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Air Force Intelligence Officer: What They Do, Pay, Training, And More


Air Force Intelligence Officers are officers that coordinate any and all intelligence activities of those persons under their command or rank.

They are commonly compared to CIA intelligence or logistic officers and often work in conjunction with intelligence agencies in other branches of the military.

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air force intelligence officer

They can resolve threats using the intelligence that they gather in order to provide answers to other commanders to provide protection to their personnel.

Air Force Intelligence Officers do things such as:

    • Direct, manage, plan out, and then conduct activities
    • To collect, exploit, analyze, and produce intelligence information
    • Detect information from humans, through signals, imagery, and even measurements
    • Assess technological, industrial, and geographical information to collect intelligence

They use and share the intelligence with other commanders and their own personnel.

It is actually considered to be one of the best jobs in the Air Force, both for the overall mission as well as civilian job opportunities after service.

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Requirements and Qualifications

In order to become an Air Force Intelligence Officer, you have to meet certain requirements and qualifications.

Minimum Requirements

  • Must be a member of the U.S. Air Force
  • Must be between the ages of 18 and 39
  • Have to hold a bachelor’s degree in one or more of these fields: social sciences, science, humanities, engineering, or mathematics

Minimum Qualifications

  • Completion of training courses
  • Completion of the 12 months of commissioned services after completion of the Intelligence Officer Initial Skills course
  • Completion of an SSBI or Single Scope Background Investigation
  • Completion of Officer Training School, the Air Force Academy, or Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps

Air Force Intelligence Officer Training And Career Path

In order to do this profession, those that want to enter into it have to meet certain training requirements.

For starters, you of course have to be an officer in the US Air Force.

This is accomplished via 4 paths:

  • Attend Officer training school after earning a graduate degree.
  • Attend the US Air Force Academy
  • Join Air Force ROTC In College
  • Enlist and work toward becoming an Air Force Officer

The process of becoming an officer is very different for each of these paths, so it’s best to speak with a recruiter as to the exact path you’ll take.

Since you’re already an officer, you will NOT be required to go through Air Force Basic Training (BMT)

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If you qualify to become an Air Force Intelligence Officer, then you will have to complete the Intelligence Officer initial skills course.

The tech school is located at Goodfellow Air Force Base and lasts approximately four months.

You’ll receive your exact assignment about halfway into the course.

During these training sessions, those that are in the program will learn things like:

  • How to lead and perform numerous intelligence activities
  • Oversee the analysis and merging of intelligence
  • Develop plans and policies for intelligence-based projects
  • Learn how to develop and produce an accurate intelligence analysis
  • Learn how to integrate both intelligence with combat operations
  • Learn more about intelligence policies

Officer training school lasts for 8.5 weeks, then you will have to pass your necessary skills tests and they will then grant you your intelligence officer status.

How Much Are Air Force Intelligence Officers Paid?

Just like with the other branches of the military, everyone in the Air Force is paid based on their rank and how long they have been service members.

Since you are required to be an officer, the pay is based on the officer pay rates for 2023.

Most of those just starting out in the Air Force will be an O-1.

The pay is substantially better than that of an enlisted member, nearly double.

Here is a chart that provides a detailed look into the monthly base pay that comes with each officer rank with less than 2 years of service according to 2023 information:

RankMonthly Base Pay

What’s Life Like As An Intelligence Officer In The Air Force?

Those that have become or are Air Force Intelligence Officers have left very good reviews regarding the position and how they feel about it.

Many stated that being an Air Force Intelligence Officer had many benefits that include:

  • The opportunity to travel
  • Great benefits
  • Control over your career
  • Great opportunities
  • Work hours and weekends off
  • Good work environment

Here are some of the reviews we came across:

air force intel officer review 1

air force intel officer review 2

As an intelligence officer, you’ll be serving closely with allied forces around the world, including hot spots like Iraq and Afghanistan.

air force intelligence officer serving in afghanistan

Your role will be vital to the safety of soldiers on the ground, as well as civilian populations.

Civilian Career Opportunities

Upon completion of your services in the Air Force, there are opportunities for you to enjoy after you leave using your Intelligence officer background.

You’re able to work with police forces, other military branches as a civilian employee, private corporations, customs agencies, and other intelligence agencies.

With hundreds of job openings throughout the year and the need for this specific type of specialty on the rise, there are many opportunities that you can take advantage of upon completion of your time in the military.

According to PayScale, the average salary for an Intelligence Officer is $112,561.

The amount you make does depend on where you’re working, the specific location and company, the size of the company, and your overall background.

If you’re considering the Air Force, becoming an Intelligence Officer might be the most interesting way to go for a fulfilling career!

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