marine infantry officer mos 0302 career details

USMC Infantry Officer: MOS 0302 Career Details for 2023

Marine Infantry Officers serve at the forefront of expeditionary operations.

In other words, these Marines act as the first line of defense against enemy forces.

As such, the job requirements and physical demands are intense.

Nonetheless, many Marine officers wouldn’t choose any other military occupation.

Learn more about Marine Infantry Officer (MOS 0302).

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Marine Corps (USMC) Infantry Officer

marine infantry officer 0302

Marine Infantry Officer is one of the most challenging yet rewarding military occupations.

The purpose of the role in the military is to instruct and lead future Infantrymen.

As a result, Marine Infantry Officers are the backbone of the expeditionary force.

Infantry officers command what are affectionately known in the military branch as “grunts.”

Marine Infantrymen have garnered this title largely because of the physical demands and dangers of the occupation.

Nevertheless, those who are willing to work hard, command, and take responsibility can have a future as an Infantry Officer.

The Marine Corps refers to its jobs as Military Occupational Specialties (MOS).

Therefore, the Marine Corps classifies Infantry Officers as MOS 0302.

Learn more about USMC Infantry Officers (MOS 0302) including job requirements, training, duties, and expectations.

USMC Infantry Officer Requirements

marine infantry officer training

The Marine Corps has several requirements for civilians or enlisted personnel who desire to become commissioned officers.

For starters, new officer candidates must meet basic qualifications along with educational requirements.

Additionally, the Marine Corps features an extensive training program for candidates seeking to become officers.


First, those who wish to become Marine officers must have a four-year college education, culminating in a bachelor’s degree.

Generally, a high school diploma or GED equivalent is enough to join as enlisted personnel.

However, Marine officers must have a college education (bachelor’s or master’s) degree.

The good news is there are many different Navy and Marine programs that can help fund the high costs of books and tuition.

Marine officer programs offer tuition assistance in exchange for a service commitment after graduating college.


Secondly, there are a few basic qualifications that every Marine Officer must meet in order to qualify:

  • Citizen of the United States
  • Between the ages of 20 – 27
  • Must pass a physical fitness test
  • Possess a bachelor’s degree (or currently attending college)

The physical fitness standards of the Marine Corps are quite rigorous.

Accordingly, it doesn’t hurt to prepare ahead of officer candidate school and get into peak physical condition as soon as possible.

It’s especially true for candidates who aspire to become Marine Infantry Officers, where the physical demands are extreme.

Consequently, the Marines require officer candidates to pass a fitness test, which includes running several miles and other exercises.

Finally, a criminal background is generally disqualifying for the role of a Marine officer.

Marine Infantry Officers Course (IOC)

The next step after college is Officer Candidate School, which involves 10 weeks of rigorous training at Quantico, Virginia.

Following that is the Marine Corps’ The Basic School (TBS), also at Quantico. Then, they’ll spend another 12 weeks preparing for the role of a Marine officer at the Infantry Officers Course (IOC).

The purpose of the Marine IOC is to educate and train candidates with the knowledge, skills, and leadership they need to succeed.

Furthermore, the training course provides the core infantry knowledge necessary to command reconnaissance, sniper, and LAR units.

Marine IOC is considered by many one of the most grueling officer training programs in the service branch.

In fact, some years indicate that the washout rate during training at the Infantry Officers Course is around 25%.

The intense training features 9 exhausting hikes, 6 tactical field exercises, and crossing a massive wall.

Moreover, while no longer required for graduation, recruits are also evaluated in the Combat Endurance Test (CET).

The purpose of CET is to determine whether or not the candidate has the skills and ability to become an Infantry Officer.

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USMC Officer Training Courses

Generally, after finishing Marine IOC, graduates may receive a brief stint of leave before being assigned to their first duty station.

Furthermore, Marine officers may also attend a variety of other specialty training courses, including:

  • Mountain Leader
  • Ranger School
  • Cavalry Leader
  • Scout Swimmer
  • Mortar Platoon Leader Course
  • MOUT Instructor

The service branch instills that “every Marine is a rifleman,” which is something that the role of MOS 0302 takes very seriously.

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USMC Infantry Officer (MOS 0302) Explained

mos 0302 usmc infantry officer

Marine Infantry Officers (MOS 0302) play an integral role in the service branch.

In fact, when people think of Marines, they probably have the vision of an Infantry Officer.

Marine Infantry Officers lead troops into combat operations and have the difficult job of determining when to engage the enemy.

Additionally, USMC Infantry Officers must maintain troop morale and discipline.

These are not easy tasks, especially when one must consider the physical demands of the military occupation.

However, despite all the challenges, Marine MOS 0302 is also one of the most rewarding roles in the service branch.

