraft to support US warfighters with their global reach mission.

Joint Base Lewis-McChord

Location: Tacoma, Washington

Overall Mission: It is home to the 446th Airlift Wing and the Air Force’s 62nd Airlift Wing. This base offers motivation and encouragement platform to the soldiers as they train to be military personnel.

McChord Field

Location: Tacoma, Washington

Overall Mission: It supports training of units and crews for reconnaissance operations and bombardment missions.

Air Force Bases in Washington D.C.

Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling

Location: Washington, DC

Overall Mission: it has served as a testing and research center for new aviation weapons and equipment. It protects the aerial territorial of the nation’s capital.

Air Force Bases in Wyoming

E. Warren Air Force Base

Location: Cheyenne, Wyoming

Overall Mission: The mission of the units in this base is to protect 15 MAFs, 150 Minuteman III Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles, and F. E. Warren AFB as a whole on a 24-hour basis. It also acts as a training ground for the Air Force.

Air Force Bases In The US
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