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Disney Cruise Military Discount

Disney Cruises are an exciting vacation for the entire family. They offer a good balance of Disney-themed, excited activities for kids and relaxing atmospheres for adults.

They are an especially good option for military families, since Disney gives back to their guests with a generous military discount.

disney cruise ship
Disney cruise ship. Image: Flickr.com

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About Disney Cruises

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Disney announced that they would be creating a cruise line in 1994, and of course their fans were more than excited. After the plans were made and boats were built, the first Disney cruise took off from shore in 1998.

The cruises were immediately successful, with over one million families vacationing with them by 2001.

These numbers have continued to increase over the years, as Disney Cruises have become one of the most popular cruise options around the world.

The company has continued to improve their ships and sail to more and more locations. A few of the locations they sail to today include the Bahamas, Bermuda, Alaska, Hawaii, Europe, Mexico, and Puerto Rico.

They are constantly adding locations. If there’s a place you’d like to see, there’s probably a Disney Cruise that will get you close to it.

These cruises combine the Disney theme with all of the relaxing, enjoyable features that come along with a cruise. The Disney-themed activities are available for kids, teens, and adults. 

Age-based activity clubs are offered for the kids, and grow-up areas with bars and pubs are available for the adults. Their balance of kid-friendly and grown-up fun is one of the aspects that makes their cruises such a popular family option.

They have nightly entertainment including Broadway shows and dances. Many of these are, of course, Disney themed. Most of their cruise ships host deck parties and send off fireworks above the Ocean horizon for their guests as well.

They often have Disney characters walking the ship and available to meet, just as you would if you vacationed to one of their amusement parks.

Disney cruises offer the relaxation you expect on vacation as well. Pools, waterslides, and hot tubs are available for splashing and relaxing every day.

Fun in the sun is again available for kids and adults alike with these water features.

disney cruise pool
On-Ship Waterpark. Image: Flickr.com

For off-ship adventures, Disney has a private island called Castaway Cay. This island has a relaxing beach for the adults and plenty of exciting waterslides for the kids. It’s the perfect place to explore the sand and waves during a Disney cruise.

Disney’s food is of high standard as well. They offer a rotation of “the finest and the freshest” food while at sea. Their trained chefs guarantee your enjoyment at meal times.

They have a unique “rotational” food area, meaning you can eat your meals at any time. It also means you will have a wide variety of food options available at each meal.

The island hosts an all-you-can-eat buffet to add to its relaxing atmosphere. 

Overall, the Disney Cruise line is a vacation that has entertained millions of families over the years. For many, it seems like the perfect getaway.

Disney works hard to satisfy their guests. They also give back to their guests in ways including fundraising for the Make a Wish Foundation and the generous military discount that they provide.

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What Is The Official Disney Cruise Military Discount?

The military discount for Disney Cruises is not a set percentage or amount of money off. It’s a fairly specific deal to take advantage of.

Each year, Disney announces a group of cruises that will be available at a special price for military members and their families.

The cruises can be viewed on their website under “Special Offers.”

disney cruises military discount special offers

Click Here to visit the special offers page directly.

When you do, you’ll see a list of the special offers they have available, including ones for active duty military and their families.

disney cruise special military rates

You’ll see that these cruises are not just for military members.

They are regular cruises, but reduced-rate tickets are available online or over the phone for those who serve our country.

The discount varies for every cruise and every year of service, but it seems to be a significant deal.

The average savings this year seem to add up to about $1000 off of a trip for two guests.

The $1000 discount is not a set or guaranteed deal, but buying military tickets for a Disney Cruise is sure to save customers a large chunk of money.

The Disney Cruises that are currently discounted include:

  • 3 and 4 night Bahamian Cruises from Port Canaveral
  • 7 night Alaskan cruise from Vancouver
  • 7 night Mexican Riviera cruise from San Diego
  • 14 night Very Merrytime Eastbound Panama Canal cruise from San Diego ending in Galveston

The cruises change every year, so these exact examples are not guaranteed to stay.

However, Disney always has a variety of different cruises available at their discounted military price.

castaway cay
Disney’s Private Island, Castaway Cay. Image: Flickr.com

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How To Buy Disney Cruise Military Tickets Online

These special-price tickets can be purchased online or over the phone. If you purchase them online, you will need to go to their “Special Offers” page. 

You can access this page here.

Once you’re on the page, click “Book Now.” Choose the cruise you’d like to go on and check out. 

Your military status will be confirmed with your ID when you are boarding the ship.

If you’re a current member of Active Duty, National Guard, or the Reserves, you’ll also need to show proof that your service is current to the year of your vacation.

To do this, bring paperwork that shows your military status with a date of January 1st of the current year or later.

Step 1: Go to the Disney Cruise Special Offers page here

Step 2: Click “Book Now”

Step 3: Purchase tickets

Step 4: Bring your military ID and papers if necessary when you check in to the cruise to show proof of service

How To Buy Disney Cruise Military Tickets Over The Phone

Your Disney Cruise discounted tickets can also be purchased over the phone.

To buy tickets this way, call 1-800-951-3532.

The phone is staffed Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 10 PM, and Saturday and Sunday 9 AM to 8 PM. Make sure to call during these times.

You’ll need to tell the person who answers the phone that you’d like to purchase military discounted tickets. Tell them which cruise you’d like to go on, and provide your payment details.

You will again provide your ID when boarding the boat to show your military status. 

If you’re an active member, you’ll still need to bring your papers that show you are serving for the current year. They need to be dated January 1st of the current year or later.

Step 1: Call 1-800-951-3532 during business hours

Step 2: Tell the staff member you’d like to purchase military discounted tickets

Step 3: Provide cruise options and payment method

Step 4: Bring your military ID and papers if necessary with you when boarding the ship for verification

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Who Can Claim The Military Discount?

The Disney Cruise military discount is available for all service members, both past and present. This includes Active Duty, National Guard, and Reserves members for all five military branches.

It can be used by members of the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard.

The discount is also available for military spouses.

Along with military members and their families, it is available for all other staff members in the US Department of Defense.

Everyone who uses the military discount must provide proof of service when they check in to the ship.

What Are The Restrictions?

This deal is only available for fifty staterooms on each ship, so if you’re wanting to take advantage of the deal you may want to consider booking your spots early.

Once the fifty stateroom limit has been reached, no more discounted tickets will be sold for that specific trip.

It is also only available for one stateroom per military member.

This means that service members can only buy a discounted room for their own families.

If they bring additional guests on the cruise who will be staying in a different room, the discount will not apply to them and their tickets will be sold at full price.

A US military member or their spouse needs to be present on the cruise.

Discounted tickets may not be purchased and then given away to non-military members as gifts.

The offer is available for new bookings only, so make sure you take advantage of it immediately when you purchase your tickets.

If you forget and purchase ticket at regular price, you will not be able to go back and get the deal.

The discount also cannot be combined with any other special offers.

The military discounted tickets adhere to the regular Disney Cruise terms and conditions as well.

These include specific terms on contracts, pricing, alcohol consumption, baggage, and more. The entire terms and conditions can be viewed here

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The Disney Cruises are a fun adventure for every member of the family.

Their relaxing atmosphere, exciting kid activities, Disney-themed Broadway shows, and top-quality food set them apart from other cruise line options.

The Disney Cruise Military Discount is a great way for the company to give back to those who served their country, and it’s a win-win for everyone.

If you’re looking at going on a Disney Cruise, you can book your tickets online or over the phone.

Don’t forget to bring your military ID with you for boarding, and enjoy your trip.

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