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Boost Mobile Military Discount

Boost Mobile is a phone company that’s growing steadily in popularity and provides service to hundreds of thousands of Americans.

Those with a military background are probably wondering if Boost Mobile offers a military discount.

A quick search on Google shows that Boost Mobile does not, in fact, offer a military discount.

This is unfortunate, as a cell phone has become a necessity in our modern society, and any percentage that’s taken off the price of a phone would help a servant of our country greatly.

However, Boost Mobile does offer a different service.

It’s called the ‘Deployed Military Program‘, and you can click here to see all the official details on it.

In a nutshell, they allow service men and women to temporarily end their mobile services while they are deployed overseas to avoid paying for services that they aren’t using.

People who make use of this service are also still able to keep their account and their numbers.

This perk must be claimed over the phone by calling Boost Mobile’s Customer Care center at 866-402-7366.

These are great benefits that Boost Mobile offers our service people!

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How To Sign Up For The Deployed Military Program

As stated above, the only way to claim the discount is by calling on the phone.

The instructions on how to claim the discount are as follows:

1. Call the aforementioned number. Be sure to have as much relevant information on you as possible, such as the length of time you’ll be deployed, information about your phone plan, etc.

2. The customer service rep should then work with you and get you enrolled in the program.

3. Once you’re enrolled, you will receive an email with information on the program.

4. Your account will then be suspended; however, as stated before, your contract will not be terminated.

Even though the discount appears to only be claimable over the phone, it wouldn’t hurt calling customer service and seeing what options are available to you online or in-person.

Who can claim the discount?

A Boost Mobile store in Connecticut. Image:

As mentioned before, only active duty military people who are going to be deployed can claim the discount.

This is so that they don’t have to pay unnecessary bills for services that they aren’t using.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the specifics on this perk?

According to this page that provides extensive information on this benefit, those that claim the Deployment Military Program perk will:

  • Not be able to use any services on their phone (i.e. can’t make phone calls, send/receive texts, or use data)
  • Have some features on My Account be inaccessible
  • Be unable to add money to their Boost Mobile account
  • Calls to Boost Care from the frozen phone will be restricted
  • Be obligated to restore service as soon as deployment is over; failure to do so puts the customer at risk of having their account canceled completely and having service disabled permanently

The program can also be in effect for a maximum of 990 days at a time.

If you’re going to be deployed longer than that, you must renew the program at the end of those 990 days.

You can renew the program by calling Boost Mobile again, which can be done from the phone with suspended service.

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Will there be any permanent changes to my account from using this perk?

Boost Mobile does state that there may be a change in your monthly bill once you restore service.

This may be due to an increase in the amount you have to pay each month for service – which would be an increase that you would have had to pay anyway.

As stated before, you may also have service canceled altogether if you forget to restore service.

Can those who have been dishonorably discharged claim the perk?

No, absolutely not.

It is specifically mentioned that only military men and women who are going to be deployed can claim this perk; this is only so that they won’t be paying for a service that they won’t be using.

By the way, you won’t be able to enjoy military discounts with virtually any company if you have a dishonorable discharge.

Can the perk be combined with other discounts?

Boost Mobile isn’t clear on this, but it’s entirely plausible.

It’s important to ask questions such as these when you’re on the phone with the Customer Care center.

They will tell you if those left behind and still using their services can claim any additional discounts while your service is frozen.

Can the family of those who are eligible for the discount also claim any benefits?

In a way, yes.

If the one eligible for the discount is paying for a family plan or has the bill under their name, then by extension the discount that brings down the overall price of the monthly bill helps out any and all within the family who contribute to the bill.

In short, if service to a phone is suspended, that also eases the financial burden of those who are left behind to pay the bill.

Are there any limits to the discount?

Yes, there are.

No other military men besides those being deployed can claim the discount.

Meaning that regardless of where you travel, you can’t alter your service using the Deployment Military Program unless you’re being deployed.

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It’s great that Boost Mobile offers a benefit to service men and women who are being deployed.

It’s unfortunate that they don’t offer a military discount, however this Deployment Military Program will save many military families hundreds of dollars in the long run.

It’s a convenient service that’s easy to sign up for and easy to cancel once your deployment is over.

It’s important to know what your options are and to know what to expect. Good luck and happy shopping!

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While Boost Mobile doesn't have a military discount, they do offer the ability to essentially pause your service while you're deployed.
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