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Blue Falcon Meaning: 4 Things To Know

What does the slang term “Blue Falcon” mean?

Blue Falcon suggests a certain thing about a comrade or fighting buddy.

Its origins (like many military slang terms) are quite humorous.

Learn more about the hidden meaning of “blue falcon” in military service.

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What is the meaning of Blue Falcon?

what is a blue falcon military

What is the actual meaning of Blue Falcon?

The term is frequently heard in military service but what exactly does it imply?

Blue Falcons, with no other way to say it, are not good comrades.

They have earned the military slang because of a selfish reputation and are renowned for stealing your girl.

For this reason, these military personnel are affectionately known in the military by the more vulgar term “buddy f**kers” (or BFs).

Discover 4 interesting things to know about the military slang “blue falcon” below:

#1. Blue Falcon Meaning

Blue Falcons have a reputation for letting others take the fall for their mistakes or actions. They may also be snitches.

Regardless of how you define it, most in the U.S. Armed Forces do not want to end up with the reputation of being a scoundrel.

Blue Falcons will do anything to save their own behind even if that entails lying or snitching to superior officers.

Despite the poor reputation of being a backstabber, BFs do exist in military service.

So, for many in the Armed Services, these figures transform into unwanted members of a unit, as well as the blunt of many jokes.

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#2. Military Definition of Blue Falcon

what does blue falcon mean in the military

What is a Blue Falcon in the military?

Unfortunately, these creatures are a fixture of military life.

Nevertheless, there has never really been a cohesive definition as to what it actually means.

However, it can be summed up as:

Someone who betrays or otherwise causes trouble and problems for fellow comrades.

Nobody wants to be “that guy,” but inevitably, they can be found during any tour of military service.

As a result, there are many definitions for military slang depending on where you search.

Typically, Urban Dictionary features some of the most amusing definitions.

#3. Habits / Tendencies

A Blue Falcon has earned that reputation in the U.S. Armed Forces because of past habits or actions.

The military very much relies on personal reputation and conduct to define how effective that person is as a service member.

Consequently, Blue Falcons have the tendency to rat other troops out for minor offenses.

Meanwhile, others serve in supervisory roles and are notorious for being overly strict or intense during physical fitness training (PFT).

Then, there are some of the most infamous and notorious BFs of all time (more information, below).

Generally, Blue Falcons display similar signs or habits like:

  • Willing to throw others under the bus to avoid disciplinary action.
  • Snitching, lying, or cheating in order to advance or be promoted within military ranks.
  • Being lazy or incompetent service members who avoid doing mundane tasks and chores.
  • Making critical or frequent mistakes that cost the rest of the unit or result in disciplinary action.

In the end, most define a Blue Falcon in the military as someone willing to betray others or cause problems for their own benefit.

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#4. Famous Blue Falcons in Military Service

blue falcon army

In general, everyone in the military understands that being a BF is not desirable.

However, no one is ever willing to admit that they are, indeed, the infamous bird.

Nonetheless, there are some classic examples of people in the military acting like BFs.

In fact, some of the most iconic members in history have even been accused of behaving like a Blue Falcon.

These include legendary military generals like George Washington, Douglas MacArthur, and Dwight Eisenhower.

Furthermore, controversial deserters like Bowe Bergdahl and Benedict Arnold.

Then, are are infamous stories from the Revolutionary and Civil War eras of conflict.

For better or worse, buddy f**kers have existed since the beginning of military service.

Be that as it may, some do have redemptive qualities and are capable of shedding that reputation over time.


Caw caw.

Nobody wants to hear the sounds of a Blue Falcon during their time in the military.

It’s generally an indication from fellow service members that someone is behaving like a BF.

The military slang term has a negative connotation which means you should avoid earning that reputation at all costs.

Meanwhile, for others, BFs serve as the blunt of jokes and comedy within military service.

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Blue Falcon Military Meaning

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What is a Blue Falcon? The military slang term has negative connotations as well as humorous origins. Discover 4 interesting facts.
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