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AMC Theatres are known for their revolutionary and luxury movie experiences.

According to their website, AMC Theatres was started as the Regent Theatre in Kansas City, Mo in 1920.

In 1961, Stanley Durwood returned from serving in the army and took over the family business.

After renaming the theatre American Multi-Cinema, Inc. (AMC), a new legacy was born.

Starting with creating the first multiplex theatre in the world, the company has made many innovations that keep guests coming.

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AMC Theatres have different accommodations based on location.

Accommodations can include power recliners, online ticketing, IMAX, Dolby Cinema, and a variety of specialty food/drink options, including MacGuffins Bar.

We have found a few different ways to save at one of AMC’s many locations, specifically their military discount.

Read on for details on finding promotions and savings.

1. AMC Military Discount Details

amc theater military discount

AMC DOES offer a military discount. However, the discount is only available at select locations. (Click Here to see the full list.)

When searching the AMC website, the Military Discount information is included at the bottom of their Independence Day Military Offer, located here.

The offer is for free large popcorn for Military personnel on Independence Day.

The Military Discount information is found at the bottom of the page.

The discount is available only at the box office, so online ticket purchases would not be included.

According to the website, you can save 10% or more on an evening ticket, indicating that the discount may vary based on location or ticket pricing.

In regards to locations, OMK received conflicting information when speaking with 2 different online representatives.

One representative indicated that the discount was applicable at all locations.

Another representative stated that only the locations listed at the bottom of the Independence Day Offer page were included in the discount.

Our advice??  Contact your local AMC location prior to making any purchases to see if they offer the discount.

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List of AMC Theaters Offering The Military Discount:


  • AMC Classic Yulee 10
  • AMC Orange Park 24
  • AMC Regency 24


  • AMC Hampton Towne Centre 24
  • AMC Lynnhaven 18

North Carolina

  • AMC CLASSIC: Blueridge 14, Durham 15, Havelock 6, Jacksonville 16, Kalli 12, Raleigh 15, Wilson 10
  • AMC DINE-IN Holly Springs 9
  • AMC Fayetteville 14
  • AMC Fire Tower 12
  • AMC Market Fair 15
  • AMC Park Place 16
  • AMC Southpoint 17

2. Save with AMC Exclusive Offers

AMC’s Offers and Promotions page, found here, has a variety of deals from early release events to discounts at the concession stand.

Some current promotions include seeing movies before official releases, a free kids pack with ticket purchase, air-freshener with ticket purchase, discounts on pizza and more!

amc exclusive offers and discounts

Each promotion has a summary explaining the details of the deal.

Next to each promotion there are links to purchase tickets, learn more about the promotion, find locations that are included and/or read the official rules.

The offers are updated as new releases and events come out.

A quick stop at the website before you buy your ticket and visit the theatre could save you money!

3. Better Experience with AMC Stubs

AMC Stubs is a reward program that gives you different benefits and discounts depending on the membership level you choose.

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Insider Level

The Insider level gives you 20 points for every $1 you spend with AMC.

You also receive waived online ticketing fees after 4+ tickets, discounts on Tuesdays, free refills, birthday gifts, Wi-Fi and other exclusive offers.

This membership is free.

Premier Level

The Premiere level includes all of the offers included at the Insider Level but offers 100 points for every $1 spent.

It also includes free upgrades on popcorn and fountain drinks, priority lanes and waived fees.

The annual membership is $15 + tax a year.

A-List Level

A-List level includes all perks from the two lower levels, plus you can make 3 FREE online reservations each week.

This membership is monthly and includes varying options for locations. The price changes based on the geographical region each member is in.

You can compare the different Stubs levels here.

How to use Points

After you accumulate 5,000 points you will receive $5 in rewards.

How you use your points depends on the membership level you have.

Insiders can use the rewards at the concession stand.

Premiere and A-List levels can use their rewards on ticket purchases and the concession stand.

What are the restrictions?

Rewards cannot be used on alcohol, fees, retail or gift cards.

The Stubs program includes benefits for members, no matter the level you chose and could be a real money saver for a movie enthusiast.


AMC is a large theatre chain that offers a unique and state-of-art movie-viewing experience.

Between their large movie selection, discounts and promotions and concession choices, there is something for every member of your family at AMC.

AMC does offer a military discount of 10% or more.

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However, not all locations offer the discount and the discount is only available on evening tickets at the physical box office.

Contact your local AMC location to verify if they offer the discount.

Another great way to save is to find discounts and promotions on the AMC website here.

The page offers early screening tickets, freebies and discounts on concession items.

The final way to save is to sign up for AMC’s Stubs program.

The program has varying levels but can save you anywhere from concession items to free movie tickets.

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The AMC Theaters military discount entitles active duty and retired military a savings of 10% off their next movie ticket.

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