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Army Allied Trade Specialist (MOS 91E): 2023 Career Details

Army Allied Trade Specialist (MOS 91E) are responsible for performing fabrication, repair and modification on both metallic and nonmetallic parts.

The soldiers in this position use a variety of hand tools, power tools and advanced technology to complete their work.

This MOS is ideal for someone who likes working with their hands and enjoys finding solutions to mechanical problems.

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Qualifications and Training

Those wishing to enter into this MOS must first take the ASVAB.

MOS 91E requires soldiers to receive a minimum score of 98 on the General Maintenance (GM) or a 88 on the General Maintenance, plus a score of at least 95 on the General Technical (GT) portion of the ASVAB.

Once all testing is complete recruits will head to Basic Combat Training for 10 weeks.

After Basic Training, soldiers will go to Advanced Individual Training for 19 weeks.

Advanced Individual Training is at Fort Lee, Virginia, and consists of both classroom and field training including practice in machine operations.

Skills that are helpful in this position:

  • Ability to apply mathematical formulas
  • Interest in math and general science
  • Interest in a job involving metal working and mechanical drawing

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What are the Job Duties of an Allied Trade Specialist?

Army Allied Trade Specialist
Allied Trade Specialist students during training at the U.S. Army Ordnance School. Image:

Allied Trade Specialist are the individuals who make a part for a piece of equipment when it is needed the most.

There may not be the spare part sitting around that is needed to fix your machine or equipment, that is when the Allied Trade Specialist fabricates the piece for you from scratch using different tools and machine shop equipment.

Soldiers in this field must be familiar with machine types, how to set them up and how to properly operate them.

In addition to properly operating the machines, they must know how to safely operate them, and are required to follow all safety procedures.

They are required to use different metals to complete their work.

This position is a combination of two previous MOSs.

Previously this position was split into 44E, Machinist and 44B Welders.

Now that the MOS is combined, it allows soldiers to gain both skills in one position.

Soldiers will manufacture parts using different machines, similar to that of the 44E.

Machines that Allied Trade Specialist now use include engine lathes, utility grinders, power cutoff saws, and hydraulic presses.

They will also use a variety of welding processes similar to the 44B Welders.

These processes include shielded metal arc welding (SMAW), gas metal arc welding (GMAW) and gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW).

Other associated machines include inert gas welding machines, electric arc, oxyacetylene and any associated attachments or accessories.

As technology advances, so does this position.

Recently, soldiers in this MOS have begun training on new technology such as 3D printers.

Part of this position is completing precision work, knowing exact measuring dimensions and shaping metal parts to meet those requirements.

Soldiers in this position may work in a large or small indoor shop, or in a mobile shop.

When working in a mobile shop, soldiers will work out of a metal working machine shop set, which includes all the essential welding equipment, tools and power sources necessary to complete fabrication or repair duties.

This position requires individual to be skilled using computer programming.

Specialist will use computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing (CAD/CAM) to create almost any part necessary.

Soldiers will use computer numerical control (CNC) toolroom lathe along with the CAD/CAM software to complete work.

The process to create a part using this technology includes first using the CAD software to design the part.

The CAM software then creates a code for he CNC.

The CNC will use the code to create a part using cutting tools.

This technology is also available in mobile units that are called metal working and machining shop set (MWMSS).

Although not all units have this technology, it is being distributed.

More job functions of the Allied Trade Specialist can be found in the video below.

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Job Reviews

Soldiers who have left reviews of this position state that it is fast paced, can be stressful, but provides experience that is valuable as a civilian.

Positive reviews discuss the benefits, working environment and training opportunities.

Negative reviews discuss the time away from family and long days.

The reviews below provide positive and negative aspects of the position.

Image: Indeed
Army MOS 91E
Image: Indeed

The review below offers an inside look at potential job duties on any given day.

Army MOS 91E-Machinist
Image: Indeed

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Civilian Career Opportunities

The course to train soldiers as a 91E follows the National Institute of Metal-working Skills (NIMS) curriculum.

Through this curriculum, soldiers have opportunities to take written NIMS tests online that provide credentials that can be used in civilian careers.

NIMS certifications include areas surrounding machining.

This position also allows for certifications for Certified Welder and Certified Associate Welding Inspector through American Welding Society.

With these nationally recognized certifications soldiers can find civilian work as a welder or machinist in a variety of business types.

Soldiers who enter into this MOS, but do not complete the advanced certifications can find related work in fabrication or machine shops.


Army Allied Trade Specialist (MOS 91E)
Army Allied Trade Specialist receiving training on the MWMSS. Image:

Army Allied Trade Specialist (MOS 91E) perform fabrication and repair on metallic and nonmetallic parts using a variety of machine shop equipment.

Specialist in this MOS are skilled as both machinist and welders.

Training for this position includes Basic Combat Training and Advanced Individual Training with both classroom and field work.

Previous Allied Trade Specialist recommend the position for the benefits and skills learned.

Soldiers can find civilian career opportunities in fabrication or with advanced training, certified welding positions.

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Army MOS 91E Career Details


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