Cheesecake Factory Military Discount
Military Discounts

Cheesecake Factory Military Discount

The Cheesecake Factory is a full restaurant and cheesecake distributing company. They, unfortunately, do not offer a military discount at this time.

Luckily, there are still a few ways to save on their high quality dinners and desserts.

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About The Cheesecake Factory

The idea for The Cheesecake Factory first began in the 1940’s in Detroit, Michigan.

A woman named Evelyn Overton created her own cheesecake recipe that was loved by everyone who tasted it.

Years later, she and her husband moved to Los Angelos and put everything into starting a cheesecake business.

Once the business was up and running, their son, David, opened a restaurant and sold his mother’s cheesecakes.

This restaurant turned into The Cheesecake Factory we all know today.

Now there are over 150 of these restaurants across the United States, all serving a decadent menu of meals and desserts.

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Ways to Save at The Cheesecake Factory

There are only a few ways to save at this excellent restaurant, but they are each explained in detail below, so you can take advantage of the deal that is best for you.

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1. Get Your Slice for Half Price on National Cheesecake Day

One of the biggest and most well-known ways to save at The Cheesecake Factory is getting your free slice of cheesecake on National Cheesecake Day. 

National Cheesecake Day is on July 30th.

This is an annual deal that is advertised near the holiday each year, so you can find the exact details for each year by watching for advertisements from The Cheesecake Factory or by signing up for their newsletter, which is explained in detail below.

2. Sign Up to Receive The Cheesecake Factory Emails

The Cheesecake Factory does not offer deals often.

This is probably because they really don’t have a need to. Their quality food brings in a full crowd already, so there really isn’t a reason to lower their prices.

However, they do occasionally offer special deals.

When The Cheesecake Factory offers deals, their newsletter followers will be the first people to find out.

The emails will even remind you of the Free Slice Day mentioned above.

The newsletter also helps you to stay up to date with menu changes or special events that may be taking place at your local restaurant.

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To sign up to receive emails from The Cheesecake Factory, click here and enter your information into the designated boxes.

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3. Check Out

The Cheesecake Factory often has deals on gift cards, as we mentioned above.

One of these deals is good for a free slice when you buy a $50 The Cheesecake Factory gift card from a participating Walmart store.

After you buy the gift card, you can enter the code here to get a coupon for your free slice of cheesecake.

These deals are occasional, but you can always check to see if there’s a current deal taking place.

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Overall, it is unfortunate that The Cheesecake Factory does not offer a deal specifically for those who serve our country.

Their other deals are still worth checking out though, so make sure you use the one that’s right for you on your next visit to the restaurant.

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Since The Cheesecake Factory doesn't have a military discount, OMK decided to do some research and find some other ways you can save at the popular restaurant.
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