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Alex and Ani Military Discount

Alex and Ani seek to produce jewelry that satisfies the mind, body, and spirit.

For this reason, Alex and Ani has had an impressive evolution since it was launched in the early-2000s.

Now, the jeweler is giving back by offering a military discount to qualified individuals.

Learn how you can save 15% off your next order with the Alex and Ani military discount!

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About Alex and Ani

alex and ani military
Alex and Ani is very well known for its “one size fits all” metal bracelets. The jeweler also specializes in designing unique necklaces and earrings. Image: Pixabay

Alex and Ani is a relatively new jeweler that arrived on the market in 2004.

Carolyn Rafaelian founded the company and sought to create jewelry that conveys positive energy as well as decorates all different body types.

Gwyneth Paltrow was photographed wearing an Alex and Ani apple necklace shortly after the birth of her daughter, which helped improve the popularity of the brand overnight.

Alex and Ani strive to design and develop jewelry that fulfills the mind, body, and spirit of women.

The jeweler is named after Rafaelian’s second daughter and she has served as inspiration for many of the designs.

Alex and Ani is well known for its feather earrings and extendable metal bracelets.

The organization has been generous, donating many of its custom pieces and proceeds of sales to charity.

You can find Alex and Ani jewelry sold at stores like Henri Bendel and Fred Segal, as well as Bloomingdale and Nordstrom.

Furthermore, you can shop online for products through the official website or retail locations throughout the country.

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What is the official Alex and Ani military discount?

alex and ani online
Alex and Ani jewelry became more popular after actress Gwyneth Paltrow was spotted wearing an apple necklace from the jeweler. Image: Wikimedia Commons

Alex and Ani is grateful to give back to several different charities, including supporting the Armed Forces.

The company operates under the slogan “There is love in our heart that makes us do better for you” which is why service members can save 15% off their next order.

The Alex and Ani military discount is available on all the signature products, including the jeweler’s renowned bracelets, necklaces, bangles, earrings, and rings.

Military customers receive 15% off the total purchase, before tax.

Purchases made online and at retail locations are applicable for the Alex and Ani military discount.

The company does cap the number of times you can use the discount in a year at 4.

Steps to Receive the Alex and Ani Military Discount

Here are the steps you need to complete to receive the Alex and Ani military discount:

Step 1: Click Here to shop online or visit an Alex and Ani retail location.

Step 2: Complete your order and checkout.

(Alt) Step 3: Notify the clerk that you are active-duty military and would like to receive 15% off the order (for in-store purchases). Verify military status with a valid ID.

Step 3: Verify your military status with Sheer ID (for online orders).

Step 4: Active-duty military customers may claim the same 15% discount 3 more times in a year.

Questions? Contact Alex and Ani customer service at 800-725-7822 or [email protected].

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Who can claim this deal?

alex and ani active duty military discount
Alex and Ani jewelry is an ideal gift for family members, especially when you get 15% off the total purchase price. Image: Flickr

The Alex and Ani military discount is only available for active-duty military personnel.

Unfortunately, retirees and veterans of the Armed Forces cannot take advantage of 15% off their next order.

Alex and Ani accept a valid military ID as proof of service.

The company honors the 15% military discount for purchases made online or through a retail location for troops of the following branches:

  • Air Force
  • Army
  • Coast Guard
  • Marine Corps
  • National Guard
  • Navy
  • Space Force

Alex and Ani have the right to revoke the exclusive offer at its sole discretion.

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What are the restrictions?

There are several restrictions to the Alex and Ani military discount.

First, the exclusive savings are only available to active-duty service members, not retirees or veterans.

Secondly, the Alex and Ani military discount is not valid for items of the Disney Collection or Liberty Copper Collection.

Alex and Ani also do not provide 15% off on clearance items, corporate gift orders, or sale items.

The military discount is only valid for orders and shipments made to the United States and Canada.

Lastly, you cannot combine the Alex and Ani military discount with other promotions, offers, or discounts.

Customers can receive 15% off no more than 4 times in a year.


The Alex and Ani military discount is worth taking advantage of for active-duty military personnel.

While it would be nice to see the same offer available to veterans, spouses, and dependents, it’s still a great promotion.

Jewelry is notoriously expensive, so you can save big if you plan to spoil a significant other or special someone this holiday season.

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Alex and Ani Military

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Alex and Ani offers a 15% off military discount on jewelry for both active duty and retired military. Find out how to redeem it here.
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