Arc'Teryx Military Discount
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Arc’teryx Military Discount

Arc’teryx is a high end sporting goods store with locations across the world.

They do not offer a military discount at this time, but they do have a few deals that are offered to every customer, so you can still find a way to save on your purchase.

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About Arc’teryx

Arc’teryx was founded by climbers in Vancouver in 1989.

They’ve got a unique set up where they design and manufacture products in the same location, so they can create the best quality products every time.

The company sells a variety of high end sporting goods products, carrying a heavy focus on mountain wear. 

Some of their most popular products include winter jackets, hiking packs, and climbing essentials.

Today, they have locations all around the world, including many within the United States.

Arc'teryx military discount
Interior of an Arc’teryx Store. Image:

Ways to Save at Arc’teryx

A lot of people believe that Arc’teryx has a military discount, and this is because they used to.

They just recently ended their LEAF program, which gave a special deal to both members of the military and law enforcement professionals.

OMK reached out to Arc’teryx to ensure that the LEAF program had ended, since information on the program can still be found online.

The Arc’teryx customer service team responded, explaining that the LEAF program has ended due to the large amount of time their team spent running it and the low number of people who were taking advantage of it.

Hopefully Arc’teryx will choose to have a military deal again sometime in the future.

For now, though, you can save on your purchase by taking advantage of the ways to save that are outlined below.

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1. Check the Arc’teryx Website for Deals

When Arc’teryx offers special deals and promotions, they are often shown right on the home screen.

They are also shown on a banner that runs along the top of every page on their website. 

Here’s an example of their deal banner:

Screen Shot 2020-04-09 at 7.06.50 PM


Be sure to keep in mind that this isn’t a constant deal. You’ll need to look at the website before you make your purchase to see if a similar deal is available.

You can click here visit Arc’teryx’s home page to check for current deals.

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2. Sign Up to Receive Arc’teryx Emails

Also on the Arc’teryx home page, there is a link that will let you sign up for the company’s newsletter.

Simply scroll to the bottom of the home page and click “Sign up for emails” under the caption “BE THE FIRST TO KNOW.”

These emails will allow you to be the first to know about special deals and promotions the company has.

Exterior of an Arc’teryx Store. Image:

3. See if You’re Eligible for the Arc’teryx Pro Program

This is not a deal that’s available for everyone, but if you’re eligible it’s definitely worth looking into.

The Arc’teryx Pro Program gives exclusive pricing to “mountain professionals.”

Some eligible careers include professional ski and snowboard teachers, park rangers, firefighters, paramedics, and search and rescue team members.

You can view a full lust of eligible persons, as well as more details on the Arc’teryx Pro Program here.

Unfortunately, military members are not one of the eligible groups.

If you belong to another one of the eligible groups though, you can apply here.

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Overall, it’s unfortunate that the Arc’teryx military discount is no longer valid.

However, the other ways to save are still worth taking advantage of.

Next time you’re in need of high end outdoor gear, be sure to look into the deal that’s right for you.

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While Arc'teryx doesn't have a military discount, they do have plenty of other ways you can save money.
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