Infantry Officers generally develop a close attachment with the other Marines they are assigned to command and protect.

As such, Marine MOS 0302 requires that individuals have the ability to work under pressure while planning and coordinating attacks.

Job Duties (MOS 0302)

Marine Infantry Officers may command reconnaissance and intelligence units like Air-Ground Task Forces (MAGTF).

Thus, in offensive situations, Infantry Officers are responsible for employing weapons like machine guns and mortars.

Moreover, officers may employ anti-armor units or demolitions in support of combat operations.

Then, in a defensive situation, USMC Infantry Officers usually command machine guns or mortars.

Additionally, they may also prepare the company or platoon’s fire plan overlay.

In general, Marine Infantry Officers (MOS 0302) are known to perform the following job duties:

  • Develop offensive and defensive war strategies.
  • Collect and analyze intelligence on enemy strength and position.
  • Coordinate with supporting units including aviation, tanks, AAVs, and artillery.
  • Direct the use of infantry weapons including machine guns, mortars, rockets, and antitank missiles.
  • Perform administrative and management functions including supervising unit training.

Marine officers can also be assigned to Light Armored Reconnaissance (LAR) units.

The role is slightly more specialized, yet most of the job duties remain similar.

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Marine (USMC) Infantry Officer – Pay & Benefits

usmc infantry officer 0302

There are many advantages to joining the Marine Corps.

The service branch has an outstanding reputation and is known for producing dependable officers.

Marine officers also earn better pay and benefits compared to enlisted personnel.

For this reason, a financial incentive exists to perform well in the Marines and achieve a promotion in ranks.

The Marine Corps pays service members the same regardless of Military Occupational Specialty (MOS).

Thus, monthly pay is determined based on the military rank and number of years the Marine has served the country.

The minimum monthly pay for Marine Corps Infantry Officers is as follows:

InsigniaPay GradeRankAbbreviation2023 Minimum Monthly Pay
O-1Second Lieutenant2ndLt$3,637.20
O-2First Lieutenant1stLt$4,190.70
O-5Lieutenant ColonelLtCol$6,393.30
O-7Brigadier GeneralBGen$10,113.00
O-8Major GeneralMajGen$12,170.70
O-9Lieutenant GeneralLtGen$17,201.40
marine corps general insigniaO-10GeneralGen$17,675.10

In general, the more years of service and the higher the rank – the better the pay and benefits.

It’s important to note that base monthly pay is exclusive of your Basic Housing Allowance (BAH).

Basic Housing Allowance for a new Infantry Officer can range from an additional $1,000  per month for a single 2nd Lieutenant to $5,200 per month for one with dependents. 

In addition, Marine Corps officers authorized to live off-base make another $300 in food allowance (BAS).

Furthermore, military benefits are usually better than most civilian jobs with extended coverage available for dependents.

As a result, spouses and eligible dependents may also receive health care and other privileges.

Other benefits include 30 days of paid vacation per year, low-cost life insurance, tuition assistance and educational funding for advanced degrees, as well as full retirement at 20 years of service.

Find out how much you can expect to earn each month as a Marine officer.

USMC Infantry Officer Job Reviews

There are pros and cons to any new job, especially a position with tremendous responsibility.

Be that as it may, most former Marine officers acknowledge that the experience was positive:

In fact, many veterans acknowledge that there is nothing compared to serving in the U.S. Marines.

The service branch has a fantastic reputation for training and developing high-quality military officers.

Still, the Marine Corps has drawbacks like any institution.

Marines often complain about the long hours and intense work demands, but that seems to be the norm across all branches.


Civilian Job Opportunities

USMC Infantry Officers face many challenges on the battlefield.

They are not only in “survival mode” but also must understand how to lead a group of Marines.

As such, Infantry Officers traditionally make outstanding business managers and leaders after leaving the military.

Marine officers are highly valued for the skills they present to any future employer, including their moral character.

For this reason, there really are no boundaries to the type of civilian employment and careers former officers can pursue.

Often, former Marine officers are hired based on a job or duty they performed in the military.

Nonetheless, the team-building and leadership skills you develop in the USMC will go a long way in any occupation.

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A Marine Corps (USMC) Infantry Officer serves an important role in the service branch.

Accordingly, USMC Infantry Officers inherit many challenges regarding the physical and mental aspects of the job.

The Marine Corps demands much of officers and requires extensive education and training.

However, those with mental toughness, fortitude, and leadership skills can thrive in the military occupation.

Marine officers earn better than their enlisted personnel and have many opportunities for promotion.

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Marine (USMC) Infantry Officers are an integral part of the service branch. These officers command "grunts" who are at the front of conflict.
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