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ASVAB Boot Camp Review: Is It Worth It?

Those joining the military understand the minimum is not enough to guarantee success, and the ASVAB boot camp can help prepare potential recruits to exceed expectations.

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) includes 200 questions that help determine which jobs you are likely to find success.

Therefore, the higher your score on the ASVAB, you can choose from a broader range of potential careers.

Also, if you have to retake your ASVAB test in order to enlist, you delay the start of your new career.

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There are many reasons why a recruit might need help with their ASVAB score, including the length of time since high school, test-taking skills, and even study skills, to name a few.

Fortunately, programs, such as ASVAB Boot Camp, offer a solution to what might seem like an obstacle.

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What is ASVAB Boot Camp?

ASVAB Boot Camp could improve your score

ASVAB boot camp is a solution for those unsure how to organize their studying to ensure success on the ASVAB test.

Based in the state of Washington, the company uses experts who fully understand the value and nuances of online learning.

Because of their commitment to e-learning, all the materials for the ASVAB boot camp are highly rigorous.

Also, the Instructional Designers with ASVAB Boot Camp work to create user-friendly, relevant modules and capitalize on learning new information for learners’ long-term memory storage.

Because of these efforts, ASVAB Boot Camp offers interactive modules designed to ensure test-takers are prepared for their ASVAB test and get the best score possible.

ASVAB Boot Camp Reviews

Reviewers familiar with this test preparation program remark that the practice tests are very similar to their real-world experience with the ASVAB test.

independent review of ASVAB boot camp

Also, reviewers note the ability to see the answer rationale right away helped prepare. That way, learning occurs at the same time as practicing.

ASVAB Boot Camp Reviews

Furthermore, some reviewers note their test scores improved drastically for their retest even after a short amount of time using the study program.


One problem noticed in the reviews is the platform charged some customers twice, and gaining a refund on the overcharge was a challenge.

It appears this happened a while ago, but you might consider using a credit card rather than a debit card, so you have an easier time gaining a refund for the secondary charge.

asvab boot camp review on facebook

Pros and Cons

There are pros and cons to consider before purchasing ASVAB Boot Camp.


  • The practice tests closely resemble the actual test
  • Scores tend to improve
  • Affordable
  • Online platform is portable
  • User-friendly modules


  • Lack of instructor oversight
  • Online learning is not the best solution for every learner
  • Cannot ask instructor questions
  • Lack of personalized feedback

Where to Buy

You have several packages to consider when purchasing ASVAB Boot Camp online.

First, you could take online classes that are one to three hours long.

These classes are for arithmetic reasoning, mathematics knowledge, paragraph comprehension, or word knowledge.

Also, the prices for the online classes range from $8.99 to $14.99.

These online classes all include tips for the test, as well.

Also, ASVAB Boot Camp has several practice tests you can use to help you predict how you will do on the actual exam and help you understand the areas you need to study.

The practice tests are instant online access and range in cost from $3.99 to $6.99.

Furthermore, the areas covered are the same as the online classes: arithmetic reasoning, mathematics knowledge, paragraph comprehension, and word knowledge.

Lastly, you might consider the ASVAB Boot Camp bundles.

First, you can bundle the lessons and all the practice exams for all four areas.

Also, the bundle includes over eight hours of online instructions and practice.

You will have 60 days of access to this bundle for a price of $59.99.

This costs averages about a dollar a day, and you can access the content from a tablet, phone, computer, or even a Kindle Fire.

The next bundle to consider is the practice test pack.

If you do not need online lessons but want to practice the tests, you can save 5% by buying the bundle.

The practice test bundle is $20.99.

While you decide which option is best for you, it is helpful to know that ASVAB Boot Camp has a refund policy that states they will give you a full refund within 30 days of purchase if you are unhappy with your purchase.

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The ASVAB Boot Camp program is a well-designed and easy-to-use study platform for those getting ready for the ASVAB test.

You have a choice between buying the program in pieces to cover the topics you need, or you can buy bundles.

The bundles include online instruction only.

Otherwise, you can purchase bundles of the test prep practice tests.

However, many customers prefer both, and they purchase a complete bundle to save time and money.

The design of the test preparation software intentionally maximizes memory retention and gives test-takers a real-world example of what to expect on test day.

Reviewers note overcharging problems, but most reviewers comment that their scores were satisfactory after using ASVAB Boot Camp.

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ASVAB Boot Camp

4.2 out of 5 (10 Ratings)

We rated the ASVAB Boot Camp a 4.2 out of 5 stars based on the average of user reviews, as well as our own independent internal research.
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