Trainees at Fort Sill Army Basic Training

Army Basic Training at Fort Sill

Fort Sill is home to the Fire Centers of Excellence, where soldiers receive training in techniques and tactics revolving around fire systems during combat. Also, Fort Sills Army Basic Training occurs here, as well.

At Fort Sill, soldiers work to support field artillery missions to destroy the enemy with missiles, cannons, and even rockets.  

Also, the units are Fort Sill work to integrate both lethal and non-lethal fire assets.

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1. Where Is Fort Sill Basic Training?

Trainees during blue phase at Fort Sills Army basic Training

Fort Sill is in Lawton, Oklahoma, which is less than 90 miles from Oklahoma City.

Also, Fort Sill is a historical landmark initially established in 1869 and is a military reservation built during the Indian Wars.

Fort Sill has a rich history and is still in operation today. It has been a part of every major war and combat situation since its inception.

2. What Units Are Based at Fort Sill?

The units at Fort Sill are mostly involved with the use of fire support systems.

Also, the units are both Army and Marine Corps.

  • 428th Field Artillery Brigade
  • 434th Field Artillery Brigade
  • 30th Air Defense Artillery Brigade
  • Air Defense Artillery School
  • 31st Air Defense Artillery Brigade
  • 75th Field Artillery Brigade
  • Air Force Weather Station
  • Marine Corps Detachment

3. Fort Sill Basic Training Schedule

Basic Combat Training is a 10-week long course designed to turn recruits into soldiers.

Recruits learn the values of the Army and what is expected of them as soldiers.

Reception Week

The very first week of Combat Basic Training is the reception week.

During this week, recruits have their medical and dental exams.

Also, recruits receive their uniforms, get their hair cut, and take their first physical fitness test.

As recruits filter through reception, they are separated into training units.

Fall In

Week 1: The first week includes classroom instruction, where you’ll learn about Army rules, regulations, and values.


Week 2: You’ll be testing your mental and physical fortitude in the field. You’ll also learn First Aid techniques and map reading.


Week 3: Physical and mental challenges will escalate and you’ll start simulated combat drills that will test your mettle.


Week 4: You’ll learn how to use a rifle, including proper stance, hold, and breathing. 


Week 5: This week in training includes exercises in endurance, fitness, and marksmanship so you can show off what you’ve learned at this halfway point. 


Week 6: You’ll learn the importance of trust and teamwork during this week of Basic Combat Training. 


Week 7: You’ll hit the obstacle course as well as learn hand-to-hand combat and direct fire evasion.

Tactical Training Base

Week 8: A seven-day exercise allows you and your team to put the lessons of the prior weeks into real action. 


Week 9: Don your Class As for final inspection and get ready for graduation.


Week 10: The final week of boot camp concludes on a high note – graduation. 

Fort Sill Army Basic Training Graduation

The day of graduation comes after weeks of hard work and determination.

During graduation, there are family events during the day, and you spend the day visiting with your family and friends.

4. What to Bring to Fort Sill Army Basic Training?

Becoming a part of a team at Fort Sill Army Basic Training

Before you head to Fort Sill for Combat Basic Training, there are a few essential items to gather up and bring along.

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Paperwork and Prescriptions

Remember to bring your essential paperwork, direct deposit form, and military orders.

Your recruiter will help you gather up all you need when you leave.

Also, bring your medical and eyeglass prescriptions.


Fortunately, the Army issues uniforms.

However, you need clothes the day you travel and two changes of clothes because you spend some time that first week waiting for everyone in your unit to arrive and process.

Be sure the clothes are conservative, as well.

Lastly, pay attention to the climate at Fort Sill and consider seasonally appropriate clothing.

Personal Items

It is necessary to bring some items when you travel, such as a toothbrush, paste, and shaving equipment.

However, it is best to gather the necessary items and toiletries after you arrive because they are available for purchase.

By waiting, you cut down on how long it takes to have your personal belongings inspected during your reception week.

Things You Should Not Bring to Fort Sill Army Basic Training

The list of items you should not bring is longer than the list of permitted items.

However, plan to leave personal electronics at home, as you are not permitted to use them during training.

Also, weapons, drugs, tobacco, and alcohol are prohibited, as well.

Finally, your family members and friends must wait until graduation to see you.

5. Conclusion

There are a few basic training sites the Army uses and Fort Sill is one of them.

Fort Sill has an interesting history and is still in operation today. 

There are several units present on the base, and they mostly focus on fire systems for combat.

Combat Basic Training at Fort Sill is a 10-week long course designed to take recruits and make them into soldiers.

You have classroom training during boot camp as well as hands-on learning with weapons, operations, and physical fitness.

Do not be tempted to overpack for boot camp, because the Army provides you with nearly everything you need, so less is best.

Lastly, all your hard work pays off at the end of the ten-week when you celebrate your accomplishment with your family during graduation.


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