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Burlington Coat Factory Military Discount

Burlington Coat Factory is a great clothing and shoe store chain.

If you are planning on taking a trip to Burlington Coat Factory soon, and you have a military background, you may be wondering if the store offers a military discount.

A quick search on Google shows that Burlington Coat Factory does not, sadly, offer military discounts.

This is unfortunate, considering that the store carries a lot of products and brands.

However, just because Burlington Coat Factory doesn’t offer a military discount doesn’t mean that there still isn’t a way for both those with or without a military background to save money on their next shopping trip.

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Burlington Coat Factory Discount Option #1 – Online Sales

Burlington Coat Factory offers several different sales and discounts that are only available online.

Click Here to learn more on their official page.

These exclusive deals offer a range of discounts, although free shipping seems to be the most popular.

These sales offer things such as free delivery when a certain amount of money is spent as well as free shipping on select items.

In addition, there are also “flat rate” shipping fees, meaning that the amount of money you pay for shipping doesn’t change, regardless of how many items you put in your cart.

These online sales are available on Burlington Coat Factory’s website.

The first way you can access these is by going to the store’s webpage that lists all the current in-store and online sales that they’re offering: https://www.burlington.com/promotions.

The second way is to sign up for their email list, which the option to do so will pop up shortly after you visit their website.

burlington coat factory newsletter signup

Unlike other stores, these discounts offered by Burlington Coat Factory never change.

The store prides itself on beating out the competitors’ prices, so they don’t offer coupons or codes for customers to use.

While this may be nice for convenience’s sake, this does mean that what you see is what you get with their prices.

So if you aren’t happy with what you see, you’ll have to look to third-party sites to find more discounts.

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Burlington Coat Factory Discount Option #2 – Layaway

One in-store deal that Burlington Coat Factory offers is layaway.

Layaway is a good option for anyone trying to stick to a budget or is short on cash at the moment.

Putting an item on layaway essentially means that you’re entering into a payment plan with the store.

If you can’t pay for it all at once, you can pay for the item in increments until the item has been completely paid off.

Cutting up a big purchase into payments is a great way to save money if you have a set monthly budget, or if you simply didn’t bring enough money with you to cover the full price.

Learning more about layaway is simple; not only does Burlington’s site have a bit of information, you can head to a customer service desk in one of their stores to inquire about the program.

Burlington Coat Factory Discount Option #3 – Slickdeals and RetailMeNot

Third-party couponing sites such as Slickdeals and RetailMeNot come even more in handy since Burlington doesn’t offer any coupons or codes.

These sites both offer discounts and sales to Burlington Coat Factory.

Both sites collect traditional discounts, such as 65% off coats and 68% off studs and metallics, for example.

These discounts, however, aren’t separate codes or coupons that you add in during checkout; these sites merely collect discounts that are being offered by the store.

As said before, Burlington focuses more on price-matching and beating the competitors’ prices, so their discounts focus highly on trying to be the lowest on the market without the customer having to put in any additional effort.

This does make shopping a bit easier, as it does save the trouble of collecting coupons and remembering to use them before they expire.

However, some shoppers may still want to use coupons to keep track of their discounts, and they also won’t have any way to reduce the price of any items they see at Burlington, even if they’ve found the same item for a lesser price elsewhere.

Despite not being actual coupons, this is still very helpful, since these deals aren’t listed on Burlington’s promotions webpage, and rely on the customer either stumbling upon them while shopping or seeing them while shopping for the discounted items.

Both sites also give you the option to filter your results, so that you only see the discounts you want to see.

Whether it’s free or reduced-price shipping or a certain percentage knocked off your total, these sites allow you to filter the results to your liking.

The easiest way to access these sales is to either go to the site you want to use – retailmenot.com and slickdeals.net – and typing in “burlington coat factory” to get to the page of deals.

You can also simply Google “burlington coat factory slickdeals” or “burlington coat factory retailmenot” to get the deals that you want to see.

It’s also worth noting that RetailMeNot seems to have more discounts collected for Burlington Coat Factory than Slickdeals does.

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While any shopper should check out both sites to take full advantage of all the sales and discounts that Burlington offers, RetailMeNot is likely going to be the better choice of the two.

Burlington Coat Factory Discount Option #4 – Cashback Sites

Another option that all shoppers should consider are cashback sites.

Popular sites such as Ebates and Rakuten offer cashback simply for shopping online by using their plugin.

Getting cashback is essentially like getting a rebate from the different stores that you shop at.

You gain a certain percentage of money spent back simply by using their site and plugin, and the percentage varies from store to store.

The easiest way to take advantage of these sales is by going to the cashback site of your choice and typing in “burlington coat factory”.

In this case, only Ebates offers cashback incentives for Burlington Coat Factory shoppers, so checking both Ebates and Rakuten for deals is out of the question.

Similar to Slickdeals and RetailMeNot, Ebates collects all the different discounts that Burlington Coat Factory already offers.

These discounts are divided into certain categories such as sitewide sales, sales by department and product deals.

These categories make it easier to sift through the different offers and find the ones that appeal to you the most.

Once you see a discount that you want to use, you can click the corresponding button on Ebates’ site, which will then bring you to the proper section of Burlington’s site so that you can begin shopping.

In addition, not only can you easily find different discount and sales offered by the store, but you’ll also gain some cash back for shopping at Burlington through Ebates.

Ebates currently offers a 1.5% cashback incentive, which means that you’ll save a few dollars on your next purchase, especially if you spend a solid amount of money.

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Burlington Coat Factory Discount Option #5 – Store Credit Card

Like many clothing stores, Burlington Coat Factory offers a credit card.

The card has several different perks, such as a new-cardholder discount and earning 1 point for every dollar spent with the card.

The points earned on your card automatically earns you a $5 reward certificate as soon as you reach 100 points, which earns you further savings on your next trip to that store.

Applying for the Burlington Coat Factory credit card also automatically makes you a loyalty member of the store.

Being a loyalty member earns you email newsletters that alert you via email about various shipping-price offers and discounts, new products arriving at stores as well as items that have been recently marked down in price.

Though there are many perks to having a credit card with them, however, the card is only available in a handful of states across the country.

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Even though Burlington Coat Factory sadly doesn’t offer a military discount, there are still plenty of ways to save money.

Burlington is an unusual store in the sense that they don’t have coupons or codes to use, so it’s doubly important for a shopper to look for deals and discounts online to ensure that they’re getting the most out of their purchase.

It’s also important for shoppers to use third-party sites in this case because Burlington doesn’t have a page on their website to list every discount and sale that they’re currently offering.

Although they have a page just for promotions, this page is mostly limited to listing shipping deals and discounts, as well as the few exclusively in-store promotions.

Cashback sites also add a bit of extra incentive by helping customers save even more money when shopping.

This incentive can be doubly helpful since no other sites – besides Burlington’s card – offer money back for shopping with them.

Good luck and happy shopping!

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