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14 Basic Training Graduation Gift Ideas For Each Military Branch

Basic training is grueling regardless of what military branch you decide to join.

Recruits are shipped to a remote location where they spend 2-3 months preparing for service.

Basic training is physically and mentally exhausting and pushes recruits to the limits.

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Consequently, it’s nice to get something from a loved one while they are away from home.

Since communication is limited at boot camp, you may find these basic training gift ideas helpful for each military branch:

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Navy Recruit Training Graduation

Air Force BMT Graduation

Army Basic Training Graduation

Marine Recruit Training Graduation

Coast Guard Boot Camp Graduation

A Navy Boot Camp graduation. Image:

The United States Navy only has one training location for boot camp.

The Great Lakes Naval Training Center serves as the only active training facility in the country for the U.S. Navy.

It processes more than 50,000 recruits each year at Recruit Training Command.

Recruits spend two months on the western shore of Lake Michigan (near Chicago) where they have very little communication with the outside world.

Therefore, you should consider sending the following graduation gifts for Navy boot camp graduation:

Casio G-Shock Digital Step Tracker Watch

g-shock digital step tracker watch - navy boot camp graduation gift

It’s a good idea to invest in practical gifts for your loved one that is joining the U.S. Navy.

As a result, this fitness tracker makes a great addition to their arsenal.

The Casio G-Shock Digital Step Tracker Watch is comfortable and optimized for athletic performance.

The watch provides a step counter, stopwatch, alarms, and other functionality.

Additionally, you can connect the device to the G-Shock smartphone app to track your fitness progress.

Lastly, the Casio G-Shock Digital Step Tracker Watch is shock and water-resistant.

You can find the Casio G-Shock Digital Step Tracker Watch at Dick’s Sporting Goods here.

STKR Bamff 100-Lumen LED Rechargeable Flashlight

navy graduation gift

Another excellent gift idea for basic training is the STKR Bamff 100-Lumen LED Rechargeable Flashlight.

The spotlight/flashlight includes a mounting kit and remote.

It has instant activation with a 2-button pressure switch.

Moreover, the device is waterproof with an aircraft-grade aluminum body.

It not only functions very effectively but looks stylish.

The built-in micro USB port makes charging the device a breeze.

The STKR Bamff 100-Lumen LED Rechargeable Flashlight presents 5 different lighting modes, including SOS and disorientation strobe.

It especially thrives during nighttime operation as it delivers peripheral lighting as opposed to the tunnel vision you get with a traditional flashlight.

The STKR Bamff 100-Lumen LED Rechargeable Flashlight is available through Lowes here.

Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 Sunglasses

oakley half jacket tactical sunglasses

The Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 sunglasses are another Oakley entry that utilizes Oakley’s High Definition Optics, or HDO, lenses.

They come in a classic black iridium color, and the lens base color is gray.

The specially engineered Half Jacket 2.0 features lenses can be swapped out in moments with ease.

This is perfect since they can be used with Oakley Authentic Prescription Lenses.

The lens options include possible Polarizing, Iridium, or Photochromic choices.

The frame is made from Oakley’s signature lightweight O Matter composite and features nose pads and ear pads of Unobtanium for optimal comfort.

The Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 can be bought for just under $140 from the official Optics Planet official website here:

Air Force Boot Camp Graduation Gift Ideas

An Air Force BMT graduation ceremony. Image:

The United States Air Force conducts basic training in San Antonio, Texas.

The Joint Base San Antonio (JBSA) Lackland serves as headquarters for USAF boot camp.

Basic training in the Air Force lasts a little over two months until graduation.

Once that time arrives, you may want to consider one of the following gifts for the new cadet:

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#1. GoPro HERO8 Black

gopro hero8 black

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your newly graduating Air Force Airman or Airwoman, look no further than the GoPro HERO7 Silver.

It’s by far the best Air Force graduation gift for a lot of reasons, and it’s made by the leading provider of high-quality cameras in the world.

The GoPro HERO8 features:

  • Video stabilization
  • Live-Streaming capabilities
  • Slow-Mo function
  • Easy-to-use touch screen
  • Waterproof
  • 1080p 240 resolution

Your newly graduating Airman can take videos of himself or herself doing the job, and quickly and easily post it to YouTube, or even send directly to friends and family.

