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Dish Military Discount

Dish is a satellite company that provides television access to millions of households across the United States.

They have a special program made for military members, to say thank you for serving.

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About Dish

Dish Network Corporation is a broadcast satellite provider in the United States.

They were founded in 1980 by three partners named Charlie Ergen, Jim DeFranco, and Cantey Ergen.

The company provides a wide variety of channels, from local news channels to specialty channels and sports broadcasting, to its customers.

They also own and operate Sling TV, a device that allows users to access many live shows and movies that air on television without a monthly subscription.

Dish Network Headquarters in Englewood, Colorado. Image: Wikipedia.org

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What Is The Official Dish Military Discount?

Dish doesn’t provide their military customers with an amount of money off their bill, but they do add a ton of free features to their plans.

The added features are outlined below:

1. Free Stars and Stripes Package

The Dish Stars and Stripes package normally costs $240 throughout the course of the typical two year contract.

For military members, it is completely free.

This package includes extra channels such as STARZ, the Smithsonian channel, and more.

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2. Free Movie Rental Every Month

With this deal, you will also get one free movie rental every month.

You don’t need to do anything special to claim it, Dish just won’t charge you for the first movie you rent in a new month. 

This is a great deal, since Dish’s On Demand network is filled with over 20,000 new releases and classic movies, and over 80,000 titles in general.

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3. 2 Year Price Lock

The Dish military discount also ensures your rates will not rise throughout your two year contract, which seems to happen often with normal TV packages.

They also guarantee you won’t have hidden fees for sports, HDTV, or anything else.

4. TV on the Go

Lastly, the Dish military discount gets your DVR upgrades to a Hopper.

This means that you can stream your channels on your phone, so you can keep up to date with your shows even while you’re away from home.

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How to Use this Deal

To claim these benefits, simply tell the DISH representative that you’re eligible for their military deal while you’re signing up for services.

They can automatically add the package to your account.

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Who Can Claim This Deal?

The Dish military discount is good for military members who serve in Active Duty roles, as well as veterans.

Active Duty members in the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard are eligible.

Unfortunately, this deal does not extend to members of the National Guard or the Reserves at this time.

Military family members are also not eligible to claim this deal.

Dish Network HD satellite dish (DISH 1000+) with a western arc LNB.
Dish Network HD Satellite Dish Installed on a Home. Image: Wikimedia.org

What Are The Restrictions?

The biggest restriction this deal has is that it’s for new customers (and qualifying prior customers) only.

This means if you currently have Dish, you aren’t eligible to add the deal onto your plan.

This also means that it’s important to let the company know that you’re eligible for their military deal right away when you sign up for services.

The deal also requires a credit check, a 2 year contract, and an autopay plan.
It’s important to keep in mind that there is an early termination fee if you end your service before the 2 year contract is up.

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Overall, the Dish military discount is a great way to get some added benefits with your satellite television package at no additional cost.

If you’re in the market for a new TV provider, be sure to check out this deal.

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Dish doesn't have a military discount, but they do give back to the military in several ways. Find out how to redeem the benefits.
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