Marine Corps MOS 3451

Marine MOS 3451

MOS 3451 is the designation for enlisted marines with the title of Financial Management Resource Analyst.

These marines receive training and education on accounting, ledger balance, and basic financial management.

They are responsible for monitoring the ledger, spending, and financial data within a unit to ensure that the units are staying on track with their budgets.

Requirements and Qualifications

  • Successfully complete basic training and have the title of U.S. Marine
  • Have a general technical score of 110 or higher on ASVAB
  • Be eligible for a secret security clearance
  • Complete the financial management resource analyst course at the Financial Management School in Camp Lejeune, NC

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Training and Career Path

Marines interested in being 3451 should successfully complete basic training to earn the right to wear the eagle, globe, and anchor and be called a U.S. Marine.

Following basic training, marines will attend Marine Combat Training for up to 1 month where they will learn basic weapons, tactics, and maneuvers to be better prepared as riflemen if the situation arises.

Following Marine Combat Training, marines will fly to Camp Lejeune, NC where they will attend the Financial Management School with the purpose of completing the basic financial management resource analyst course.

This course provides basic information on managing ledgers and basic accounting.

Successful completion of this course will lead to an assignment to a unit where further training will take place in the form of on-the-job-training.

Expected Pay

This MOS is available for all marines, whether brand new to the Corps or lateral moving after a couple years of service in a different MOS.

However, this article is targeted at individuals interested in learning more about this MOS prior to enlisting in the United States Marine Corps.

Therefore, the pay scale that is provided is the basic pay that all members of the military receive.

It will only show the ranks from E2 to E4.

E2 because that is the rank that most marines will be when they are attending school and when they first complete the school.

The pay scale provided does not go above E4 since all marines that are at E4 or above should have the knowledge and resources to determine their annual pay.

Pay Grade                  Time in Service                      Monthly Pay

E2                                <1 year                                    $1884

E3                                >2 years                                   $2105

E4                                >2 years                                   $2307

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Day in the Life of MOS 3451

Marines in this MOS will have a fairly regular day to day life. It will consist of a morning PT routine at least 3 days per week.

This will be followed up with basic room cleaning and organization prior to departing for work.

If there is time, marines will often grab a morning chow on the way to work.

Once at work, 3451 marines will double check weekly budgets, verify the balance of ledgers, monitor upcoming expenses, create financial forecasts for upcoming missions, and create spending forecasts for upcoming quarters.

The daily life will be tedious and busy, but marines in this MOS can enjoy some moderate regularity.

Civilian Opportunities

A basic understanding of record keeping can help these marines land jobs as bookkeepers for smaller companies.

Additionally, the knowledge of finance and accounting will give these marines an edge at understanding the more complex accounting topics that may be studied at community colleges or universities.

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Furthermore, with some basic studying and preparation, marines in this MOS can apply to be personal financial coaches/analysts for individuals.

It requires passing an exam that verifies that individuals have a solid understanding of finances and investments.

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