Pick one up on the official GoPro website here:

U.S. Air Force Personalized Canvas Messenger Tote Bag

air force graduation gift
Image: Bradford Exchange

Service members of the U.S. Air Force have a lot to carry around the base.

The U.S. Air Force Personalized Canvas Messenger Tote Bag is really unique because you can brand whatever message you want for a loved one.

It allows you to show your pride for the country as well as your family member or friend serving the nation.

The tote bag is very stylish and versatile for several different purposes.

It’s officially licensed by the USAF, so you know that you are getting a high-quality product.

The front flap pocket can get personalized with a unique message at absolutely no additional cost.

Furthermore, the bag is produced with a high-quality khaki canvas so it will hold up over time.

The bag provides two exterior flap pockets along with an exterior slip pocket on the back.

You get two additional inside pockets as well as one that zips to secure prized possessions.

The U.S. Air Force Personalized Canvas Messenger Tote Bag is available through the Bradford Exchange here.

Ontario Knife Company 499 Air Force Fixed-Blade Knife

air force basic training graduation gifts

The Ontario Knife Company 499 Air Force Fixed-Blade Knife is a type of weapon that you are allowed to gift to a recent graduate of Air Force basic training.

The Ontario Knife Company is very reputable with over a half-century of fantastic blades.

It has equipped servicemen with knives that assist with everything from their military job to survival.

Moreover, the Ontario Knife Company 499 Air Force Fixed-Blade Knife is specifically designed for the U.S. Army and Air Force.

It features a 1095 carbon blade with saw teeth on the spine.

The leather handle also meets government specifications for concealment, and is one of the best basic training gift ideas for Air Force graduations.

Pick it up on the official Bass Pro website here.

See a list of other Air Force BMT graduation gifts here.

Army Basic Training Gift Ideas

An Army Boot Camp graduation ceremony. Image:

Army boot camp is a little longer compared to the U.S. Air Force and Navy.

Army Basic Combat Training (BCT) lasts 10 weeks before specialized training takes place.

Those that enter infantry and Army OSUT go slightly longer.

The U.S. Army has five different training facilities for boot camp so make sure you get the correct address to send a gift.

Here are some outstanding basic training gift ideas for graduates of Army boot camp:

Adventure Essentials Survival Kit

Adventure Essentials Survival Kit - army graduation gifts

The Adventure Essentials Survival Kit is fairly self-explanatory.

It’s an excellent boot camp graduation gift because it provides all the essential safety supplies.

Additionally, all the survival gear is military-grade and fits within the included aluminum LED flashlight.

The survival kit contains water purification tablets, wire saw, reflective trail markers, compass, and waterproof matches.

All of the products go inside a small canister which fits inside the resourceful flashlight.

Therefore, it’s a very compact and practical gift for a loved one.

You can purchase the survival kit at here.

Cabela’s Catch-All Range Bag

cabelas catch all range bag

We completely get the desire to relax and get rid of anger in a healthy way by attending a shooting range.

Therefore, you may want to gift your soldier with the Cabela’s Catch-All Range Bag.

As the name implies, this nifty bag is constructed with weather-resistant 600D polyester material.

The Cabela’s Canvas Sporting Clays Range Bag can also support your shooting glasses and earmuffs.

There are several pockets that close with zippers to contain all your accessories.

The carrying bag is 16″L x 10″W x 8″H.

Shop the Cabela’s Catch-All Range Bag at here.

CampCo UZI DISC Tactical Gift Pack

CampCo UZI DISC Tactical Gift Pack - army basic training graduation gift

The CampCo UZI DISC TACPACK-1 is another excellent gift for graduates of Army boot camp.

The tactical combo features a folding knife with a 2-3/4 in 420 stainless steel blade.

The set also includes an aircraft aluminum tactical pen with striking point and 1/2 W LED flashlight.

It’s sold with a water/shock resistant carrying case for easy transportation.

The CampCo UZI DISC TACPACK-1 has been used and trusted by the U.S. Army for years.

Shop the CampCo UZI DISC TACPACK-1 through the Palmetto State Armory here which also offers a military discount for customers.

See a list of other Army Basic Training Graduation Gifts here.

Marine Corps Boot Camp Graduation Gift Ideas

A Marine Corps Basic Training graduation ceremony. Image:

Marine Corps boot camp is among the most difficult and extensive.

USMC basic training lasts nearly 3 months which means your loved one will really appreciate a gift at the end of the training.

Recruits have two options for boot camp (Parris Island, SC or San Diego, CA).

Make sure you have the right address before considering one of these basic training gift ideas:

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Oakley M Frame Sunglasses

oakley m2 frame xl tactical sunglasses

Oakley is a premier manufacturer of high-quality sunglasses in the United States.

Your beloved service member will thank you if you send a pair of the Oakley M Frame Sunglasses.

The M Frame version features three shields of pure Plutonite.

Consequently, the grey lens controls reflection and transmission.

Meanwhile, the second clear layer and VR28 lenses add optical armor for night and low light shooting exercises.

Regardless of the environment, you get razor-sharp clarity to focus on a target.

The high definition optics (HDO) eliminates distortion for a clearer and more accurate field of vision.

You can find the Oakley M Frame Sunglasses through the official Optics Planet website here.

Dollar Shave Club Gift Set

Dollar Shave Club Gift Set - marine graduation gift ideas

Dollar Shave Club supports the troops with a military discount.

Moreover, you can get an excellent deal by sending the Dollar Shave Club Gift Set to a recent graduate of the Marine Corps.

The travel gift set includes everything a Marine needs for life on the road.

The gift set includes a razor with an executive handle along with shave butter, toothpaste, daily face cleanser, and extra razors.

A travel bag is also included to house all your accessories in one easy location.

You can send the Dollar Shave Club Gift Set to anywhere in the world and have it arrive within 5-7 business days.

Send the gift bag and consider a membership for a recruit at

Leatherman P4

leatherman p4 - gift idea for marine boot camp graduation

The Leatherman P4 is one of the most advanced multipurpose tools from the highly reputable manufacturer.

Leatherman produces some of the finest knives and multipurpose tools in the country.

The P4 is a more robust version of the Leatherman P2 as it also includes a saw and 420HC serrated knife.

All in all, the Leatherman P4 offers 21 different tools yets still manages to weigh less than 9 ounces.

Therefore, it is extremely compact and Marines can take it anywhere.

Leatherman features a tremendous 25-year warranty on all its products.

Shop the Leatherman P4 and other products at here.

See a list of other Marine Corps Boot Camp Graduation Gifts here.

Coast Guard Boot Camp Graduation Gift Ideas

A Coast Guard Basic Training graduation. Image:

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) has one training location for boot camp.

Basic training takes place at the Training Center Cape May in New Jersey.

Boot camp in the USCG lasts approximately two months and is very demanding.

Your loved one will appreciate anything you wish to send them following completion.

For this reason, consider these Coast Guard basic training gift ideas:

Vortex Optics Diamondback Binoculars

Vortex Optics Diamondback Binoculars - coast guard graduation gifts

The Vortex Optics Diamondback Binoculars are compact and excellent for Coastguardsmen.

The 10×32 binoculars deliver bright, clear, and vivid images.

It’s effective for a source of improved vision even in difficult lighting situations such as dawn or dusk.

The rugged binoculars are built with a strong yet lightweight aluminum body and heavy-duty rubber armor.

They also work well in the water thanks to the non-slip surface.

The Vortex Optics Diamondback Binoculars present a field of vision of 1,000 yards: 340 feet.

Additionally, you can focus images as close as 5.3 feet.

Shop the Vortex Optics Diamondback Binoculars at Brownells here, which also offers a military discount.

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Coast Guard Bar Tray

Coast Guard Bar Tray

The Coast Guard Bar Tray is a really stylish and simple gift for Coasties.

The bar tray is customizable with a personalized message.

Therefore, it offers a personalized gift that will bring a smile to your proud member of the Coast Guard every time they use it.

The Coast Guard Bar Tray is made of solid acacia wood and engraved with whatever message you wish to present.

The handmade bar tray has the dimensions of 16″ x 12″.

It’s the perfect Coast Guard boot camp graduation gift, purchase it at Prestige Decanters here.

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